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  1. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=108167585971517&set=a.108167399304869.10553.100003348288338&type=1&theater jis de father te sootiyaan vajan usnoo neend nahi aounu chaheedeee sleep should not even come to that child who's father gets hit by sticks... FORWARD TO EVERYONE IF YOU CARE ABOUT MAHRAJ
  2. VahegurooJeeKaaKhalsaVahegurooJeeKeePhatheh jeeo.

  3. VahegurooJeeKaaKhalsaVahegurooJeeKeePhatheh jee. Daas is deeply sorry for the misunderstanding. Whatever Harmeet1 said was what he was told, as anyone would do, he tried to make people aware of it. Only because he posted it doesnt mean he is spreading rumours etc. Some people just got mistunderstood. We all make mistakes. Please forgive daas BhullChukkMaafKarnee VahegurooJeeKaaKhalsaVahegurooJeeKeePhatheh jee.
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