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  1. Gurfateh Ji When you do a google of what is Whey Powder they say : Whey or milk plasma is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained; it is a by-product of the manufacture of cheese or casein ... (so whey powder is whey liquid dried up)... Have you ever seen paneer being made? When the lemon juice is added to the warm milk, a reaction happens and the milk starts to curdle (separating the milk solids that are white, from an almost transparent liquid)... the transparentish liquid is Whey. So simply, it is a dairy by-product. In that way, it's ok for lacto-vegetarians (ie. Sikhs). However it would be good to know HOW the whey was made --- Paneer uses lemon juice to curd the milk, but other cheeses use an animal (stomach lining of baby cows) called Rennet to curd the milk. So... whey made by lemon juice would be ok, but whey made by rennet would not really be ok. Makes sense? Hope this helps...
  2. "Interesting how the "uncle" is a white man confused_smile.gif lol " Excuse me, but I find that comment extremely useless, and rather rash. Being white, has nothing to do with the act in question. So next time keep your comment to yourself if it doesn't add anything important to the discussion. Fateh
  3. I don't understand... what exactly happened and why? Can someone please clarify...
  4. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh Sangat Ji, Waho Waho AKAAL MOORAT! Waho Waho Image of the Undying!!!! Here's a few beautiful shabads about Image, I wish to share today, with the beautiful Sangat ofthe Lord. When in doubt, or not in doubt, Listen to the words of the True Guru! Ang 992 Gurvaak 4 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj: O my eyes, the Lord has infused His Light into you; do not look upon any other than the Lord. Do not look upon any other than the Lord; the Lord alone is worthy of beholding. This whole world which you see is the image of the Lord; only the image of the Lord is seen. By Guru's Grace, I understand, and I see only the One Lord; there is no one except the Lord. Says Nanak, these eyes were blind; but meeting the True Guru, they became all- seeing. ||36|| ----------------------------------------------------------------- Ang 822 Gurvaak 3 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj: Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl: The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is infinite and priceless. It is the Beloved of my breath of life, and the Support of my mind; I remember it, as the betel leaf chewer remembers the betel leaf. ||1||Pause|| I have been absorbed in celestial bliss, following the Guru's Teachings; my body-garment is imbued with the Lord's Love. I come face to face with my Beloved, by great good fortune; my Husband Lord never wavers. ||1|| I do not need any image, or incense, or perfume, or lamps; through and through, He is blossoming forth, with me, life and limb. Says Nanak, my Husband Lord has ravished and enjoyed His soul-bride; my bed has become very beautiful and sublime. ||2||3||89|| --------------------------------------------------------------- Ang 736, Gurvaak 10 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj: Raag Soohee, Fifth Mehl, First House: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: The actor stages the play, playing the many characters in different costumes; but when the play ends, he takes off the costumes, and then he is one, and only one. ||1|| How many forms and images appeared and disappeared? Where have they gone? Where did they come from? ||1||Pause|| Countless waves rise up from the water. Jewels and ornaments of many different forms are fashioned from gold. I have seen seeds of all kinds being planted - when the fruit ripens, the seeds appear in the same form as the original. ||2|| The one sky is reflected in thousands of water jugs, but when the jugs are broken, only the sky remains. Doubt comes from greed, emotional attachment and the corruption of Maya. Freed from doubt, one realizes the One Lord alone. ||3|| He is imperishable; He will never pass away. He does not come, and He does not go. The Perfect Guru has washed away the filth of ego. Says Nanak, I have obtained the supreme status. ||4||1|| ---------------- Ang 1202 Gurvaak 11: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: I am a sacrifice to the Image of the True Guru. My inner being is filled with a great thirst, like that of the song-bird for water. When shall I find the Fruitful Vision of His Darshan? ||1||Pause|| He is the Master of the masterless, the Cherisher of all. He is the Lover of the devotees of His Name. That mortal, whom no one can protect - You bless him with Your Support, O Lord. ||1|| Support of the unsupported, Saving Grace of the unsaved, Home of the homeless. Wherever I go in the ten directions, You are there with me. The only thing I do is sing the Kirtan of Your Praises. ||2|| From Your Oneness, You become tens of thousands, and from tens of thousands, You become One. I cannot describe Your state and extent. You are Infinite - Your value cannot be appraised. Everything I see is Your play. ||3|| I speak with the Company of the Holy; I am in love with the Holy people of the Lord. Servant Nanak has found the Lord through the Guru's Teachings; please bless me with Your Blessed Vision; O Lord, my mind yearns for it. ||4||1|| ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Become THIS kind of Thirsty for the Darshan of the LORD! Waheguruuu!!!!!!!!!!! Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh Ji.
  5. Regarding female infanticide and abortion... In my Social Psychology textbook of all places, it was mentioned that: Punjab has the highest rates in the whole world, and china as a country is ranked 2nd. It didn't mention Sikhs and their turbans, though there was a picture of a Sikh police officer alongside clean-shaven people of the west. It did not explain the picture at all, which was in the conformity chapter. Instead it mentioned the Infanticide rates of Punjab, a very small province now, as having higher rates than even china. Now... that's to worry about. Whatever happened to the Panth's strength over that issue? It's well known that in those good ol times, the Sikhs would excommunicate any Sikh and their family if there was any infanticide... it brought great shame... and so it wouldn't happen as often. But what happened now? Who's responsible? What's the cure?
  6. Someone once explained to me that... the 5 evils are like a house. Attachment is the foundation Anger, Greed, Lust, and Ego are the 4 pillars at the corners If the foundation breaks, the house can't stand and the pillars crumble to the ground. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Indeed... Anger can not happen without attachment to one's own views Greed can not happen without attachment to what we collect and want to possess Lust can't happen without attachment to worldly pleasures of the flesh Ego can't happen without attachment to one's own self identity It's like a house of cards... If the foundation of attachment for worldly things breaks... the rest tumbles down with it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ The cure? Attach yourself to the un-attachable, the un-graspable, the formless, the permeating, the deathless and permanent One. Attach yourself to the feet of such a One, and make it your home and shelter. Only in this house, shall you find comfort.
  7. To top it all off, out of all these other genocides and holocausts there's not even one mention of Punjab India when you look at the list they have under 20C genocides...
  8. Looking at the conference details found at : http://efchr.mcgill.ca/ConferenceProgram_en.php?menu=6 No. No Sikh names anywhere. -------------------------------------- If I would have known about it earlier, I would have forced someone to go. Or I would have gone myself, though I can hardly represent the Sikhs and Genocide... someone HAD to go... come on! Geez, we need to wake up... we're missing all the band-wagons available, for educating people about what the Sikhs went through, are going through now, and Who Sikhs are. If we want any support, help, understanding, and whatever else it takes... we need to educate people. But far too often, we just sit back and watch opportunities fly by. Say that to all your relatives and Sikh brothers and sisters who have been directly affected by 1984. What will it take for action to be done?
  9. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh Pyaray Sangat Ji, This will be long, so I'm warning you... but PLEASE please take the time to read through it, I guarantee it will be fun and interesting, ok? If we look at World History, we will find a couple common features: Societies, Countries, Nations, Entire civilizations, and even Religions, literally break down by Division. I'm going to share a bit of examples, because history is a greatly undervalued source of advice on what "not to do". Here are a few examples: The Jews of Ancient time divided into 14 tribes and lead nomadic lives; It made their homeland of Israel very hard to rule-over and manage, thus Egypt ruled over the Jews and used them as slaves. (Until Moses came along and lead them out of slavery and made them strong again)... In modern times they have divided again into "orthodox, reform, conservative etc" but the not-so-far memory of the Holocaust has united them in some ways... (not there yet) The Muslims divided into Sunni and Shi'ite and Sufis. The division was caused by belief in different successor for Muhammed. (Sunnis believe the successor gotta be the most religious follower, and the Shi'ites believe it was Ali the cousin of Muhammed). Now they are constantly killing eachother, and at eachother's throats, even though ironically they are both muslim. Not to mention a dark period of history in which it was a "Sufi Hunt" - to kill all sufis possible, in the most gruesome ways possible, just because of their slightly more mystical beliefs. The Christians divided, and as a result a lot of bloodshed, wars, crusades and murders, supposed "Witch-hunts", burning of books, burning and jailing of people, etc. Their main divisions was into Catholicism, Orthodox and Protestantism, and from then Protestantism into a huge bunch of sub denominations. Today things seem to be "stable", but it is obvious that the Catholic Church and Vatican, Rome hold hardly any power at all, over anything much, compared to some hundred years ago, mainly because of the divisions. The Amerindians (aka First Nations) of Mexico, USA, and Canada, were already widely divided. A whole bunch of tribes/nations flourished (despite small mini-wars and attacks among themselves) mainly because of the vastness of land available. Some were sedentary, others nomadic... Well, when the explorers came along and decided to STEAL their land and claim it for France, Spain and England... the Amerindians were so divided that they could not organize themselves to fight in a way that could benefit them all for saving their land. And as a result they lost their birth-land, the land they had for thousands of years. They were brutally killed, massive genocides took place, etc... though some small tribes are still around today, their "Nation" has been reduced for the most part to... small Indian reserves struck with poverty and drug abuse, and their resources (like water and trees and mines) are routinely getting taken away from them. As for India... Firstly, take a look at the Caste System (an obvious form of division of people) and what it has done to the lives of people? Marriages being broken cause he/she wasn't of the "right" caste, wives and children enslaved to brahmins because men of lower caste thought it would "bring them salvation" to give their wives and children away and then kill themselves with some "big saw". Countless murders and injustices on the basis of Caste. (On the basis of Division). (an example given above by someone is the story of Bhagat Namdev, who was beaten and kicked out for "spoiling" a "holy bhramin temple"... because we was of lower caste. What about 1947... What did the partition of 1947 do to Punjab and the Punjabi people? And the Sikh people? The Sikh Nation? It was yet again, a Division (this time, obviously physical). Looking at maps of Punjab one can see the constant "getting smaller and smaller" divisions being made, of the once Huge and Vast and Riverful Punjab. And what effects it has had on it's people... Once a Nation, Once a Kingdom, now... a state that is quite small, divided, and surrounded by 'enemies' so to speak. It's inhabitants being driven into poverty, people willing to sell off relatives, water and wheat constantly being "Stolen" away from them, people resorting to drugs and alcohol to numb the mind... signs of a breaking society... Conquering/Ruling People who love Power have always known this simple Fact: DIVIDE AND RULE. If you can manage to create physical, or even better instigate psychological/mental divisions in the Country, Religion, Nation, you wish to conquer over, you are set! Division creates havoc in communities, divisions make people vulnerable, and thus easier to control, assimilate, rule over, etc. Division, is the LAST thing the Sikh Nation, The Sikh Faith, The Sikh Community, the Followers of our Great Gurus... need at this point. We already have OTHER people who are trying to divide us ... why are we dividing our own selves? -Hindu fundamentalists, and some government secret agencies are out there trying to divide the Sikh panth (the rise of unstopped random Dera groups, the rise of badly written school books miseducating punjabi youth about Sikhism, the spying on foreign and Indian Gurdwaras, the spreading of rumors, tension, etc). -1947 -1984 -Muslim fundamentalists trying to convert Sikh (and other) girls to Islam, and then some of them shipping them unwittingly to Pakistan and other places to sell them as prostitutes. -The Jailing, torturing, and "mysterious" disappearances of Thousands of Sikh Youth in Punjab and other states since even before 1984, and still goes on today (less noticed)... -Some Christian organizations trying to convert Sikhs to Christianity -The immigration to the west of tons of Sikhs, and then the challenges faced in western society regarding Beards, Turbans, Kirpans... discrimination... hate crimes... which gave rise of a bunch of Sikhs becoming clean-shaven, and then finding rationals for it thus more division. -The huge amount of "Sikh-Denominations"... (Some of them small out there ones, started God-Knows how) Division leads to Destruction. **That's indeed how to throw a mountain to the ground... blast it with explosives so it breaks into smaller and smaller rocks... no longer a big strong mountain, aint it?!** In this dark age of Kaliyug, we must become stronger than ever, united as ever, fearless and brave, and watching out for ALL our brothers and sisters, and walk with conviction, faith, grace, strength, fierceness when needed, and compassion, love, and UNITY. Bickering over small details and dividing our own community is of pure ignorant, egotistical, and shameful behavior. Spread more PYAR, Love your brothers and sisters, love all of humanity. Do Seva for ALL, Do Simran for ALL, Do Sangat with ALL. In this way not only can we unite the panth, we can also unite our minds to our Lord and Guru. What are you waiting for?! Hug your neighbour. haha Get out there and show your Unity to the Sikh Panth, and the Panth of Humanity. We have a lot of work to do... Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh Ji.... PS: It IS Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who said "There is no Hindu, There is no Muslim" - The God of ALL is ONE. Now, if OUR Guru said that about different Religions, how can we GRR about different groups within Sikhi? May we echo, with longing and love... There is no 'this Jatha' and 'that Jatha', There is no Us and Them. - The God of ALL is ONE.
  10. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh, I would take it as a compliment and GOOD sign if people who arn't sikh are still taking interest in Sikhi and in educating others (wow, atleast someone's doing the educating to others, if sikhs arn't themselves...). And like someone else said, just include a detailed note saying how to respect the kakkars and information on the kakkars (meanings and such) I'm pretty sure most will appreciate the extra info and respect the request... ~ Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh
  11. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh Sangat Ji, This is an opportunity to do a small seva to raise awareness and consciousness for the environment. Thousands of bloggers from all over the world are getting together to post about various aspects of the environment, in each their own way... I thought it would be cool for us Sikhs to participate in this kind of global seva. It might be an opportunity to think about the Environment with respect to Sikhi, and it's very needed seva. The official date is October 15! Details can be found at: http://blogactionday.org/ Thank you! Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh Ji!
  12. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh, I was also thinking... If us Sikhs are as human-rights oriented as we like to think and say... then we have to be informed, watch this movie, read up, share with others... etc... and REACT, (in the least harmful way possible, but the most effective way possible). Sikhism is a DEMOCRATIC religion. You can see that by the past Gurmattas, etc. Human/Civil rights is strongly dependent on having CHOICE. Democracy stands on the premise of choice. If choice is removed, human rights are removed... got it? Sikhism, past and present... is the world's top religion for standing up for human (and animal and other kinds of) rights and liberties... This is why Guru Teg Bahadur Ji gave his life to save the rights and lives of hindus... this is why the sahibzaday gave up their life, but not their faith. This is why Guru Har Gobind Ji took up the sword. This is one reason why Guru Gobind Singh Ji made Khalsa. To stand up for truth and justice, human rights, religious rights, the freedom of choice, EQUALITY of gender and castes and social classes... Now if you watch this video... you will see that all that we are standing up for... such as human rights and liberties... is at stake... (as if you didn't already know this from British (at the time) and the Indian Gov't tactics nowadays...)... But we don't only stand for ourselves, we stand for everyone... Ok, that's enough now. Basically... watch the whole thing... and seriously think about it.
  13. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh, Thanks for sharing the video! BUT I just wanted to let you all know... it's not just about Christianity... that's just part 1 of the movie. And the whole morale behind that section is to say that religion controls people... or in other words (as you would see if you watch the whole video) that beliefs, expectations, media, money... control people. The second section is on 9-11 and other "terrorist" events, and gives a very good survey througout History of these kinds of events... and their implications on society and controlling society. The third section is on Central Banks, and enslaving people. The 4th is on NORTH AMERICAN UNION, and all other world unions... that are created to form a WORLD GOVERNMENT... eventually. and who is behind this, and all that. I highly suggest you all watch this video... put aside all the conspiracies and stuff... and see the bottom-line message. (by the way... if you really listen (while keeping sikhism in mind) you will also find out how you can salvage the SIKH PANTH, by knowing and protecting against the ways people destroy nations. You will also be enlightened about MAYA............... So, all things considered, watch this movie... in it's entirety. Believe or don't believe, accept or don't accept... but take what you want and learn something... Bul Chuk Maf Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh
  14. Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh Ji, Bhenji, you are right that we should listen and read Gurbani in it's Original form, Gurmukhi. There is no doubt that translations can not come near to the real thing... But, if people do not understand gurbani to begin with, how can they follow it, and fall in love with it, and understand it and live by it? We should give a lil slack, and say that those who don't know a word of gurmukhi or punjabi and maybe never heard the language before in their lives (like how i started out), have some special circumstances - use translations to help to learn the real thing... step by step right? We can use these translations to help us learn gurmukhi language, and progressively go towards reading more and listening more to the gurmukhi... If we push people to learn punjabi and gurmukhi right away... it's not ok. First - we have to allow them to cultivate a basic understanding in their own language, and become in love with the meanings of gurbani.. and naturally they will want to learn more and go deeper into the Original form of Gurbani. It will come naturally... Bhul Chuk Maaf... Waheguru ji ka khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh ji
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