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  1. Education or not, Americans are drakhals!!! They get scared when anyone out of the ordinary just simply sneezes! What educates Americans today, is the media. When we see tv shows and movies about hijackers and terrorists, mechanical clickers and a large kirpans definetly means danger! To educate our society, we must be seen more in the media and the news. We must be distinguished from Muslims and "terrorist". We should show the love and peace that Sikhs contain within and for others! Make love, not war! - Socrates, i think
  2. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The smaller they are, the bigger their kirpan! Why would you where a kirpan that big on a bus in Ohio. This is America, anyone carrying a "knife", kirpan, that big, especially a person resembling America's public enemy number one should be taken off the bus and harrassed. I mean i too would be scared if i seen a shaky muslim with a clicker and a knife. I mean, my God!!!!! And i don't know about you guys, but if someone comes on a bus a 44magnum, you better make sure that i will more than blink, HOW ridicuous!!
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