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  1. If you are not supposed to have sex with your own wife, what are you supposed to do? Jooth isn't in other people, jooth is in your own heart, Only thing which is not jhooth is God/Waheguru the only sach. How can you call anything jhooth? do people on this website carry a long list of what is jhooth and what is not
  2. Some good points about committees, one thing still unanswered is I wanted to know what about the marriages in India when many poor couples are married in one big ceremony, what about those who are not Sikhs in those couples, surely it is a very big seva of getting underprivileged couples married in proper ceremonies.
  3. What is the definition of Sikh? As someone stated that a non sikh got married to a sikh and does alot of seva and paath, but the reply was that she shouldn't have got married in a gurdwara as she has not converted. What does conversion mean, just changing their surname? What about the so called sikhs who don't do paath or seva are allowed to get married in the gurdwara just because ''their kids have a chance of becoming sikhs''. Unless there is one rule for all, we can't judge someone. Also for your information as far as I know, many itihaasik (historical) gurdwaras in India do not allow any Sikh whose not sabat surat to get married in the Gurdwara, if we want to stop non sikhs from getting married, we need to do the same with people from our own community as by being born into a Sikh family doesn't automatically makes you qualified.
  4. I understand that it is important to understand the laavan and have faith in Guru Granth Sahib ji if you want to take part in Anand Karaj, but I have a question. I know of Raagis in India who get poor couples married infront of Guru Maharaj in a ceremony where a large number of couples are married- I consider this as a huge seva as people who can't afford anything are getting married in proper ceremonies, would people want to go and stop these forcefully aswell as some of the couples may not be Sikh? Secondly I also don't understand that if we consider the human race as one, why don't we teach the couples getting married what the Anand Karaj means so they understand what they are doing, this includes Sikhs instead of forcefully stopping these weddings. Shouldn't the Gurdwara committees check whose getting married when they book the ceremonies instead of stopping it in the last minute and giving a chance to the media and everyone else to class sikhs as extremists.
  5. ope this answer your question, there is no confusion on the translation of 'Laal=Red', Red is the colour of love, if your mind thinks that love is lust then the problem is yours not the colour's. Think bigger, Sikhi doesn't restrict the human to small rules and regulations, Sikhi wants to open up your mind and see the world from the bigger picture.
  6. If there was an India and China war Sikhs in India will obviously fight for India as there is a Sikh regiment and Sikhs will again suffer losses, so I don't see a point of being happy or wait for India and China to fight. If there is a war and it goes nuclear or any other kind of weapons of mass destruction, Punjab doesn't have a special shield in its airspace that will prevent the effects of the weapons entering its border so Punjab will also suffer. Before you comment and get happy over thing you need to think what the consequences are.
  7. Are people dreaming too much, if Khalistan is ever made it will only be the state of Punjab. India is too powerful, Punjab is land locked, its main industry is agriculture, for any economy to compete in this modern day and age it needs to be based on manufacturing or services which is minimal in punjab. Who ever said aircrafts are convenient for importing and exporting probably do not know the cost of this operation. To enhance trade with the rest of the world every country needs to build ports, there is no place in punjab for ports.
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