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  1. Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh... thank u very much for ur help.yes i feel concentration is a big obstacle for me aswel....but ok then based on what uv told me its seems ok..thats a pressure of my miind aswel bcs even my massi ji was saying that i can do half half...but i wasnt sure...thanks again.
  2. Just a quick question.. When we recite the Sukhmani Sahib path does it have to be done all in one go or in one day..like if we do half today and half tommrow is that allowed? Oh and another question...if we do Jap Ji Sahib in the day...after amrit vela...e.g in the evening/night......how many hours prior to reciting do we not eat food? sorry i dont know much. Thank you to all replys.
  3. awesome! i love reading these inspiring posts.
  4. Mehtab Singh thanks for sharing..was beautiful to read....thanks newsingh2009 I will bare your advice in mind.
  5. good thoughts!..thanks for sharing!
  6. thankss TejiKaur sounds like wonderful advice..i feel much better with evryones lovely words of advice i feel that when i am swayed awy by other thoughts i can try a variety of things..and i tried what Kaljug Singh suggested that did really did workk..so im glad i finally have a solution not just one but manyyy yahhy!
  7. ah thanks KEERPA..i really like the idea of watching some inspiring videos before i do paath i think that would really helpppp.thanksss.
  8. the gutka that i use one line of the pat is in punjabi and underneath it is in english.opposite there are translations.so most times i do know the lines without looking at that page (without boasting or anything) and instead i say it outloud while reading the translations.i feel that does help me bcs if i dont know what im saying then i feel i would find it pointless of me reading so when i do this it makes me concentrate better.but yeah its a very good point that u made so i think i will do that alll the time insted of most times and i will defo take the time to contemplate more bcs yeh there
  9. thanks ever1 for the advice i will bare it in mind and act upon it.
  10. wow..wonderful story it does truly make you see if from his eyes keep posting bcs ur posts are lovely reads.
  11. When doing prayers at times I find myself thinking about something else,from the inside I dont want to feel this at all and each time before I begin I think im not going to think of anything,also I try to have shabads very lowly in the background to help.I do Ardaas every day that I can concentrate 100%.But im just reaching a point where im becoming fed up with myself. Thanks to al replys
  12. has any one been to Gurudwara Pathar Sahib in Ladakh,(Jammu Kashmir)? what was the weather like in June? :D
  13. lovely post...made my eyes teary :WW:
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