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  1. Q: The Quran was revealed through Muhammad, the chosen Messenger. The Angel Gabriel came to him, like the other Prophets to give the good news of their Prophet hood. Wasn’t Guru Nanak a normal holy man who was revered by Hindus and Muslims alike, however not a Prophet or Messenger of God like Muhammad? A: As for Gabriel informing the prophets, we have already said that the Gurus were far above the angels. BaaNee tells us that angels are finite creatures and seek the dust of Gursikhs. It is said that Hazrat Muhammad Sahib became the Messenger of God at the age of 40. However, Guru Nanak Sahib
  2. I'm having the same problem. When I click on STTM2 icon it says "Application failed to initialize"
  3. Bhaji, I suggest you contact the Course Tutor Dr. Jagbir Kaur: Email: j.jhuttijohal@bham.ac.uk Tel: (0)121 415 8338.
  4. Daas graduated from King's College in July. In October Daas will be starting MPhil degree in Sikh Studies at University of Birmingham. King's College has a strong Sikh Soc. Please participate and get involved. During term time Simran is EVERY TUESDAY from 5.15pm to 6.15pm, in room G4 in New Hunt's House (Guy's Campus) - nearest tube station is London Bridge. There loads of other events happening in and around London - keep up to date on www.boss-uk.org
  5. One should keep their head covered to PROTECT the Kesh. The Kesh vibrate NAAM and have been blessed with Amrit and therefore should be taken care of. In order to PROTECT and RESPECT our Kesh and DASAM DUAAR (Tenth Spiritual Gate where the soul enters and leaves the body, the most spiritual part of our body) Guru Sahib has given us the Hukam of tying a Dastaar (turban). Furthermore, the hair tied in a top-knot on the top of the head covered with a Dastaar is the IDENTITY of a SIKH. From a distance one knows you the PRINCE or PRINCESS of Guru Gobind Singh jee. Without a dastaar how would one k
  6. raj001 jee, When washing the body the Keski and Kangha on kept on the head, and the Gatraa Kirpaan is wrapped on top of the Keski. When washing the hair one tie's the keski around the waist (as a kamar-kasaa) and in there the Kangha is placed. The hair is then washed. Potheeaa(n) means "Books" or "small Volumes"
  7. Waheguru! How frustrating. Did you receieve any advise or support? Hope your mum was okay at the end.
  8. Vaheguroo Jee Ka Khaalsa, Vaheguroo Jee Kee Fateh. Here are some photos which a Bhaji has emailed me. (Photos of Guru Sahib are beautiful!!!). Photos will be shortly up on Boss website.
  9. Looks like a good idea and would save a lot of hassle. In the UK we are lucky that Amritdharis can wear the Siri Sahib on top of their clothes.
  10. Baru Sahib sounds chardikala. The students must be blessed souls to have a such a good education integrated with Gurmat.
  11. Benti to Sangat, not much time left. Please email: internet.customer.care@marriott.com or go on https://marriott.com/suggest/suggest.mi Simple and easy thing which we can all do - COPY & PASTE the below letter template and PRESS SEND.
  12. Lakh Lakh Vadhaayee Hove jee. Guru Sahib Mehar Bhariyaa hath rakhan.
  13. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. Daas has an iPod and wishes to get a Voice Recorder so that I can record Keertan. I bought iTalk Griffin Voice Recorder from Internet but I am going to get my money back and return it as it had a fuzzy sound in the background when I recorded something. Can anyone recommend what I should buy? Thanks
  14. MPhil in Sikh Studies at University of Birmingham: http://www.theology.bham.ac.uk/postgrad/Sikh/
  15. Bhai Nand Lal Singh Ji writes in his poetry that if one word could describe and summarise Guru Amar Daas Sahib Ji's life, that word be "EQUALITY." DHAN GURU AMAR DAAS SAHIB JI.
  16. happy b'day jee. guru sahib gursikhi jeevan, naam dian seesaa atey charan kamalaa dee preet pyaar bakshan :lol:
  17. Bhenji Chaupayee Sahib is referring to the INTERNAL ENEMIES - i.e. Kaam (lust/desire), Krodh (anger), Lobh (greed), Moh (attachment), and Hankaar (Ego). Similar to Benti Chaupayee Sahib, Guru Arjan Dev Sahib jee says: There is One Guru - Ten Bodies There is One Message - Revealed and manifested over 252 years.
  18. Would like to share a short article which daas has written regarding "GURUDOMS" using Baani of Satguru Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji:
  19. very impressive new updates in translations. :lol: May Guru jee keep all the Sewadaars in Chardikala (the task of putting together Sikhi To The Max and updating translations is a very big task and must take a lot of energy, time and effort!! May Waheguru Bless all the hard-working sewadaars)
  20. Do Ardaas first. Then go and sit your parents down and with humility and love explain that you wish to wear Keski. You have to explain the advantages and disadvantages of you wearing a Keski (present a balanced argument). Negatives: * People will stare at you. * You may possibly get some verbal abuse on the first day of school (til people get used to it) * People "THINK" you will find it difficult getting married. Positives: * You wish to please Guru Gobind Singh Ji * You wish to respect your Kesh and maintain them well. * You wish to wear the crown given by Guru Ji. Show them that th
  21. Wedding Invitation The SUMMER season is here and this means WEDDING SEASON is here. I came home for the weekend and found some wedding cards lying around. I have noticed that every single wedding card has Gurbaani printed on them. Popular lines from Gurbaani used in cards is: I remember last summer we received a wedding card, which advertised the Anand Kaaraj and the reception PARTY on the same piece of card. It was IRONIC that a few lines up it had Gurbaani and few lines down it said, “COCKTAILS will be served” and “BEER BAR will be open”. Sat Naam, Waheguru. Have we LOST THE PLOT?
  22. Bhenji I would like to share with you two quotes regarding obstacles: Daas has written an article on daas' blog regarding the issue. Check out the article, it may be of use to you: I Want to Take Amrit, But MY PARENTS!
  23. In my first year at Uni, I was in my Anthropology of Religion lecture. The class was split into two and we had to discuss something. Afterwards the lecturer (who was a very soft spoken nice Arab lady) asked questions to different people. She asked one Muslim girl in my group, "So Tazeen, what did your group discuss.... " The poor girl hadn't paid attention in class and so was clueless. Bechaaree was going red and saying, "errm.... yeah... erm.." I thought I would help her and said "Our group discussed... x, y, z" The lecturer listened. After I had given my answer she said, "IS YOUR NAME TA
  24. Guru Pyaario, There is NO limit on the Kirpaan for Amritdharis. As long as you can justify that you wearing it for religious reasons. One policeman said to me, "I wouldn't stop any Sikh if I saw a Kirpaan. Doesn't matter if he is holding a 3ft Kirpan as long as his intention is not to frighten people and is carrying it with religious intentions. I would only be worried and take action if he got the sword out of the sheath and put it to my throat" (this police officer was very friendly and had knowledge on Sikhi). The only limits on size are on the following: - Airport Staff (3 inches - bu
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