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  1. https://www.facebook...100511470030080 You all can say what you like and take the side of snakes and their lies we will stick Gagan no matter what ,even if our lives get taken.
  2. There was no rape or attempted rape ,all three are murderers and gulity of it
  3. British Sikh Student Federation is proud to announce that Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale's Shaheedi Samagam has been confirm at Ilford's Singh Sabha London East Gurdwara Sahib. Dates - Friday 17th June 2011 to Sunday 19th June 2011. Bhog will at 10am and the diwan will take place in the main diwan hall. [/size]Seven Kings Gurudwara 722 - 730 High Road Seven Kings Ilford Essex IG3 8SX A number of reknowned Parchariks will be attending the Samagam as well as a lIve link via SKYPE which has
  4. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale's Shaheedi Samagam is most likely to be held at mehta Chowk as talks have progressed since it last being mentioned. Nevertheless, Sant Ji Shaheedi Samagam will be held in the UK if Mehta Chowk cannot be finalised as an alternative option. Only with wahegurus will shall the Samagam not take place for there is no man made reason on this planet that could stop Sikhs from showering their tributes upon such a Gursikh as Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale. Raj Karega Khalsa Akhe Rehe Na Kohe
  5. Please discuss with respect and calm. On the 28th January 2011, B.S.S.F National Committee will be dissolved and new members will be promoted as most Current members have already or will (by June 2011) complete their degrees. We wish to remain a truly Student Organisation - Not the same face with the same old ideas for 25 years!
  6. As you wish, We will make all information public after this event as we have always done. Many thanks for your views.
  7. Sikh TV has offered full exposure to Mata Sahib Kaur Academy's financial situation and even put the account details on their scroll so sangat can donate directly to the academy. What about Sikh Channel and Sangat TV? Which Channel really acts on issues that affect the Sikh Community, especially the Youth? - Lets not kid ourselves!
  8. WOULD THE POLICE AND INDIAN MEDIA HAVE STILL BEEN AS QUITE IF HE WASN'T A SIKH?! The aggrieved parents of 5 year old child Khushpreet Singh alias Khushi, who was killed by his kidnappers, have relented and agreed to cremate the child. Khushi is likely to be creamated today at Burail. His post post-mortem has been conducted at Sector 16 Government Hospital and the body is about to arrive at his house in Burail. This is the place where his body had been lying, since it was found on Wednesday. Seeing the anger of the relatives and sympathizers the Police had imposed section 144 within a radius
  9. Please do attend the Parliament programme on Thursday 27th January from 2pm till 4pm to attend our next event and meet members of the Student Federation. The National Sikh Council has delayed its Parliamentary lobby till late February to support this Student Initiative. We hope you can do the same.
  10. Over 100 MP's have been sent letters by Sikhs and non-sikhs alike requesting them to attend at this National Lobby on Wednesday 27th January 2011. Make the support continue!
  11. All factions of the Sikh Students Federation will support the Punjab Bandh. Confirmed by SSF (Gazi) and SSF (Mehta) Sikh Youth of Punjab will also be supporting the Bandh call by Khalsa Action Committee. Sikh TV will also be covering the Bandh call.
  12. British Sikh Student Federation would like to invite you to this National Lobby on Genocide and Human Rights in South Asia at the British Parliament for Thursday 27th January 2011 between 2pm to 4pm. The Lobby is being supported by Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front UK, World Nepalese Student Organisation UK, British Tamil Forum, and Naga’s based in the UK, who are being supported by the wider Christian Community. The British Sikh Student Federation calls on the Sikh Federation UK, British Sikh Council, Council of Khalistan (UK), Dal Khalsa (UK), SAD (Amritsar UK) and SAD (Panch Pardhani UK)
  13. LOL LOL AND SUPER LOL 1. Talwinder Singh was the one that brought Sant Bhindranwale and Bibi Amarjit Kaur back to talking terms after Bibi ji accused of Sant ji of backing out of the Nirankari Massacre March in which 13 Sikhs were killed. 2. Talwinder Singh worked in a saw mill in British Columbia were he earned a over $25 per hour as that was the going rate then for the 12 hour shifts they use to work there. There are a number of people today who will testify to Talwinder Singh's conmittment to his work and responsibilties. 3. Talwinder Singh went on strike in a German Jail to protest agai
  14. Coach from Slough which was bound for the Youth Conference has been diverted to the Grays Demonstration. 30 to 40 in number
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