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  1. Well said Taran veerji. He is scum. Anybody who supports him now are the same scum. We all knew he was a RSS agent. I for one wouldn't worry if he teaches the RSS this fake made up load of crap, because pre determined moves, that look good in slow motion have absolutely no relevance to real fighting. You can't say you do this and I'll do that- because that's what he teaches. Absolute nonsense! It's more the scum ideology that he has brainwashed youth in the UK that will take years to heal and mend. Also that he will continue to do to brainwash gullible youth in Europe and Sikhs in (panja
  2. Brilliant, do we have to bring our shasters along to the event? Sorry might seem like a dumb question lol
  3. I think the topic has gone a bit far from where it was intended to. Niddar is working for the RSS, his crowd need to be booted out of the remaining gurdwara's that they teach in. There needs to be a letter from a prominent sikh organisation, that addresses these situations and forwards the letter to those concerned i.e .Leicester, London and Leeds gurdwara's.
  4. Yes, the letter is genuine. It has come from the Sanatan Shastarvidiya Facebook page. Niddar has definitely left the UK, he is based in Germany. His students teach. He came over in November/December to do a seminar on Indian wrestling and will be back in the UK in January (as he has said in this letter).
  5. Well its plain and simple. The remaining gurdwara's that allow his cult followers to teach should cancel all classes. I think the cult still teach in Leeds, Leicester and London. Boot them out! Surely we can't support RSS activities inside our places of worship. Any ideas on how we can get them kicked out?
  6. Here is the copy of Niddars letter:- As 2015 comes to a close, I write this newsletter from Germany; reflecting upon yet another incredible year of success and progress as well as exciting news for 2016. The Baba Darbara Singh Shastar Vidiya Akhara (martial school) has travelled a long way since my Gurdev (master) Baba Mohinder Singh, with his blessings commanded me to leave with Guru Gobind Singh’s words in mind: “Preserve Shastar Vidiya any way you can.” (Panth Parkash, Rattan Singh Bhangu) UK Akharas going from strength to strength In 1996 I arrived in the UK and began to teach Sanatan Sha
  7. Read Niddars letter to the akhara students. He is working with the RSS in May 2016. RSS! That says it all.
  8. I doubt it. They think that the sun shines out of his %£ and he can't do anything wrong!
  9. Taran0, this must be put on your '<banned site filter activated>' web site.
  10. Yep, he has done a runner with a gori yoga student. Obviously, the lost Sikh warrior couldn't control his 'kaam'. He has been faking his art and making it up as time went by. Changing the name of his art, numerous times. Writing a book in 1998 with no mention of sanatan shastar vidiya in it at all, according to him he had been learning the art since 1984 (read MAI September 2004 copy). Yet failed to call it that in his book, four years into his training. His teacher is Baba Mohinder Singh, yet at his akhara he has a picture of Baba Giana Singh as his gurdev. Babaji giana Singh has written a bo
  11. I guess you are correct, the problem has just moved to another location. My thoughts were that his students wouldn't push the RSS/hindu hidden agenda as much as Nidar in the classes now that he has eloped to Germany with a causcian yoga student.
  12. I said this a few months ago. No one believed me, Nidar does not teach shastar vidiya classes in any UK akhara. The classes are run by senior students. He has left/eloped to Germany. Only returning to the uk to do the odd seminar. This has to be good news as he can't brain wash more impressionable kids.
  13. Like I said its a rumour that I've heard from a reliable source. If the last Sikh warrior disappears, then who will teach. His students can't because he thinks them not being worthy as he was on the lookout for a successor not so long ago!
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