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  1. grass is always greener. Ask the apnay in italy/spain, how easy is it to find employment.I dont see many uk apnays moving to spain/italy but the road other way is congested.As a rule white/black will never befriend asians unless there is a matlab
  2. lack of strenuous exercise, how many feable sikh farmers do you get.Its not the vegatarian diet, most body builders supplement their protein intake by whey powder, not meat supplements.
  3. A book that approves of slavery , rape , genocide , land grab and worst of all killing babies.psalm 137/9. Smash the heads of your enemies's babies against a rock.What a wonderful book.And you asking , where to put this book
  4. why the hate towards Deep Sidhu, because he rised the nishan sahib, on red fort ,on india republic day.The same sikh flag , the sikhs fought the british with. Today its a crime to fly the sikh flag.Deep Sidhu has not killed any one, the farmers protest has not been derailed.The red fort incident gave the protest international media coverage, taken it to a new level.The motorway picnic was going nowhere.Deep Sidhu and Lakha Sidhana are a god send for sikhi and punjab issues And are willing to put their life and freedom on the line.If better sikhs are willing to come forward the position is you
  5. sikhs should upload basics of sikhi videos for backup.Indian intelligence involvement?, so many young sikh activists have died early. very suspicious.too much of a coincidence to be true.Facebook is in bed with the modi government.Facebook owns 10% of Reliance
  6. Sikhs have been complacent to allow ex sikhs, people explicitly stating they do not believe or follow the faith, in the quota for jobs in the media, especially BBC.How are we going to get our issues on the agenda, if we we dont have no sikhs in the game.I have been lobbying the BBC ,about this lack of representation.Asian network has no sikh presenters in any form, forget a turban wearing sikh.All the presenters are ex sikhs, jumping on the bandwagon to get the job s, later stating they are atheist. Wake up sikhs, 10000 sikhs pay for a tv licence, we want represntation .The sikh media should
  7. facebook locked all sikh# accounts march2020, called it an administrative error.Why are sikhs not protesting outside facebook premises
  8. Rodney king got beat up by the police, The rioters killed 50 koreans in LA.Asians east and west get more <banned word filter activated>.But who gets the sympathy card.More criminals are killed by the police than non criminals.Sikhs have had a lot of trouble from black thugs white thugs and islamic thugs.Middle class sikhs think life is one sociology dream in multi ethnic areas.I would love to live in a white racist middle class area than a multi ethnic area.Life would be a dream
  9. Asians get more racism , more violent attacks less employment opportunities.Asians are less likely to be friended by europeans than black people.How many asian pundits are there for cricket.What is the cricket player/pundit ratio.Does an Asian history month exist.If the majority of violent encounters with police are from black people,then more black people will be hurt by the police.Gujrati people are not violent with police.not many gujrati women have been killed by the police
  10. Read all the commandments of the bible.Not the select 10 commandments, please google , you will be shocked.Educate yourself,the christian missionaries will run a mile like they do from islamic dawah preachers
  11. why dont sikhs highlight the evil passages in the bible towards non christians Stand up to the missionaries, challenge them why the bible has so many evil passages of baby murder rape incest land grab , all sanctioned by the father son and holy spirit.Or are we going to have the approach all religions are lovely as they burn our rome
  12. Numerous phone calls made, text and emails sent to the BBC, why were they not reporting the story of the Sikh boy trapped in a borehole. Every time they pleaded ignorant of the story. To this day there is not a BBC article on the tragedy. If the BBC had given the story coverage maybe an international team could have got involved and saved Fatehveers life. Why are the BBC anti-Sikh?I Even suggested they could change the facts to suit the BBC narrative..That Putin had dug the hole and the child was a Muslim and the lesbian parents were very upset
  13. christ= Krishna. Indians gave the middle east and greeks the Krishna story, Greeks gave a Krishna twist to the Jesus story and passed it back to the middle east. The middle east passed Jesus Krishna epic to the Europeans, the Europeans took the Jesus Krishna story back to India
  14. india has the pre-reformation type of Christianity, which is nasty. It does not tolerate the scriptures of other faiths. The only way to god is through Jesus
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