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  1. birr rass, Try this link http://gurfateh.net/Literature/index.php?q...ngh-BaniUcharan
  2. I agree with you so much.. These days people have khalsa in their names. I think the same as you did, leave the khalsa to the brahmgiani. They are ones who are Khalsa. Sikh is first step.. and everyone in this world is a sikh, we are all learners, and Guru ji is our teacher.. its just that the world is not aware of that there is acatually a religion. So I wouldnt call this religion Khalsa, its become such a common word people use it all the time, without knowing its true depth.
  3. What do you want to accomplish?? Dont you see the state of affairs as said by Sewak Singh? People like you sitting here in the west dont even have a clue of whats currently going on , and all you say is KHALISTAN KHALISTAN.. another note I noticed so some Gurudwara's here having big signs of KHALISTAN ZINDABAD in Gurudwaras.. whats the point? If you really want to support the fight, dont call for a separate state.. but go there and defend and fight.. dont run away for a separate nation.. where corrupt politicians can torture the sikh community
  4. jesus christ said the same things.. but it all got washed away by power hungry men... all religions in essence are one..
  5. It is legal in US to carry guns, but look our own sikh taxi drivers got killed because of hate-crimes. Do you want it to be legal? You dont need guns to carry with you in streets, superstores, etc. If you carry guns around, you will be a threat to society, people will not want you in that country.
  6. Yes and todays sikh kids will never have guns with them. Not about apples or plums, about kids with guns. Its not a good sight, where u can say aw^50
  7. It worked during the time of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Let me remind India is a country of diverse religions. The primer minister is a SIKH, they didnt say NO, they gave respect to him. Sikhs listen to the Akal Takht. You talk about khalistan rule? what type of rule, a rule in whcih a simple issue of women's seva cannot be solved? OK, if the purpose is not end corruption in SIKH community, THEN WHY DO U EVEN WANT KHALISTAN?
  8. Why are you presuming ? Also, I never said I love criminals for their actions. Again you are presuming. We are still sikh brothers. If there is some oppression, I will fight it with you together. I understand the concept of miri-piri. But please understand I dont support Khalistan. They are **TWO** different things, If you look closely. The corruption is not going to end if we get a khalistan. In the end all that is going to matter is how much love you have for everyone. It is very disgracing to the sikh community, due to the activities of few sikhs, we are termed extremists/terrorists.
  9. Its not cute, Its horrible.. If Khalistanis think its cute, then you are the people we need to fight. Sikhism is not a terroist organisation. Its not Al Qaeda, where u train kids to fight the holy war. I fight oppression against sikhs, but i dont support this banner of Khalistan, where u give ur kids guns.
  10. totally agree.. i wish these khalistanis understand. SSM: the guilty are going to die, they are not going to live forever. When they die they will be judged. This place where we have been born, it teaches us to love, not to kill and take revenge. This is life's ultimate lesson to learn. Unconditional love, and accept the hukam of his command whatever has happened has happened, The sikhs already killed Indira Gandhi, the leader so to say? Arent you happy enough? or you want more blood, because they killed us back? Khalistanis are not the driving force that carries out Guru ji's hukam. What
  11. I agree.. Violence will bring violence, If we think like that lets kill all the hindus, because their fathers or grandfathers killed our grandfathers, fathers, mothers. Why are we attacking a special sect of people. The mistake is not in the hindus. Not every hindu is the way you categorise them. fight oppression. But dont fight innocent people. There were hindus supporting the sikhs also. The biggest problem is the ego, the root of everything. Before thinking of khalistan, why not be proper sikhs first!!
  12. yes.. another similar line.... If you dont see God in all , then you dont see God at all..
  13. gur fateh penji, here are some links on sikhnet http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/music.nsf/S...797611!Open Bhai Jagjit Singh Komal http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/music.nsf/S...796cb3!Open Bhai Harbans Singh http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/music.nsf/S...793721!Open Bhai Avtar Singh - wow.. http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/music.nsf/S...602331!Open Bhai Amrik Singh Zakhmi http://www.sikhnet.com/sikhnet/music.nsf/S...7c9554!Open Bhai Nirmal Singh
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