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  1. Same here, waiting for the 4G
  2. veerjee, trigidh joones are not limited to only those species, and one can't specify which joon is trigidh because there may be other joons in other worlds that are filthy creatures, we should just leave it at that. To my understanding trigidh joones are creeping creatures like worms and spiders, etc. and to others it might be something else, so bottom line we can't really specify what joones are trigidh unless one becomes brahmgyaanee and knows.
  3. Gurbani should have more respect than shastars. Shastars are to be respectfully adorned and taken care of. But in a scenario where you were forced to choose to drop either shastar or Gurbani, it would be the shastar.
  4. Links no longer working veerji...........
  5. happy birthday Singh Sahib

  6. rang hasse rang rove chup bhee kar jaae parvaah naahee kise keree baajh sacche nah
  7. Dear 'The answered', I'm sure you have studied/researched Sikhi to come to the idea of adopting the way of life of a Sikh. Since this way of life/path/religion is so VAST. I could tell you what Sikhi means to me but then someone else will post what it means to them and so on and so forth, I wouldn't be surprised if this thread goes to 2+ pages. To be honest, its best to talk to a GURSIKH who is knowledgeable about sikhi in person as you requested instead of discussing online, because everyone will give you their input. To become a Gursikh you must follow the basic tentants and apply the teach
  8. In regards to praatan maryada or rehatname there's no written account of how to agan bhet your kes, its all about love and satkaar, you have to be practical and respectful when doing agan bhet or jal parvah of your kes. Here are a few basic steps you need to follow and some basic information. When hair is burnt it releases alot of odor so make sure the area that you agen bhet kes is well ventilated, and it should preferebly be outside. Gather some firewood, match sticks, and dried grass / leaves that will start the fire, the fire doesn't have to be too big, some singhs say you can add oil to
  9. Not necessarily true, many singhs do it clockwise.
  10. Its a delicate situation, if you bring her to UK it would be a major change for her (climate) wise and just food, etc. as well, how will her body take to the medicine given to her at such an old age? You never know, what if there are complications on the flight. Like S1ngh said, its best to have either your dad or mom look after her because that's the closest relative she has and this is the time when they're most needed to her, what gurmat says is to take care of your elders in old age because they raised you and made you what you are, this is the least they can do. I don't think you should c
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