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  1. The reason i think is because u want to feel the love and get it again. U want peace in u. This givs it mor than anything. Even ppl in the west R lookin to us to hellp them fine the peace in simran
  2. we need to b sensibl yes when time to get married we got get kno each other. So datin is one way. Its ok as long as u respect and no jump in bed here ther everywher. Or in back of cars . For the above topic 2 women go for sense o humor body height eyes voice successful money confidence conversation caringness looks are in ther but these r mor priority for them. Wo u say ladies right?
  3. This is so interestin to me. I used to h8 'pakis' but they wer just the victims of the mongols . We shud feel sorry for them as they wer forced into slaveryo
  4. Did the alu u ate not liv n hav a soul. Mabe it even dreamed of bein a big alu n bein in a walkers ad or somink etc etc
  5. This days work has got wise to religus ppls. Even M&S wil move u off the beef counter if u sikh definitely move u on tuesdays;)
  6. Grow sum n tell her. If u cant then instead write it in a letter n post it in her letter box then run quickly so no 1 see u
  7. Thinkin that not eating meat will make u a good sikh is bipran ki reet so u might as well do all other things like the brumin also too . You think this aint a hindu forum but i seen too many posts 4m ppl that r mor hindu mat than sikh!
  8. try not to eat on tuesdays thats the main day ,
  9. 2 many couples are not talking to each other ?. Y can they not tell them each other feelin?
  10. Send him this shabbad nanak dukhia sabh sansar....
  11. I reelly like setting things on fire an every yr we get to burn things and go gurdwarras sahib 2. It makes the kids faces smile 2 they like lightin up an havin nice time of it
  12. I done some sparklers. that must b ok. I do feel bit old 2do sparkllerrs but they so fun an u can rite ur name in sky
  13. The most of guru ghas dont want us fanatics in doin classes. They want the most of wishywash types. With no jatibandiz. Get that rite n u can do wo want.
  14. sikh media can be bort like any other media. N that wo happenin here
  15. I hav not read any ingredients since 2008. Ignorance =blisss
  16. If guru ji dont want us 2drink alcohol then wud it not be in the 4bajjar kurehat? The line of gurbani can be seen in other ways 2. Like life or this world is the illusion that we drink and lose our mind in!
  17. My postman is well fit. Wo shud i do ?
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