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  1. Thanks Could not find it before But question still stands
  2. When performing seva of joray do you clean with a cloth and apply the cloth to your forehead or do you just clean the shoes without putting the cloth on your forehead ? Also what is the significance of joray seva ?
  3. When doing joray seva with a cloth do you touch your head with it after each pair of joray or when you have finished the seva?
  4. Did any singhs you were fighting along side sant ji and others survive ? I know of some but cannot find thier accounts of what happened anywhere Anyone know ? Esp of any singhs who were in akaal takat sahib with sant jarnail singh JI during the attack
  5. They won't get the spot back Current committee has been gunning for them since they came too power Tpv ill advised post gave them the reason too stop the katha Don't be suprised if someone else starts katha there who is associated too the committee
  6. Does anyone know the rehat maryadas for these two dals ?
  7. http://youtu.be/PxNkV3C-jlY Who are these clowns . They obviously have some jathabandi issues Here is another about sant isher singh JI : http://youtu.be/Twi7aj4MdAQ
  8. Who is the new jathedhar ? As I have seen the dastar bandi pics if baba prem Singh , but baba joginder singh was acting jathedhar before ? Also is baba balbir singh head of a rival Budha dal group
  9. Where is the best place too buy them ?
  10. Can some body direct me too any katha on hemkunt sahib ? I have noticed people question the significance of hemkunt sahib in Sikhism .
  11. I will be going fairly soon , so a few question for those who have been : What other gurdwara or places should I of darshsan of ? Where to get Shastar without getting ripped off ? Any other tips ? Oh And has anyone ever had problems bringing back Shastar to heathrow via Dubai ? Thanks
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