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  1. i wanted to raise this concern becuase i have watched this channel on a few occasions it confuses the sikh people becuase there are people that were turbans and they are preaching chirstainty and they still use the name singh. this really annoyed me if you are chirstain why would you have a gursikhi image and use the name singh. they should chnage their image and change their name from singh into james or smith?. this channel is confusing for the punjabi people and can brainwash people becuase pretend sikhs are brainwashing the punjabi community and preaching in punjabi? have a look at that channel if you have sky and see it for yourself
  2. west london singh ur right we need to stop this ramghria n bhatreh from doing these anti sikhi things in te gurus houses because it will look like a joke becuase when a non sikh sees this going on they will think that the relgion is werid and the people of the relgion are hypocritesbecuase the sikhs are against alcohol and meat but it is consumed in gurdwaras? how can we awnser this question if a musilm or a non sikh asks this. the enimies of the sikhs can use this as a advanatge for them and make sikhi look like a joke
  3. Girls not marrying paggwalle mundeh anymore I think this is a very bad thing for sikhi because men that wear paggs when they have children they will be keshdhari 60% of time time and when girls dnt marry paggwalle mundeh when they have children they do not make them keshdhari. I think this is a demise of sikhi because the gursikhi image is it not continuing.
  4. this is very discusting. i feel sorry for when the commite members die and when the face the dharamraja for serving meat in a gurus house this is discusting i have not seen this go on but i herd about it going on up north
  5. could anybody explain to me because i get alot of devju moments it happens to me alot in these past months and it is very starnge becuase in my dreams i see the samethings that i am doing when i get it feels like i have been already there and pictured it before hand could anybody help me pealse
  6. i personnaly knew this paaji to i know his cousin very well he is very good friends with my cousin and he was with after he got stabbed it is very emotional time for him and me and all of his friends becuase it is very starange that he is not around anymore i used ot see him around at barking gurdwara alot and i my tohguhts are with his family respect to paaji.
  7. i think that the vieina shootings was right becuase a fakester got killed they take the mick out of our gurus and make a mockery of the sikhs when next people think there are god. i think we need to remove all of these fake babeh n only bow down our heads to sri guru granth sahib ji radha somais naamdharis n the rest theres loads we need to stop these or there fake gurus need to be delt with with like the niarknari guru in 1984 he got what he desvered n darshan dass in the late 80s they got what they deserved. i ant got a problem with the people but these fakesters take the mick out of our gurus calling them selves higher then sri guru granth sahib ji n tying to be the same level as our 10 masters nobody can be like them they are unique
  8. some of friends was telling me that they went to a wedding and in the mornining meat was served at the gurdwara i just wanted to know does this still happen across the uk becuase i was shocked that this happens. my mate was telling me that the gurdwara has meat in their langar to occasinally this is a disgrace
  9. we need to stop these sardar jokes from happening becuase these jokes takes the mick out keshdhari sikhs n makes a mockery to the name singh becuase people add singh at everythign for example relaxingsingh these jokes are immimature n stupid n racist. the most disgrace thing thing is when a sardar gets a sardar joke sent to him by another sikh these jokjes takes the mick out the sardars if we have these messages we need to delete them of our phone n help to close sits like jantabanta sites down n musilm priest makes a sradar joke on youtube this man is a iddiot we need to stop these jokes in hindi films to as a community
  10. wats wrong with my name tell me u got some issue with me
  11. i aggree once one film gets boycotted the film makers will stop making anti sikhi jokes becuase they will lose money i think that we need a sikh board or something. in bollywood they have alot of trimie singhs no real singhs they look like bharmins with shaved beared n stuff we need to stop this image of sikhs. in bollywood they only target sikhs not musilms or hindus we need to stop this iddiots by having petions etc in england then bollywood films will stop making sikh jokes becuase we lose all lose our sardari over 1 iddiot n get made sterotypes by others saying sikhs r crazy n brainless
  12. most bollywood films these days take the mick out of sikhs and sterotypes them for example in singh is king they make the singhs look like clowns n act like clowns they brainwash people becuasein singh is king the guy gets married in a hindu way but hes sikh wats all this about. i went to see singh is king with one of my mates we dnt find it funny at all in the cinema it was mainly musilms n hindus they kept laughing at their stupid jokes me n my mate just looked at each other we could of just laughed at ourselves 4 3 hours in the mirror that how it was they made sikhs look like iddiots they had funny paggs on like the hindu style. in one film they take the mick ouyt of bhagat singh the so called singh says i am going to name my son bhagat singh and filimi bhagat singh they said bhgat singh was a film character in the same film the girl was going to get married to a sikh man the girl siad they look all the same this is taking the mick out of the sikhi image. they make the hindus more clever n give them good roles n give sikhs comedy roles and make them look like fools n we sit there n laugh at ourselves we need to stop this matter becuase people will think of sikhs like this n behave like this but sikhs dnt behave nothing like this at all. in hindi films they say sikhs go crazy at 12 o clock sikhs used to save hindu girls from getting raped n kidnapped at 12 o lock at night is this how they thank us
  13. You have become a sheep. You are pretty much talking about yourself. Ironically speaking, how many 'pakis' have you banged out? no one defends you, backs you up? singh tell me more about your fights..... i wasnt talking about my self but in genereally from what i have herd and seen some singhs dnt defend them selves the suleh terrorise them i had quite a few with the suleh then they stopped after cause i used to retaliate so they stopped starting on me the suleh used to jump me outside of school after i beat them up then i got my revenge so on it was like this 4 abit untill the poilce got involved then it stopped completly probbaly from year end of year 9 to the year 10 then in year half way through the year it stopped but i dnt advise singhs to get into fights only if they have to defend them selves
  14. the problems we face 4 just keeping our kesh in our community is a disgrace some people dnt support their kids when they keep their kesh this happend to one of my friend he used to have a hair cut then he started to keep his kesh at the age of 17 his mum said wat r u doing how are you going to get married by keeping ur kesh its not gonna suit u and its hard to maintain u wont liek it. this is the repsonse we get we should encourge them its a big step becuase you are gonna face problems u just gotta handle them life ant easy. alot of sikh girls dnt like men who wear paggs their prefer some1 with a haircut because they look better this is a disgrace beuase our forefathers were sardars n they died 4 their hair no we r rejecting it. if the girls wont marry a paggwalla how will the pagg surive becuase their kids wont have paggs so on we r killing our identity and our roots we have started to behave like moguols in our community its not postive for the future sardars and sardarnis
  15. yh thats true singh the youth is sacred of their parents my dad is militant so he told me dnt let no1 take u 4 a fool sort them out if u have 2 becuase if you get terrorised at school people think ur a weaklin n people laugh at u the suleh tried to terrorise me at school i used ti stand up 2 them the other sikhs which used to get picked on didnt i had so many fights with them the teachers r even sacred the suleh cause they get their uncles on them. if u get terrorised at school tell some1 dnt suffer in silence tell ur parents or teachers or some of ur uncles n they may assit you to help out ur problems or pray to whaeguru 4 power and help becuase it can affect u
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