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  1. Going to the guruduara is to pray and it is a sacred place of worship. If your ex friend was there she should also have been there to do seva and meditate on god and not talk about you behind your back. But unfortunatly not everyone understands this truth, and even if they do they dont want to follow it. However it is really easy to slip and start concentrating on other things. But one should try really hard and make themselves such that they concentrate while in the gurrduara. Afterall all humans need to "sudhar their jeevan", and a good way to start is by attending the guruduara and being part of the sangat. In my view the truth is, that you dont need to worry, leave it all to waheguru ji, he is watching us all and knows the truth about everything. If this act by your friend has hurt you, then you dont worry, instead be a better person and try to forgive and forget and as for waheguru ji, he knows all, you dont need to worry.
  2. wahe guru je ka khalsa wahe guru je ke fateh, thank you very much for your reply and i think you are very much right. if he is going to be in my life then he will come via destiny. thanx so much for this and to everyone else who has taken their time out to answer to my post. i feel so happy when i see that people are so caring towards each other and send such good advice. thank you to alll of you
  3. as a bruva i wouldnt wnt a sister lke u 2 marry him ,as in mst cases the girl converts to hinduism,ur children will nt be bought up as sikhs but as hindus, think of it 4rm the view of da future r u willing 2 convert 4 him n hve ur kids bought up as a diff faith ???????? hello thanxx for your reply you are right, i would never want to convert to any other religeon as my religion means more to me than anything else. I would never want my future children to be bought up as another relgion as i want them to grow up as sikhs. But i do still love him. i actually forgot to put this information in when i first posted the topic that "we had discuessed about religeon and he had asked me if i would convert but i had told him straight that it wont happen and i will never convert" So we were just going to get married but stay the religion we were. his reaction to this was that its fine and he told me that he will support me in anything. But i dont no if my reaction to not changing faiths put him off? but if he really loved me then shouldnt he have told him parents its his life he will do what ever he wants to? im really confuseddddddddddd Ok i read it all now. U said he dissapeared for 9 months? thats not a responsible man is it? If u get married, and u get pregnant, and he dissapears again for 9 months? Its hard for people to change their habbits. Just something to think about sister. hiii and thank you very much for your reply you are right, it does become hard to trust someone once that trust has been broken before. thank you very much
  4. wahe guru ji ka khalsa waheguru je ke fateh, i am not very religious but i do try to do the path everyday in life. I have found that doing the path has helped me very much in life as beofre doing the path on a regular basis i was looking for a part time job but i had no luck, but 2 months into doing the path i found a part time job and that too a very good one thanx to the kirpa of wahe guru ji. The situation which i need help in is that; i have a boyfriend who is hindu but he actully comes from punjab and is fluent in punjabi.i am a sikh girl. We have been together for around 3 years now and I love him very much. When we first got together we had made up our minds that we will marry each other and had imagined that our parents would agree aswell, but 2 years down the line he stopped talking to me. I tried to contact him in many different ways but he didnt respond to any of my e-mails, calls or texts. I would have gone to visit him to his house (as his city is only 1 hours drive) but i didnt take this step as i didnt no what that would mean for him, if that would put him in to any trouble or anything like that. In the end i had no other choice but to also not talk to him. I was so confused, angry and most of all was saddened that he just left me without any explanation. every day i prayed to wahe guru ji that please bring him back to my life. (maybe this was wrong?) But i still couldnt forget him, i was devastated and cried very often. I didnt forget him at all, and i dont think i can ever forget him in the future. It has been about nine months or so now and we are now back together (due to me finaly getting through to him after 9 months) and both of us admitted that we still love each other and cant forget. I asked him that why did he leave anyway? what was the reason for that and he told me that apparantly his parents came to no about me and his parents told him straight that they wont allow him to marry anyone other than a girl who they choose. He is a good guy so he has followed what his parents had told him. It has now been about 10 months since we got back together and i no it would make sense to say that i should leave him if we dont have a future, but the thing is i am truely in love and i dont no if i can or even have the will power to do so. I would like to no your views if possible and also what does sikhi say about love. I no i am being very stupid and only being a "manmukh", but i am just very confused. could you help? wahe guru ji ka khalsa, wahe guru je ke fateh
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