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  1. Have you tried not watching tv and then not using a computuer for a 2 days and then you will see yor confidence will increase
  2. Like if she sed oi bobble head than this will be bad but top knot is what it is and will be a knot on the top is it not
  3. I thort it is called a topnot. is it someting else in engreji ? Sounds like she says what she saw. What is rong in that then thanks
  4. The purpose of it is to be Eaten. It exists to be eaten. This is its purpose in life .
  5. It sounds like you know the answer yorselves. Your friend is keeping you hanging like a dog on leash!
  6. I putt this down on poor math . U should tell her of math class in local Area . Maybe teach her some more you can !
  7. Sanj why you not bury yor head some more so you can pretend it is not happening ?
  8. Why is woman not allowed in the sanchiyar ? Isnnt this again against the tenemts . Are you a real sikh ?
  9. Sikhs / punjabis are killin themselvs with drink . That should be anough for us to not be doing it suprise
  10. Read guru granth ji which tells up ppl have eaten meat since time began. I cant paste the quote as I am on a cheap phone an lo credit
  11. Fair enough but How do we control ppl printin all guru granth off the internet. We are also being bad at looking after guru in the gurudwarar
  12. Yes we need to answer the question good. With the knowledge of kings
  13. like and everything i have been on english corse and fixed good etc etc
  14. If mp s can say no to euro 2012 because of standin for human rites then y not here cam they ?
  15. innergear


    Ther no such thing as face Kes. Kes is on yo hed. Kes is guru's nishani. . . . on yo Face is vaal. Kes It is in maryada . Hop this help U gud
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