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  1. Lack of kesDari actors or shortej of stik on beards is 2blame.
  2. Most of the dicsriminaction U wil get s from sikhs lol. Sad but tru. But seriously good luck on that . The pug is the crown on the hed. Kp representin
  3. Seen the opp problem . My cousin' thinkin o gettin married n he dont no which person 2 choose. The rich girl with a past. The fun good lookin one he loves . The family religous one. The one his parents want but he not attract to. He in love with one Only. What wud u do?
  4. Good at least we can get rid of the thikk sikhs 4m the panth . The thikest sikhz i met convertd. Is great as all they do is bring thei stupidmess 2the new religom! It is will make our panth stronga n stronga. And the othr religion full of dums
  5. There nothing rong with meat . Meat wars once served in langar . We arent brahims!
  6. Thanks for the biggn up sikh men Marry who you like. In a gurdwarras only 2sikhs can get married. You can become a sikh 2. It is welcome
  7. Prey for yorself to hav the strength to get out ther n find someone. Pray 4 someone to fall out of the sky dont always work good
  8. Its like generalisin on them. Yes. but Part o me duz want to help the bacharas. This wud b a good seva!
  9. Also its sad but they R seen by other muslims like the bottom of them all ar they no pure blood like saudis. So sad. Then u got the cousin married thing... Sick
  10. Most pakistanis feel inferior to every1 else. They are from a poor country. They usually lose cricket! The education of that community is less than most others. Historickly they r the ones that got scared an converted insted o stayin hindu.
  11. We cant blame parents all the time. These are predator ppl that will target you n come for u.
  12. The creation we see is the sign of god
  13. Sangat we keep effect us so much. Just make sure we tell all hav sangat of guru ji's
  14. Be tru to yourself and you will invite the person similar to u and yor beliefs into yor life. They will smell yor reality and see you for you
  15. Fear is the thing we learn. We hav 2unlearn it to be not in fear
  16. Fear is the thing we learn. We hav 2unlearn it to be not in fear
  17. I like dreams. I used to hav one all the time wher i war runnin but couldn get very far . It war weird like running and slippin. I think it war cos i felt trappsed and couldn get away from tings. Your 1 sounds like you feel u not too in control of your life. U nd 2take aback control. And steer yorself to yor goals
  18. Yeas tru. The bradford vale do like their meat halal ! Ther are pubs next to gurdwarras so R they to be sorted out too. Wher draw a line? Is ther like a safe distance ? Lol
  19. i used to think that it war not good to do homosex but. Now i think it is ok. I think i have been got to by media and the govt rules. It is mor mor accepted. So we end ups acceptin and acceptin mor mor? Does anyone else feel this happened and now its ok. And also i met gay singh and he was cool.
  20. thats great news . Anything is better than what sangat tv put on. Does anyone watch that channel anyhow?
  21. If it is not doin halal meat products then it shud be ok ... On top of this if they not cooking it shud be ok
  22. Yes but ther should like be a day that they can ask . Like only on tuesdays. . . This wil make the spirit strong and the mind .
  23. Are there any limits in a marriage. Please tell me as i thort you can do all in the marriage?
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