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  1. i have contacted fremont gurdwara el sobrante gurdwara and printed out fliers to post and handout in gurdwaras. I have contacted cnn but seems like we need to contact more polititions.
  2. Hell no bro.. a person like that who talks about Sant Ji wow.. tell them how Guru Arjun Dev Ji told us that a person who does nindiya of a sant in the end will go to hell and be like a fish without water... Sant Jarnail Singh Ji is the greatest Sikh leader of the 20th century no doubt
  3. Can we discuss , what happend to Akali Dal Maan and why Sant Ram Singh who also claimed to be a Jathedar of Damdami Taksal was not their. I have never heard about him . Where is Tarna Dal , Budha Dal , Bidi Chand Dal , Shiromani Khalsa Panchayat and many more. People who are talking against Sant Ranjeet Singh and Dhuna should know these people are their and some say why were they standing at back . on the same day of Ludhiana Khand... around 400 nihangs were at Sri Akal Takht waiting for darshan pappi.... Now Tarna Dal Bidhi Chand Dal Budha Dal Should understand their responsibilities and stand up to anti-sikh elements. How dare they call themselves Gurus Khalsa and not fight back.
  4. Very recently a hindu who was my close friend very close friend started an argument with me saying Sikhi is a branch of hinduism and and had insulted Sikhi when me and other Sikhs responded to all his fake nonsense. Never trust these people. In bluestar hindus said they went in with shame in their hearts prayers on their lips and guns pointing everywhere... this is like the old saying that a hindu has prayers on his lips and a knife under his armpits. That old saying in Punjab was re-realized in bluestar. We have to also see that there are many "sikh" puppets who pose as SIKHS and do what the brahmin govt want them to do. Radical hindus want to make SIKHS their puppets that will never happen.
  5. No you say i see your field now, so why u having bhaiyya not punjabi. see this is hipocrete. Tomorrow my brother Baljit going to put web spell and gramarr on my web softwares then i do better spell words and english. So why you giveing money to bhaiyya if you not likeing hindus? is this not hypocrete? Also you not respect Shaheed Sukhdev Singh Babbar or Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Ji. You are being bad two hindus but badal is looklikes sikh but he is bad so not everyone ones is equal but you saying hindus all bad. Every singh should act by Shaheed Sant Jarnail Singh Ji and not like bal thackry and his hero hitler. What are you talking about are you saying hes a agent or wht... you dont do better spell words and english lol
  6. yes yess we need to stand up and go to India and fight, we need to unite. Bay Area Sikhs email me on what we can do, dont shy away from this situation we need to stand up. People who dont should have shame on calling themselves part of Sikh panth. When are people going to stand up and take a stand, we have very few Singhs doing a lot of effort right as the Ludhiana Khaand began, we need to spread message, stand up as KHALSA PANTH
  7. Bhai Sahib this is what im saying we need to protest.. Bay Area needs to protest. I have been emailing Fremont Gurdwara, El sobranre gurdwara and got the numbers to call these to gurdwaras and even san jose gurdwara, I have less people with me to actually do protest and to bring this up in our gurdwaras. How can we do more if we just keep seeing and hearing about situations and not do nothing. we need to organize and step up,
  8. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji's Katha Is great Also....
  9. The nihangs need to be in the forefront of Punjab on he 14th also. Many less nihangs have come in the forefront of battles. On the 5th around 400 Nihangs were at Sri Darbar Sahib waiting for Darshan Pappi... While DDT, Dhandrian Jatha, Tat Khalsa were taking bullets for the Panth. We need to unite. Sikhs from abroad should go fight. What are our (abroad Sikhs) responisibilites toward the panth, whatt kurbani can we give. Even if we do a phaat or Ardas for families of Shaheeds and zakmi Singhs to get better is good. 5 Chaupai Sahibs a day and try to bring as much awareness as you can.
  10. What type of advice is this? Wanting to take Amrit will cloud your judgement? Did the Abhilakhis in 1699 who wanted to take Amrit after seeing all injustices in India have clouded judgment? What about all the abhilakhis in the 70' and 80's who offer themselves to Guru Ji after seeing all the injustices of the world did they have clouded judgement as well? This the type of progaganda/advice that noormehlia cult propagate. They want to kill the Lions, Bahamanize the Lioness's , and confuse the cubs. Apnepart2 are you the same APnepart on Discover SIkhi who use to preach against rehat and amrit. Rehat Pyaarey Mujh Ko Sikh Pyaarey Nahi- - rehat is more important then a person who calls themsevles Sikh. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jis bachan to Bhai Desa Singh Ji Ladli- Fauj Ji rehat is the foundation of a Gursikhs faith. The stronger the foundation the stronger your faith will be in Guru Ji. The rehatnamas which support Gurmat are no different then Hukumnamas . By following each of Gurus rehat/hukum you are taking a step closer to Guru Ji and then Guru Ji takes care of the rest. But obidience and discipline to Guru Jis hukum is a must. Guru Nanak Dev Ji gave a Hukum to Bhai Lehna Ji to eat a dead corpse . Because of his obidience, Bhai Leha Ji happily submitted and won Guru Jis grace. So by obeying commands of Guru Ji we recieve all his gifts . Guru Sahib states rihxI rhY soeI isK myrw ]Euh Twkuru mY aus kw cyrw ] that person who stays in the code of conduct is my Sikh. He is my master and I am his servant. Depending on a persons dedication and attitude it takes time to follow some of the harder rehats like waking up for Amrit Vela, doing nitnem etc, but overtime with Gurus Grace these rehats become more easier . If we offer our head to Guru ji there is no need to worry about people expectations or not fullfilling the code of conduct. Our head now belongs to Guru Ji and he will take care of things, even the hardest rehats become easier when we submit to Guru Jis command. ALso there will be a Youth Sikh camp in California this month you can check out the website at http://www.wcsikhicamp.com, and there will be a Rainsubaee in Tracy on December 19th http://www.ekhalsa.com/programs.php Your Post Are amazing bro... are you from california. yes i am from bay area, San Francisco. I want to take amrit at the Gurmat Prakash Manteca which is Damdami Taksal. Tracy also is DDT, but I have gone to manteca many times and seen the Singhs there many times. THanks for infrmation bro, When you wake up at Amrit vela what is like right correction of things you do like the order, nitnem simran etc
  11. bro of course lets pray mayn, this is crazy i cant believe this. shiv sena has challenged Punjab and its people, how dare we eat food without thinking about the situation in punjab. Khalistan Zindabad where are you from where do you live bro ?
  12. BLOOM IS RIGHT. Doesn't matter if its Tat Khalsa or Ek Noor Khalsa Fauj, end of the day they are nindaks of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and of those like Sant Baba Jarnail Singh Ji Bhindranwale, therefore there is no need for them to take part in the panths affairs. Dasam granth bani is one of the foundations of sikhi. no wonder a few of them turned up and started shouting slogans against sant samaj, it wasnt because of sant samaj, it was because they oppose the views of most of the sant samaj like the views on dasam granth. These nindaks of Guru Gobind singh ji can shout what they want, it doesnt matter, they cant do nothing themself, except about 15-20 of them turned up MAX according to everyone to shout a few jakaare then all of them ran off doing their nindya of dasam granth and decided to turn up at the funeral again to make some noise when the family of the shaheed were trying to carry out the funeral. what a disgrace. both of these missionary organisations should be excommunicated and their 15-20 or so members should never have been allowed anywhere near the funeral or in any panthic march for that matter. SikhSangat does not support nindaks of 10th guru ji's bani, we do not want their anti-dasam granth propaganda here. the panth has awoken to give these nindaks a fitting reply. das nimana, please delete all reference to these guru nindaks, thanks! First this is the topic against noormehalias most dangerous antisikh cult although not biggger than sirsa dera or nirankaris but very oganized ,withe backing of all poltical groups of the Punjab like badals, BJP,Leftists and congress see today the statement of bhatal saying all persons have freedom to practice their religion.Secondly most of the injured belongs to Tat Khalsa jathebandi .Is it right time to demean other sikh groups this infighting led to defeat of sikhs in sirsa dera case except for brave sikhs of Mubai and Maharastra who got arrested accused persons arrested less than a week because deccan sikhs r united thwy love shasters and kakars .See all fingers r not equal there may be differences between ideas which can be sorted out by sitting togeather on specific agenda, but unfortunately due to self seekers leaders of panth one and another disputes r created in panth.NOW WE need pratical approach see how the most of the hindus stood with sikhs we must admit itexcept for some industrists , and bjp common hindu did not support noormehalias now to get hindu support SHIV SENA HAS GIVEN CALL FOR PUNJAB BANDH TO PROTEST THE PICTURE OF SANT SIPAHI JARNAIL SINGH BHINDRAWALE ON 14TH DECEMBER. Wait Wait so Shiva Sena now has called for Punjab closed to protest Sant Ji's photo. What do SIkh jathebandis plan to do about this. This can cause a lot of violence by shiv sena workers and police will defintly hurt Sikhs
  13. waheguru waheguru Just before I saw this post i was looking for the Chaupai sahib on youtube so I can hear it today, the british didnt want SIkhs to recite chaupai sahib because to gives Sikhs shakti and power and keeps Sikhs in chardi kala Chaupai Sahib--Waheguru Waheguru
  14. Is there an audio for full version of Dasam Granth, I yearn to hear it... Is there any on internet and to download ?
  15. After seeing the events of the December 5th Ludhiana Khaand, I cant shy away from taking amrit. The event has sadden me and inspired to become a Amritdhari. I already have a juda but have to take amrit. I want to stand up and fight for the Panth. I Don't know all the things I have to do in order though like do we have to was our hair everyday ? I Need help THank You.
  16. we need youth in bay area california to raise awarness of the ludhiana khaand. We need to bring it up in our gurdwaras and raise awarness in our communtiies. I have informed El Sobrante gurdwara on facebook about this matter, printed fliers to give out and had a friend whoes dad is a committiee member in Fremont gurdwara inform his dad. We need to raise awareness and raise the matter. Also send emails to cnn I have sent one, and we need more people to contact them to bring this up on tv.. as this weekend their showing mumbai attakcs, well what bout Ludhiana Khaan which just happend
  17. I live close by. I have Sikhs ready for protest but we need more we only couple guys... We have informed el sobrante gurdwara only on facebook but plan to go there and talk 2 other young youth and fremont gurdwara is going to be informed shortly by a member of the committiee
  18. <object width="425" height="344"><param name="movie" value=" &hl=en_US&fs=1&"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src=" &hl=en_US&fs=1&" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="425" height="344"></embed></object> chk this crazy movie out the cop tries to get into crowd n stop the Singhs himself
  19. lets not start fuss of Dasam Granth, yes its a big issue when people do nindiya about it, but we need to act more on the ludhiana kaand we need to arange protest we need to contact gurdwaras and fight for the PANTH
  20. Does anybody have any info of protest in the bay area,california
  21. Satbachan Ji. Singhs were Shaheed from all over the world in the previous phase of the Morcha. Jathedar Talwinder Singh Babbar was the ONE WHO STARTED THE ARMED STRUGGLE FOR KHALISTAN, AND HE WAS FROM CANADA. We can do the same Singho. Bhai Harjinder Singh Para was a cleanshave Canada high school student, who left studies, went to Punjab, became a Kharkoo and a Martyr of the Panth. Bhai Balbir Singh Sakheera Calgary, Bhai Pala Singh Belgium, Bhai Surinder Singh Ravi Toronto, Bhai Harjit Singh Dhillon USA, Bhai Hardev Singh Bapu UK and MANY MANY countless Singhs went from the comfort in west to fight against opression in PUNJAB and BECAME SHAHEED! PARNAAM SHAHEEDAN NU Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh EXACTLY. Wow thanks for putting names of SINGHS who went from abroad. Sant Jarnail Singh Ji said The Kaum Can not be saved without us giving our heads. What are our responsibilities as KHALSA, what kurbani can we give. So Many Singhs have given their lives, how can we sit back and even eat a meal without thinking about what happened to our brothers
  22. Unity is the first thing we need to do. We need to have a Sarbat Khalsa, including Nihangs also. We all need to be on the forefront. Sikhs in Uk US Canada etc need to do something also. Shaheed Talwinder Singh Parmar was in Canada and raised awareness like no other about 1978 narkhdari kaanchar and Saka Neela Tara. We Need Be like those Singh's and stand up in our communities and do as much as we can.
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