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  1. Brother, 1kaur1's right to her belief does not supercede BSSF's belief of him being shaheed. They both are entitled to their views. Heres the problem I have with some people though. They POLARIZE the world into those that believe in baba takur singhs bachan and those that do not. Then they demonise those that do not and dont regard them as even being sikh and brand them anti-sikh or misguided. Nobody has a copywrite to their version which is correct. Both have a right to exist. But try to co-exist. This thinking is wrong and needs to stop. I can see he has shaheed written on his signature
  2. 1kaur1 started the thread by asking who BSSF are? Was that a rhetorical question? Like the ones people ask to start something. U started by asking who they were, then as soon as replies came in u set about telling us exactly what u belived they were. when u quote Asa Di Vaar Moorakh naal na lujiye which translates to dont mix with fools, it might be useful in identifying who the fool is. Guru nanak taught never to argue with a fool. So far your the only one arguing, BSSF and others have responded in a polite manner. You amaze me. You dont like BSSF yet at the same time your not willing to
  3. I firmly believe Sant Bhindarnwale is SHAHEED. I find it astonishing that people say he is still alive??? What has gotton into people. We are Sikhs of Guru Gobind Singh ji. We have a responsibility to be intelligent and excercise truth. Those who want to live a lie and trick others into believing this lie are commiting a sin. I try to understand why they do this, since they also are our sikh brothers but its hard for me to understand. Is the bachan of Baba takur singh more important to them than the word of the Supreme Authority of Akaal Takht??? Seriously Sikh brothers and sisters lets
  4. My dayz you guys are really at it. Way to make the conversation bleed. Only five..you really need to calm down, i’ve told you he’s going irritate you to such an extent you’ll kill yourself....loolll Look i know you take you Sikhi en all serious, but you really did miss the point at the beginning. Don’t get angry...just go an take a cold Lassi...... It’s just a forum...loll you can’t force people, see this is where he’s a clever monkey J hehehe. ...and most importantly don’t hate me......or else!
  5. So what are you trying to say.....a person who is on the dance floor should quickly access themselves by asking 'whether it's right or wrong then they can ask themselves internally why they're doing it?' (based on bhangra of course) and then they should expect to relate it to gurmat while thinking about the initial question whilst hitting some moves on the dancefloor, all at the same time........is this what you mean?? Secondly, you didn't mention anything about 'other peoples opinions' so I'm still not sure what you mean here.....what opinion are we talking about? I’m under the impres
  6. Loolllll i’m really confused, but the UK contact is on the website....or am i missing something here? 07851111822 (Amarjeet ) Leeds
  7. Shastar Vidyia the real stuff? What about gatka? What’s so bad about it? How many years have you been training for, and do you think your good enough to talk blab? Before commenting on arts which you have no clue about or studied, it’s best if you make liberal statements. I know you’ve been told else, but what do you personally know in terms of practise. This attitude you students have towards everybody else really upsets me. It’s really sad, you people are soo lost in your own world. All you think about is who’s bigger, let me just tell you it takes just one strike from Mahraj and your al
  8. It's all the same, Guru Mahraj gave Sikh Men/Women equal commandments. There is no difference between the way Women should act in differ to Men. The only difference is the sex.
  9. Loolllll sometimes you need to know when to shut up...!!! Speak respectfully boii, and stop embedding Muslim culture within this forum J
  10. If you want to go into this then, I'll make you look like a fool. So it's best if you stick to being arrogant here. Loolllll don’t get ticked off by him, he does the same too me...lolll
  11. Well yess i suppose your right on the arrange marriages historically Jassa. However there still a difference between love and arrange marriages. For example in love marriage is an unplanned event and unexpected reaction (feelings) towards the person, which ultimately causes a relationship. It's not "arranged", where as arrange marriages in some sense is a planned incident, where the reaction towards your partner is expected (there is historical change, however the principal is still the same). Ok. ....and before we move on i don't want to have a debate on if everything is written and nothin
  12. Have i read the original post? yess i have.... Did he mention changing or removing or bla blaa obviously you've taken it out of context. Are you trying say he wasn't askin for a solution? You know actually i haven't read the post, im just posting without reading the dam post! u happy? en... "Please enlighten me... conceal white hair to accomplish what?" ahhh mate, thats such a silly question! ...loooll Is it the question that is silly or the answer you have that is silly? ....looooolll It's my answer, it's silly.
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