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  1. after watching the videos Sikhs will look like a bunch of un-organised, illiterate, old fashioned, dangerous, uncontrollable, unruly without any intelligent leadership pack of lions to any outsider. Take any Gurdwara Sahib ji. its being controlled by probably an old styled, uneducated man and that too from last many many years. we don't like change. We stick to idiots. it happens here and it happens in Punjab. Nothing new. Leaders, committee members/ heads should change after every 2-3 years. don't vote same people into the power again and again. otherwise this story will repeat itself.
  2. also it is not moral to ask 24/7 every women coming to do path whether she is not on their periods. i think that is why it was kept out of this sacred system. if not on periods then it is perfectly fine but please go and change this at Darbar Sahib first. I think a start should be made at the highest throne.
  3. Kaal veer ji i'm NNNNNNOOOOOOTTTTT making my own statement but telling you what someone thinks. Even some ladies think in the same way. If you feel "really" sorry about this issue go to Darbar sahib and TRY speaking to the granthis/ or sgpc about this!! some ancient rituals need not be challenged. I remember a singh challenging "bakre di bali" opposite Takht Nanded Sahib. He was saved by police at the end. If you talk to some amritdhari elders you will find some more opinions on this. I'M NOT AGAINST EQUALITY between men and women as you have given me a TAG.I believe there might be some iss
  4. whether in terms of organized mass killngs or leading people to battle central govt. or ignoring rise of drug menace etc...who has done the most damage? what do you think? 1. Intoxicants/Drugs 2. Khalistan demand/Khalistanis e.g. Sant Bhindranwale 3. Indian government 4. Dera culture 5. Punjab police under KPS Gill 6. Akali Dal (Badal) 7. Congress party
  5. excellent discussion! especially liked N30S1NGH and 11Gurus1jot! I heard an elderly sikh saying that women are still not allowed and were not allowed because of things like menstrual periods(apologies to the sisters reading this, but!) and the cleanliness related to that . I'm not sure. No doubt "Moneh" can be good at heart but becoming a "real" good sikh at heart is more difficult that keeping the "outer" appearance. If they are so keen why not atleast do the easiest thing and "keep outer appearance" as they say being good at heart is required bay akal purkh.
  6. 11Gurus1jot veer ji NOBODY has the correct number. even Khalra commission (estimated 12-15K)came up with a figure from one area only. have you thought why were they killed? who started those mass killings? why were they done at that particular time? Do you know how many of our veers are still in jails in India e.g. Jaipur jail.i think we need to think logically when we demand Khalistan. This demand has isolated lots of sikhs and their genuine issues.
  7. Sikhs were not killed in THOUSANDS before those years. They got butchered in thousands after these major historic events.who did most damage to the innocent sikhs (not with ak47's)? I hope that you understand that our LEADERSHIP (same point as Balait_da_Sher) took wrong decisions and got us killed in thousands ..... Sikhs got killed in thousands after attacks on Darbar sahib. Indira made a blunder but some mistakes were made from our side as well. general opinion which i have heard and kind of settles down in me as well -----Same kind of people are shouting Khalistan and will save themselves
  8. Let me make this clear- Ek0sikh didn't say this. but this is the general opinion these days except few hardliners who reiterate demand for khalistan. quotes from comman man in punjab- " we started with few issues but now we have more issues because one thing led to the other! both sides are guilty of taking wrong decisions which led to comman man suffering whether he was a farmer or a shopkeeper." "i don't want to open my doors in the middle of the night to someone who claims to be fighting for me and get in trouble" "Divisive thoughts are emerging from outside india only.99% people in pun
  9. Many (moderate or non moderate) are against Khalistan because- 1. the sikh movement was not effectively controlled or led which led to comman man suffering either at the hands of PP or at the hands of "fake" khalistanis. 2. many believe that this all started with some demands e.g. anand karaj act, punjab waters etc but due to poor decisions taken by some leaders we have now more issues at our hands e.g. delhi riots/massacre all over india, large scale disappearances in punjab. for example- Stand off between Bhindrawale and Indira Gandhi @ the holiest Sikh Shrine led to Indira gandhi sho
  10. shortly with an advisory panel. i can't disclose more. I wish to speak out on core SIKH ISSUES. what should I tell them are the core sikh issues? e.g. justice for the victims of 84'riots. I have a long list but wish to get more information. could you please add issues "that you think are the most important" to the list? what do we want from Indian Govt? Ofcourse Khalistan, but...?
  11. I would reiterate - target them young I believe we need to slowly SEEP into their system.How? Prepare youngsters to get into the administration. This will help you to make slow but REAL but REAL CHANGES in the Indian law. Make strong connection with the political parties/people back home who command respect in the society. This will increase your participation in working towards a better society. prepare/influence better candidates for MP MLA and even SGPC elections in your area. always stand up and show solidarity as in Rajoana case. Indirectly or directly pile up legal cases (whether i
  12. my agenda is to make you guys remember KanwarPal singh Gill. In all whats happening people seem to have forgotten about him. he is the main culprit in what happened to lots of youngsters those days. He is ROAMING free. Is that book totally true? I strongly doubt it. those are his opinion but he is quoting lots of those things from actual FIRS by the villagers. Is that book somewhat i.e. 0.001% true? I feel there were people who just couldn't bear the power AK47 gave them and did wrong things OR maybe state sponsored people who were mistakenly thought to be heros of the movement had a differe
  13. have you read this? i just did. http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/publication/nightsoffalsehood/falsehood4.htm WHERE IS KPS GILL THESE DAYS? ............................................................................................................................................................................. FROM THE BOOK? The hypocrisy and cynicism of those who were trying to impose ‘Panthic codes’ on the Sikh masses on the threat of death can be judged by the example of some of their most important leaders. The Babbar Khalsa projected itself as the most severe, intensely disciplined, i
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