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  1. If he did that would be a shame. I was watching news and the Singhs who were injured were shown and they said they had refused any help from the government and didn't take any cash from the government
  2. whicj majority of this brahman made system isnt like that.... sainis, tharkhans etc all like that.... jatt is only word for farmers but people try to tackle all of them, not saying you are though... basically our religion was further divided by bhramans with the caste system and further prachar of superstitions by bhramans Admin Note: This thread had a particular title, the discussion started out as something else and became something else. That leaves me with no other option but to do what I always do.
  3. They are phoney because most of these people who claim to be "sikh" go to Deras like Sacha Sauda, Ashuthosh's deras, Radhaswami deras. They call themselves sikhs but believe and worship fake babeh/sants
  4. Try yuba city, or berkely, hayward, sacramento... they all have alot of punjabi stores but don't know the names. In yuba city try LA merchandise
  5. This guy is crazy, he thinks that Sri Darbar Sahib was a jewish worship center
  6. http://www.sridasam.org/dasam is a website i found where it lets you read Sri Dasam Granth. How great is this
  7. Bro a day or 2 before Ludhiana Khaand happend Jus Punjabi news was showing Ashutosh's Pakhand followers and there was "nihangs" sitting in his sangat and hella people wearing Sikh style turbans. Their all phony Sikhs
  8. I do not agree...... Sorry if I offended you but please ....... remember peaceful march during 1920's for SGPC formation? take inspiration from there...... aggressiveness without control has done irreparable harm in recent past. These are similar actions taken in 1979/ 1980... nothing much was achieved except terrorism and a lost generation and bad name for sikhs. Peaceful, well organised morcha and inclusive of FULL sikh support is the way. right now we are creating sections( that is hindu agenda and we are accepting it).Support gained by creating fear is not useful at all... it is not a strong support and people start using more fear to get more support and get support from bad people to create more fear. so your basically saying that all the work Sant Ji did was terrorism ? wow looks like you follow a hindu agenda. What part of my post don't you agree with. This was supposed to be a peaceful march wasn't there violence there ? The same people you state like Sant Samaj support Sant Jarnail Singh Ji's mission.
  9. true bro this is kalyug. We Sikhs are always fighting with each and never find our selves sticking with each other, we always find differences in oursleves and start fighting with each other. A great example is in the 1980's. Even Sikh Militants were fighting and shooting at each other, Sikhs were snitching on us other Sikhs. We never get knowhere.
  10. Has giani jee in this katha stated exactly what Baba Thakur Singh Ji and other mahapurkhs have said about the times to come. Some people are saying that bani is going to be hard to find. What else has been mentioned in this katha please? Thanks All mahapurkhs who are jaani jaan will say the same thing, especially regarding what Giani Jee mentioned in his katha. Baba Thakur Singh Jee was a Pooran Bhramgiani so all their bachans will come true (some already have). We are living on borrowed time, all this was meant to have happened a while back. Here are some signs http://news.bbc.co.u...ech/8008473.stm bhai sahib which bachans have come true, i've never heard bachans of Sachkhand Vasi Sant Brahmgiyani Thakur Singh Ji... this is all deep stuff
  11. this is great... Dhan Dhan Shaheed Sikhi Kaum D.... Sikhi Ik Vakhri kaum Hai
  12. he was there talking about how he isn't a lottery ticket which gets pulled out to be summoned to Sri Akal Takht. When i saw news i didnt see him addressing the sangat, but he was there talking about him being summoned
  13. Inder Singh Paajiiiiiiiiii, the "doctor" gurdeep jagbir is not just against dasam granth sahib, he wants to destroy the sikh panth!!! yesterday evening he did a live call in show (when they get their own people to call in) and openly supported the ragi and his views. the whole prgramme was about supporting the snake darshan ragi. dr gurdeep and jasvir of panjab radio are not just against dasam granth, they go many steps more, there is no word to explain their hate, they are only matched by kala afghana himself, or the singh sabha canada and the ragi. they are a disease in the panth and the biggest threat to sikhi in the uk. the doctor and jasvir openly always support and quote from the literature of singh sabha canada. they get all their news from rozana spokesman daily. if you look at singh sabha canada website, they even have a link to panjab radio at the bottom to show their close connections. What is their position on the current situation in Panjab and the attacks in Ludhiana on Sikhs? THe congress is phony. They made some statements on the Ludhiana situation blaming badal, but amrinder now seeks presidency in Punjab. They are only using the ludhiana khand as an excuse to come back in power and take out badal family, they don't care about Sikhi
  14. I know my uncleis one of those dehli type sardars, they have completly wrong views on politics and even sometimes parts of religion. They are ignorant Who do you think your slandering singhni? You disrespecting singhs in southall? ex druggies? which ones did u do drugs with exactly? Because they're all clean, FACT. how dare you make such comments. mend your ways. your southall kaurageous and I could easily humiliate you with just a few lines regarding most of your members activities. But I dont resort to your level. Speak of facts and stop making lies for amusement purposes. Or you may soon find some hillarious truths emerging which you lot would rather keep burried. Speak with respect for all. bro do you have any proof about them being ex drugies, my cousin is friends with youth who highly support dal khalsa and he has stated himself that youths in southhal have been trying to stop drugs. And ex druggies, ok what about Sant Jarnail Singh Ji Khalsa who turned thousands of ex druggies into Gur Sikhs. Would you like to slander those gur Sikhs who were ex druggies and put their life down for the panth. He is not speaking about southhall youth in general. Please do not take it personal. Remian focussed on Sarna's anti sikh activities.
  15. Wait Wait this is interesting but confusing, so how is all the pothi's we have going to become gupt, how is it going to be all gone. THis is like the sikhi version of the mayan prophecy's and other prophecys's i need all this because im doing a report on prophecies on end of days and this is great
  16. I see what your saying. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji has been that only 1 sher to stand up first against indian govt. Sant Baba Ranjit Singh Ji Dhandrianwale Should lead the panth and be that 1 sher. He has thousands of followers. He has been dedicated to Sikhi, and should lead the panth as that 1 sher
  17. whtttt i get the paper for free to..... THey always talk about Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and they do this now, their real face. This is a newspaper in english. EVERYONE EMAIL THEM
  18. Punjab youth need to be ready for 14th. This month can be dreadful for SIKHS if they dont prepare themselves. Official numbers havn't come in for Dec 5th Ludhiana Goli Khaand and now shiv sena calls for punjab bandh. WHO IS SHIV SENA TO CALL FOR BANDH ON PUNJAB. When SIKHS prepare than selves fully for this we can ensure that these pandits cant do nothing. SHASTARDHARI is what SIKHS Need to become
  19. yes yes i have emailed cnn twice and will email and call those news channells you pointed out.... Thnks a lot bro i needed more news medias, we can not let this go, print out fliers, i have printed a lot of fliers and posted thm in san francisco, we need to make awareness
  20. in my opinion about SRI DASAM GRANTH and badal....Badal doesnt want any Sikh to be a shastardhari or have any power, and what does SRI DASAM GRANTH give us, it gives us shakti, it remindes us about battle, badal doesn't want this. He doesn't even respect SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB he does beadbi of it when he sits on a chair infront Of GURU GRANTH SAHIB. Why would he have any respect for DASAM GRANTH, he put darshan pappi infront to do nindiya of DASAM GRANTH Sikhs in punjab need to be ready for 14th. Become shastardharis become ready for taking on hindu violence. If Sant Jarnail Singh Ji was here he would have SIKH naujwans tyar bartyar for anything. We need to be ready, only swords are not going to help, when hindutva racist come with guns what will swords do
  21. what can we say about this dumb old budda, he was shown on jus punjabi news doing a hindu ritual again where they put the red mark on his head. This creep knows Sikhs have been challenged and hurt. He is all after this, he knew how to put deep cuts in Sikh Kaum when ashutosh wanted to do satsangs in Punjab. When ashutosh new he wasn't aloud in Punjab under congressi sarkar, he took advantage of badal sarkar, and badal took advantage of him. Ashuthosh had his satsang bull**** on same day darshan pappi was summoned to AKAL Takht, why ? because badal new SIKHS would be divided on that day. Most of nihangs would be at Darbar Sahib and other jathebandis would try to protest Ashutosh at a smaller number. THis was planned. Badals govt. will come to end. Now congress is taking advantage of Ludhiana khaand to come back in power, we will not let that happen either. What is Punjab, a tug of war between badals and congressis, we need to bring NEW, REAL Sikhs in Punjab sarkar
  22. Wo Lol iv neva thought about Sant Ranjit Singh Ji being Akal Takht Leader lol... that would sound interesting lol. Would Sant Ji ever want to do that, that would be called KHALISTAN
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