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  1. lall singh chadda movie is a indian copy of Forrest gump.The forrest gump character is a sikh, in parts role played with full beard and turban, and as a child with a jura.In the original forrest gumps religion was not highlight.As forrest gump has low iq intelligent.Bollywood is using the racist stereotype of sikhs, brave but stupid.What is dangerous is indian forrest gump as a child has a jura.This will lead to sikh children being called lall singh chadda as a insult/mocking/bullying.How many will cut their hair as a result of the bullying.Indian Raw /bollywood using tactics of CIA/bollywood to demonise a community
  2. sikhs should fly the sikh nishan sahib on 15th august
  3. psalm 137, verse 9 jesus the trinity god, ordered his followers to smash the heads of babies against rocks.jesus loves? Read evil bible backed with references.How christianity is not the loving religion taught at school.Remember old testament is fundamental to christianity
  4. indian intelligence have information who killed malik, but did not share this with the canadian police before Ripudaman maliks murder.why not, or is it a smoke screen
  5. if mughuls were not ruling india, brahamical rulers would have killed sikhism in its infancy.Sikh gurus would have not been allowed to criticise any sanatan dharmic practices and rituals.How many sikh media people have been killed, all abit of a coincidence
  6. Did some one say japanese culture was honorable, only killed 10 million civilians during world war2
  7. so many prominent sikhs are being killed by bullet accident or disease.Western intelligence are turning ablind eye to indian agencies. As Nato needs indian on board during the geopolitic war with Russia
  8. never heard so much nonesense. punjabi are self centered?, where does seva, langar come from.Majority of amritdaris in their 70s had elvis and beatles haircuts , when they came to the uk.Check their old photographs.Most of the gurdwaras seva people and doners are punjab born.Uk born sikhs use big words, make alot of noise, but rarely put their hands in their pockets
  9. is india using mossad style tactics to assasinate sikh activists around the world
  10. new wave of sikh migrants are are living in your old areas in terrace houses. you have a duty to help them, educate them and keep their daughters safe from grooming gangs. pressure the gurdwaras to provide tutors social workers and sexaul abuse specialist. dont let history repeat it self
  11. mohammed loved cows more, he called the biggest chapter in the koran, the cow
  12. if punjabi celebrities dont speak out for punjabi/ sikhi, they are sell outs.When they do like Sonia mann/Deep sidhu, they are not sikh enough
  13. Bjp party activist killed three uk nationals, saeed , shakil dawwod and Mohammed aswat during the gujrats 2002.Priti patel is a big supporter of this hindutva party.
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