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  1. great seva! well done brother. can't wait to look at it!
  2. Some of the hate and ignorance displayed in this thread is quite disturbing and disappointing. It is not the Sikh way.
  3. Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) is a faction of the Akali Dal headed by Simranjit Singh Mann. Mr Mann was tortured in the 1980's for his views and support of the Khalistan Movement. This party is quite vocal in regards to Panthic issues and especially in regards to Sikh self-determination. It is my understanding that it is this viewpoint that often keeps them at odds with the government.
  4. Banda Singh Bahadur achieved some great things for the Khalsa Panth. We should remember him for these achievements rather than focusing on the flaws. Like everyone else, he was also human and by no means perfect. At the end of the day he was martyred for Sikhi and that is how we should remember him. His heroic exploits set the course for the eventual establishment of the Sikh Raj under Maharaja Ranjit Singh (who also was not a perfect Sikh, but who Sikhs also hold in high esteem).
  5. Inform local law enforcement and school officials if it occurred at school. Also speak to any witnesses that were present when this attack happened.
  6. As well as striving for independence in the context of a Sikh homeland, we should also start creating Khalistan (land of the pure) within ourselves too. There should be Khalsa for the Khalsa Raj!
  7. Please accept 108 as my contribution for today *mod note: Waheguru Ji added jeo!*
  8. Please accept 32 as my humble contribution. *mod note: Waheguru, Waheguru, added veerjeo!*
  9. Please accept my humble contribution of 27. *mod note: O Pyaareo! :happy: Waheguru, Waheguru, Waheguru! added jeo!*
  10. Fantastic presentation. Great find n30singh ji! And of course kudos to Kamalroop Singh for this awesome seva!
  11. Thanks for sharing brother. We modern-day Sikhs should really look hard at our past and find inspiration from the high-standards set by our ancestors. We should aspire to reach such heights again.
  12. Wow, so much hysteria over an online comment.. Glad he hasn't been visiting some other sites that are out there, I'm sure he'd find much worse being said about him. Seriously, why kick up such a fuss over it? It's arguable whether or not he is a traitor. But one thing that is assured is that he is a hypocritical drama queen and an attention-seeker!
  13. Great news! These albums are always of the highest calibre and I am sure this one will be as well. One question, will this be available to purchase on itunes?
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