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  1. ur havin a laff aint u lol.. its totally against sikhi
  2. just as i thought... surely the singhs that are still part of the movement must know this... its only a matter of time before he gets picked up
  3. for many years i have been hearing rumors that jasbir singh rode is a sellout... has anyone got any info??
  4. his time will come jus like gurbachna... hopefully its sooner rather than later
  5. Guru Gobind Singh Ji returns home after battle of chamkor and Mata Jito Ji (also known as Mata Sundari Ji) asks Guru Sahib where are my 4 beloved sons Guru Sahib replies i have sacrificed the life of four of my sons so that thousands of others can be born....
  6. one of the main reasons is that aapne treat our own girls like dirt, where as muslim guys are very clever and take advantage... i think firstly we should teach not only the girls but boys the basic principles of sikhi. we should tell them the saakhia of the great shaheeds that never gave up their faith but instead gave their head so that we are born as sikhs today and not muslims..
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