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  1. By the way, about the original question... From all the sources that I've checked, the pronunciation is closer to daee. Bhai Joginder Singh Talvara Jee writes that it is close to deI. I'm not sure why they pronounce it like this. Other similar words, like jX are NOT pronounced with a long ee sound in them, according to these same sources.
  2. The bindis in the foot did not exist during the time of the guru's and don't appear anywhere in gurbanee. One veer mentioned that they existed during the time of Guru Gobind Singh Jee, but this is not true. The bindi's in the foot were developed later. Why were they developed? Several reasons. But firstly, it should be made clear, that they were not developed by the British to write words like zebra. If they were, then could someone please explain what words the British needed a ^Z for. These are clearly not English sounds. They are Persian sounds. Basically, what we sometimes for
  3. For Degh, use equal amounts (by weight, not volume) of sugar, butter and flour. Use 4 times as much water, so that the ratio is 1:1:1:4. The butter should be clarified butter (melt it and remove the lassee by straining it). Refined sugar works fine. If you use desi style sugar (that large grained, cane sugar available at indian stores), then strain the chanee (water, sugar mixture) through a cotton cloth to remove dirt and other particles. When making degh for Guru Jee's Darbar, follow the instructions that Tarunjeet Singh Jee posted. You should do as much paat as possible. Japjee Saa
  4. You still haven't explained how you can reach god without having faith in god, or believing in his existence. Also, how do you know he exists, without having faith in his existence? If you can't see god, smell god, taste god, touch god, how do you know god exists? Is it not 'belief' in god, faith, that is the basis of religion? How can you 'know of his existence' without having faith? And why in the world would you assume that knowing the effects of knowing god would be obvious??? Of course he's not dependent on you believing in him. However, I would disagree with your contention that
  5. This sounds good, but doesn't really mean anything at all. You don't have to believe in god, you just have to know? So I can know that god exists but yet have no belief in god and still reach god. That makes a lot of sense. I guess we can overlook the thousands of references in Sri Guru Granth Saahib Jee that mention faith in the creator and explicit meditation on god.I recall in a post some time back, you also gave some strange meaning to the 'ram raheem, puraan quraan inek kahin mat, ek na maniyo' tuk. You seem to just make up whatever meanings that suit you. I'm going to just repost w
  6. ?? That's nice. We complain about other ignorant people trying to hold on to outdated rules like this...... but a 'sikh' company doing this??
  7. hahaha... that's good propoganda, Japnaam. Would, could, should.... he MIGHT have blown up the world, he COULD have destroyed all his neighbours,.... The sharp decline in suicide bombings by Hamas has to do with the assasinations of their leaders. They're too busy trying to regroup.
  8. Interesting statistics. So how many people did the US kill since 1978, directly and indirectly (indirectly by setting up and funding wars, etc)? A lot more than the number of americans killed (of course, any innocent person killed is a travesty).
  9. You've gotten this completely backwards. How is the idea of one meaning of gurbanee the basis of Lareedar? If you believe in more than one meaning, then you should be even more against padched. One of the main points raised against padched was that people will print different versions of padched, depending on how they take the meanings to be. If you do padched one way and print it like this in a saroop, then you are basically denying the possibility of any other padched for that tuk. Your point makes no sense. Also, if you want to discuss gurbanee ucharan and females in the panj, please
  10. Noonespecial said Guru Saahib Jee gave us Shabad Guru/Gurbani and the physical form of Guru Granth Saahib. Shabad has been guru since Guru Nanak Dev Jee, but there was also a physical manesfestation, in the form of our Guru's. This Guru Ship was passed on by Guru Gobind Singh Jee to Sri Guru Granth Saahib Jee. That's why we read the dohra, 'guru manio granth'. Granth refers to the physical form. The shabad has always been the guru and Guru Gobind Singh Jee would never have had to pass on the guru ship if there wasn't a physical form as well. As to the many people who've benefitted f
  11. If we've done padched, we have made a decision for everyone about what the correct paat is and have put this decision not only on the sangat, but have tried forcing it on Guru Saahib by changing it permanently in Guru Saahib. If we keep it lareevaar, the Guru is not being tampered with and the possible mistake is not being preserved. The next patee to come along may do the paat correctly. The mistake will be that of the patees and will not be enshrined in the saroop itself.
  12. Khalistani, you've mentioned several times that ik oaankar and ikoaankar sound the same and it's all banee, whether it's lareedhar or padched. Well, firstly, nobody is saying that the padched form is not banee. It's banee, but padched of Guru Granth Sahib Jee is wrong. Now to the point about it all sounding the same. If all we're concerned about is sound, than what if I made a saroop, with all the banee, but written in the romanisd alphabet. Like some of those gutkas that are in english. In fact, this may already have been done. Would doing prakash of this bir and doing akhand paats f
  13. Khalistani, Nobody is denying that pad ched saroops contain gurbanee. And of course, gurbanee should be respected. But, aren't you offended and hurt by the fact that sikhs decided that lareedhar saroop given by Guru Saahib was inadequate and decided to redo it in a different format? You keep saying that lareedhar saroop is the best and prakash of this should be encouraged but... you keep putting in these buts. Singh, this should hurt you more than the imposter comment. Why was the form of our guru changed and why do we all just blindly accept it? Our Guru was changed! There are no if's
  14. When someone writes a book and uses gurbanee tuks, they are using their interpretation of that gurbanee and will pad ched it as they see fit. When you read the book, you know that the author is writing their views and this is not necessarily how guru saahib would do it. So it's not that big a deal if it's pad ched. The point here is that the gur gaddi was given to a saroop that was lareedhar. If you make a gutkaa, a pothee or a book with pad ched, it's not the same thing as Sri Guru Granth Saahib Jee. It's still gurbanee and worthy of our utmost respect, but it isn't on the gurgaddee. We
  15. Just to add, the panth has never officially accepted pad ched saroops. The only official decision taken by the panth (by the SGPC and Chief Khalsa Diwan) was to ban publication of pad ched saroops. This decision has never been overturned, although the SGPC eventually started ignoring it's own decision.
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