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  1. It's funny how the people that most Sikhs consider their enemy are the ones that praise and respect us whereas the ones who we've fought beside (or really who we've fought for) are the ones distorting our history and disrespecting us.
  2. Awesome!! I love the music....
  3. There's a book called Hair Power by Anoop Singh (i think..) which talks about how unshorn hair keep the body healthier. According to the author it was found that in a school in Punjab the guys with unshorn hair were on average taller and had less teeth problems than those with haircuts. He also mentions how in some areas of India disease broke out and that most of the sick were men and not women because they kept long hair. Some of the benefits of keeping hair stated in the book are that the longer the hair the more vitamin D the body recieves and the body has to use far less protien to regrow the hair over and over again. Theres a lot more but I'm kinda busy right now but i'll post some other things from the book when i have time. Just keep in mind.... Sikhi is very modern and logical so our Gurus wouldn't have told us to keep our hair if they had no purpose.
  4. Who said Khalistan will have all these rules?? Sikhs simply want a country where they can live and practice their religion freely and where Sikhi is not destroyed. Not a country where we convert everybody to Sikhi or kick them out if they don't. We would have been happy to live in India a country which Sikhs fought for so bravely but the country simply does not want to have us.
  5. First of all who declared that eating meat is wrong according to the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib? This is still argued and many Sikhs including myself believe eating meat is allowed. So will I not be able to live in Khalistan? What about Sikhs with haircuts which seem to be the majority now...will all the barbar shops be closed down? I mean unlike eating meat cutting your hair is undeniably wrong according to the GGS. And plus banning alcohol will not stop people from drinking because like in the early 1900s in North America during prohibition people will find other ways to get it. I think Khalsiatn should be a modern democracy where people have freedom but where Sikhi is taught in schools and encouraged.
  6. i can speak, write, and read English without any problems. i can speak and understand Punjabi really well but its hard for me to write and read it. i can understand Hindi but i have trouble speaking it. and lastly i know some basic French words having grown up in Canada but to be honest i dont like the language.
  7. those who believe sikhs are terrorists do so because of propoganda created by the Indian Government not because of Sant Bhindranwale's actions.
  8. if beards weren't practical we wouldn't have them in the first place.
  9. its like sant-sipahi nihang singh said. the part of the nail we cut is dead that is why if we cut to far back it hurts. we get rid of our dead hair by combing and washing them. the hair which fall off when you comb or wash are dead.
  10. our population is small enough..... why divide it further?
  11. the main point is not to cut our hair/beards because they're a natural part of our body. and if we have them then they must be there for a reason as nothing in nature evolves without purpose. i think weather tieing or leaving your beard open should be left to the individual...whatever you feel is more comfortable and/or looks better. :TH:
  12. so are you saying babbar khalsa led attacks against hindus?
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