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  1. .g100.% Brutha it is happenying and it is the jathas changin it to suit their agenda. Too many bad vids on u tube with own agenda messing translatin. Mostly the meat ones. They'll c wo happen to them 4changin guru words!
  2. Lol loft or rite leg? Does it depend if i guess north or south of the equator!
  3. I cant find anythin on the bad effects of wearing nail polish . I guess ther aint any except those crafted by a few !! Equall to man dont mean look like man Bruv. Equality swings both ways y dont u try lookil lyk a womano an do yo nails? Lol
  4. The sangat tv one makes chardi kalaa sikhz look all grey an borin:( . Anyways if they get the money off the akj the channels wil do it. ther wer sum differences lyk panth time was in the middle
  5. We are having our bathroom redun so wich way is bad 4a toilet? Wo happens to u if u use it in wrong direction? Does it apply if u use it standin up?
  6. By wot sensus did u 99% our sistas? How bad of u . How ? Why ?
  7. Sounds lyk u been mis led ji. Hav u thoght about practisin sikhi now ? ? Lyk comin out yor house n doin good in the world . Wo u doin is the life of ascetic has not 2do wit sikhs !! I not suprised u bored at home !
  8. It depens lu what part of india? And mor impotently wo food is it tasty ?
  9. You must also control ur emotions like control on lust . Use the energy wasted crying to help another. Helping ppl is emotional 2 so dont cry about it
  10. caste or varan ? Varan is what the brohmins made to make themselv the best. Caste discriminate might be made illegal in the uk. But what is it? Is it a mans surname. Is it the way he she look. Or How dark they R?
  11. Suitcase ! You can bring in gifts up to value of 500$ wrap it in gift wrap to make sure !
  12. If ther 1 ting i respec dunda 4 its his stand on sants on . Most Sants luv making money off sangat. Its a grate earner. . . If U want lots o money power buildins be a sant. . . .
  13. When we get all excited about this we giv mor attentio best thing to ignor it and no 1 wil be seeing it !
  14. Yeh but the AP is makin good money for the gurdwara . So they allow gurmat . did u raise it wit the committee? They prob say go away to U so they can kp the cash rollin in
  15. I'd feel wrong rubbin my mouse hand on bani. Especially sum o the places these hands hav bin. . I'd frame that pic an put it on the wall. Its so nice . Hav u rite to them and complain. . . Or not?
  16. Each time i rd the gur sikh ritings on here i get rich. The day pass nice 2. I am failin my exams bt mor imp the sole is rich up !!
  17. If by listenin to the kirtan you no can still yor body How R u goin 2still yor mind. This hed bangin in guru ghar is bad. Sikh police nd 2 come down n sort !
  18. How is rubbin yor hairs beaby? Sounds weerd. My clothes rub on me shall i gt rid of them2 ? Lol
  19. I never said i was a sausage eater. But if it was in langr i wud hav it as the blessed food. On a pija or on its own. Maybe wit sum beans on the side. . Thanks for the bacteria info i nd that for biology!
  20. u might be metrosexual . It happens it happens it noting to worry about it is modern society and demands. If i find someone i like i talk to them lots and then get feeling for them that is natural. It happens. These days if U play wit yor frend 2much ppl say U R gay. In india bein close to men on men is normal. Its nice cos U R friend not of gay!
  21. Yep if it is bad on his mind he shd move on. Dont let ppl boss U around. u r the king.
  22. I hav trouble with anger from long time. I find that drinkin camonile tea helps. And not lettin things get 2 U. Things get to U if you care 2 much. B Care Free
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