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  1. im here today plz reply :(

  2. vaheguroojikakahlsa vaheguroojikifathejee :)

  3. vaheguroojikakahlsa vaheguroojikifathejee :)

  4. i'll reply to you tomm. and don't you worry about the sharing stuff ..

  5. I was just thinking .. if u're gonna read the reply tomm. then how about if i reply tomm.. lol

  6. if u replied to it i will definately reply to it tomorrow because im leaving now

  7. i just sent it ....pz can u not share this with anyone....

  8. ok .. did you send the pm .. cause i haven't recd. it

  9. Oh ... i just noticed Avnitk is the overall 2nd highest poster on this forum ... lol
  10. ahah lol yeah ur first opm lol wow yay i get to be the first lol ahah

  11. sure .. my first pm on this forum .. lol

  12. lol ok sure ill tell u im going to pm u lol

  13. I'm all ears if you wanna share what's bothering you ... i can be a good listener ad may be you'll feel a lil light .. lol

  14. nothing in particular... just kinda really really bored... :( and then there is something bothering me but yeah im too much of a freak when it comes to letting it all out lol i feak out lol

  15. Anything u wanna talk about ????

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