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  1. hello, have you sold the kirpan? or do you still have it? i can do a paypal transaction pretty imminently if you send me a personal mail with your paypal id. thanks
  2. Absolutely!!..why are they waving that flag for!!!?? WHats happened to the Nishaan Sahib??
  3. I just saw a glimpse and didn't have the heart to read..its utter Beadbi! I would rather that the entrire script shouldn't be asted..it doesn't serve any purpose to repeat Beadbi. Can moderators please remove it? As for the Maha Dusht..he has cut himself off from nature and will suffer the consequences for this terrible act.
  4. This is a ridiculous post and serves no purpose here other than to discredit another religion and as such it should be removed by the moderators. The programme isn't about particularly muslims..those gang members may have been born into a muslim family but being born into a family doesn't make you a member of that religion unless you abide by the rules. No muslim would condone anything like that. Leave the muslims alone and focus on your own spirituality and stop acting like a kid in a playground!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to spread nationlist propoganda then I suggest you join the BNP, EDL
  5. I think you lot are just misunderstanding what I meant. Gurmukhi is the language that was chosen for the Guru Granth Sahib. As long as efforts are made for the children to learn Punjabi alongside it, then fine..or vice versa. I have nothing against the medium of English to make people aware of Sikhi if thats the only language they speak. However, each Sikh cannot rely on ENglish alone because so much is lost in translation of the passages of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. If you go to USA you will come across many white goreh Sikhs who have mastered the Punjabi language. They could easily have said w
  6. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-15595139 Dont quite agree with this..I think its ridiculous! why should English be put in place instead of Punjabi? WHy cant parents make an effort to teach children Punjabi? and what's up with all those hand signals?..sitting inside a Gurdowara! If you want a playgroup go somewhere else..if you want to sit and meditate in silence and listen to Kirtan (in Punjabi) then go into the Gurdowara. Am i the only one who feels this is wrong?? I cant be..
  7. WJKK WJKF Hey, thanks very much for the info! Very helpful indeed! The same thing happened to us..I wasn't home that time but I heard 2 of them came inside and started doing Ardas that we were donating a certain amount. As they had already started it, and my dad being religious, honoured it and gave them the money, but I was later annoyed at him for doing so. These guys are using a persons religious devotion to get away with stuff that would be classed as 'Beadbi'. I just wasn't sure just in case they really were on behalf of some charity..but if you are positive that pingalwara doesn't s
  8. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Lately, I've been getting visits from a group of Singhs..varying from 2 to about 4. They are usually in proper Baana and flowing beard. Middle aged to quite old (bazurg). Look like they've come from India and they have presented themselves on my doorstep asking for mney for a charity they are working with in India. APparently they've come quite a few times and my dad has invited them in, and they always ask for money for some project involving charity..like building an old people's home back in India. Its not always the same Singhs..different g
  9. Yes! Thats a fantastic book! I used to read excerpts from the book in 'Atam Marg' which was published by His holyness Sant Waryam Singh Ji. 'Shabad Surt Marg' will also be beneficial..a book written by Sant Waryam Singh Ji of Ratwara Sahib. They were an amazing soul..
  10. Whaeguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh Until you dont lose your self..your identity..and become the shabad. Until you dont get over dualities..until when neither thirst nor hunger can overcome your mind...until when you have no desire to sleep even 1 minute of the day or night.. until when the heat of the summer and the cold of winter has no effect on your mind.. The path is long my friend..its more sharper than the edge of a sword to walk on. 'Sikhi tikhi a khande di dhaar nalo'. Until when the 18 Sidhis and 9 Rishis come to your feet and yet the extreme wealth and powers they promi
  11. 'The highest darshan is darshan of Shabad Guru. Let our eyes have darshan of Gurbani as much as possible'. Yes thats true. However, looking at photos of Saints and Gurmukhs is better than viewing other photos such as of worldy people, wouldn't you agree? After all, God also gave us this physical body too and these eyes must serve their highest purpose of doing Darshan of Gurmukhs. Just as viewing somebody like David Cameron or Tony Blaire, or Obama you get reminded of politics, by viewing photos of Gursikhs, one remembers the Lord.
  12. Fine. I wouldn't worry about it. We are all humans and bhulanhaar. We make mistakes. As long as you dont do it deliberately, the Guru forgives. We are the Gurus children. The Gurus love is like a mothers love. Some of the posts draw comments bordering on humour/negativity. I dont know you or how you live your life so I cant really comment saying anything humorous. If you are a devout Sikh, then dropping a Kara can be something that would throw one in some dismay. You say you was feeling mentally weak. Let me tell you sister, weakness of the mind gradually disappears when one recites Gurba
  13. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh First of all I would pray that all users of this board..silent or active, get drawn closer to Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. I would kindly like to ask anybody who can help me in obtaining a photograph of the late 'Panth Ratan Sant Singh Ji Maskeen'. I took a photo to my studio to be enlarged but as it was a very small photo taken from the net, it wasn't possible for them to enlarge any bigger than 8x10. I would like a larger size photo (in megabytes rather than kilobytes) that I could enlarge to a size 20x24. If anybody could help I would be so
  14. Wow..thanks so much Veer Ji. I cant thank u enough! Gurfateh!
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