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  1. The reason i think is because u want to feel the love and get it again. U want peace in u. This givs it mor than anything. Even ppl in the west R lookin to us to hellp them fine the peace in simran
  2. we need to b sensibl yes when time to get married we got get kno each other. So datin is one way. Its ok as long as u respect and no jump in bed here ther everywher. Or in back of cars . For the above topic 2 women go for sense o humor body height eyes voice successful money confidence conversation caringness looks are in ther but these r mor priority for them. Wo u say ladies right?
  3. This is so interestin to me. I used to h8 'pakis' but they wer just the victims of the mongols . We shud feel sorry for them as they wer forced into slaveryo
  4. Did the alu u ate not liv n hav a soul. Mabe it even dreamed of bein a big alu n bein in a walkers ad or somink etc etc
  5. This days work has got wise to religus ppls. Even M&S wil move u off the beef counter if u sikh definitely move u on tuesdays;)
  6. Grow sum n tell her. If u cant then instead write it in a letter n post it in her letter box then run quickly so no 1 see u
  7. Thinkin that not eating meat will make u a good sikh is bipran ki reet so u might as well do all other things like the brumin also too . You think this aint a hindu forum but i seen too many posts 4m ppl that r mor hindu mat than sikh!
  8. try not to eat on tuesdays thats the main day ,
  9. innergear

    Daari Care

    Dabur amla oil all over.
  10. innergear

    Need Suggestion

    2 many couples are not talking to each other ?. Y can they not tell them each other feelin?
  11. Send him this shabbad nanak dukhia sabh sansar....
  12. I reelly like setting things on fire an every yr we get to burn things and go gurdwarras sahib 2. It makes the kids faces smile 2 they like lightin up an havin nice time of it
  13. I done some sparklers. that must b ok. I do feel bit old 2do sparkllerrs but they so fun an u can rite ur name in sky
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