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  1. yaaay cant wait!! when tho?

  2. lool its just been ages since heard from him!! phaji im still at work :(

  3. wheres peacemaker???

  4. happy 2nd berday!! awww ur older than me!! gosh time fliess!! may vaheguroo continue blessing u with a chardikalla jeevan, gurfateh little tall bro :D

  5. hanjee phaji!!! u blanked BIGTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lol im ok at work.

    how r u????

  6. keep me gupt or else ur dead :)

  7. awww! thanks penje... yeahh thats me lol!

    thanks for watching =)

    vaheguroooo! xx

  8. Prabh keejai kirpa nidhaaan ham harrr gun gaaavegaie.. ho tumre karo nit aaasssss prabh mohi kab gal laavegain =) vahegurooo! ! !

  9. im on in monday alone.... watch it :)

  10. lool then PLEASE come along? i mean it,more the better

    ive recorded the one im doin on monday... watch it :)

  11. loool i takeit u watch it alot =D so thank you... tshirt on da way to u :P

    yeh august

  12. lool... they were my speacial guests who i NEALRY forgot to talk about! i collected them speacially from cov for the show lol thats why i sed OH YEH IF WE LOOK HERE... loooolllllll

  13. haha looool!!!

    was avery awful one...... lol too mnay mistakes

  14. hahahahahahah OMG just OH MY GOD

    u wtch it?

  15. just cuz u lurrrrrrve me :P

  16. thanks :)

    u check on moodle... same as we did in june.

    cant belive u aint checked yet??

    leme know... good luck : )


  18. sent u a pm... CHECK IT AND DO IT PLEASEEE lol

  19. see u 2nite????? come lol we're down da rd from each ova

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