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  1. Cnt jus blame ur sistrs . Grps thy do ths by phonn d girl all time 2b in thr hed. Dn is all ovr .
  2. Innt joon theery guru ji way o sayin dat we all gonn turn in2 atoms .n dem atoms .n gonn turn 2sum anmal monky o flowr o flour o etc etc?
  3. It says sumwher dat halal koshr used 2b bannd 2. Den govt changd it . Dat y in 90's the no. O halal shop went bigr
  4. Bro 4m nova mo u r THE 1 to b strong i cm feel u luv in thes words. . . If u be + den turn uz + 2 . Piz n luv
  5. Ther was tv prog las ni on 4 food hospital. Woman fix prob wit an ommlett diet. Is on demand
  6. I wish too i was yo sun Babaji n u 2n cn giv me good englis lesson
  7. If it was a choice between not getting married and not living grihast jivan to make next generation of sikhs and living a life of solitude i would say to my sisters do what needs to b done. You shud tell the fanatic men to live a day in your shoes b4 writing another word . Some might thing this is a corrupt view some may block this comment but unless we discuss issues openly we will bury topics under the carpet along with the future of sikhs Cancer is 2 2 2 2 a growth that his surplus it is not natural like that cond. Tha make women have beard. Jux go 2 docto n get them fixe
  8. Mmm well i thinks now ther is now mor camps ten eva but the ones we ar havin r much mor not as exciting as b4. I went 2 one n ther was great lectures good football etc etc
  9. This is 2 slaps in the face o them doing the gatla. Ye it iz a strategy to the max.!
  10. Change your friens on time . . . Listen 2e dharmic Geet. U r shakin
  11. Wha u min i can understand this v well
  12. We muz right away right to the ofcom . This is not right. Right?
  13. Basicly the when is on time but the god is not in time . Timeless . Etc etc etc
  14. Right to ofcon n get them shut down. This is chaos !
  15. All u said sayin is time on there but the god is created time so without time and timeless so without time we do not much. . . Etc etc
  16. Yeh so wan u go to all night kirtan n they r shakin ther heds on waheguru . . . Wagu . . . Wagu tha is not sehaj n is it not much in line with teachlins? Please tell u thoughts?
  17. I vote 4u but no repeat yoself u sound weird . Happy2 offs career adbice 2ma brors
  18. I luvved the 847 harmandar live thing it was great n sonia is great 2 much. If u can do bettr u cd try?
  19. The brothere shd pay the fine to save the 840 . It is tru they set him up by letti him say stupid things on air that hv him in troubl now it was plannd probly. :-). But he was jus as stupid to not c wt they done on him. Pay up now an save the borin remaini shows on 840 !
  20. I went all time on forums an 4 mind this is strange way to advertise beard!
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