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  1. Could any one from AKJ or BABBAR UK please clarify if AKJ Coventry branch have merged in to TARMALA group ( sewa singh tarmala ) who claims to be brahm giani himself and issues brahm giani certificates. AKJ Coventry was the main base of AKJ uk.
  2. As Ekpanth has mentioned its there in black and white. the gravesend giani beating incedent i believe took place on the 4th june 2011 and the videos i believe where made public on the 20th july 2011. In the video the giani is clearly stating that when some committe members smelt the breath of the giani that got beaten up they could not smell any alcohol, so between 4th june & 20th july 2011 there was no proof. The proof only came out when these videos were made public. In video part 2 at around 4:15 mark , it is clearly visible that the person who made this video and asking all the questio
  3. what kind of proof is that "ask anyone in gravesend" what a fool this person is. having spoken to sewa singh about this, he is totally against the giani's and there misdeeds. The information on this forum about sewa singh is misleading and an indirect attack on the AKJ UK. He has stood for many like issues in the past and the sangat is aware of that. I keep on hearing that sewa singh is not supporting the singhs, WHAT singhs . one of them is a mona guy that beat the giani up, they have a history of all sorts of wrong doings. These so called singhs are NOT following the panthic maryada, they ar
  4. [sangat Ji Whoever wrote this topic seems to have his/her wires crossed as this topic is referring to a Granthi who was viciously beaten up in Gravesend Gurdwara by I can only assume thugs with allegations of the granthi having had alcohol. This was never proven and in fact he was found to NOT have been intoxicated when treated for his injuries at the hospital. The people who beat this defenceless man also STOLE the CCTV footage from the Gurdwara to hide their crimes for which they are being charged for (this has been confirmed by Gravesend Gurdwara Committee members). This new incide
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