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  1. Numerous phone calls made, text and emails sent to the BBC, why were they not reporting the story of the Sikh boy trapped in a borehole. Every time they pleaded ignorant of the story. To this day there is not a BBC article on the tragedy. If the BBC had given the story coverage maybe an international team could have got involved and saved Fatehveers life. Why are the BBC anti-Sikh?I Even suggested they could change the facts to suit the BBC narrative..That Putin had dug the hole and the child was a Muslim and the lesbian parents were very upset
  2. christ= Krishna. Indians gave the middle east and greeks the Krishna story, Greeks gave a Krishna twist to the Jesus story and passed it back to the middle east. The middle east passed Jesus Krishna epic to the Europeans, the Europeans took the Jesus Krishna story back to India
  3. india has the pre-reformation type of Christianity, which is nasty. It does not tolerate the scriptures of other faiths. The only way to god is through Jesus
  4. like the Jewish lobby, preventing any negative reporting, there are many Islamic organisations who protect Islam.I would go further and say arms contracts and Indian secret service manipulation of reporters keeps a regular supply of negative Sikh reports appearing in the media. Eg, daily mail online will always state the Sikh religion of an offender but have never classified anyone as Jewish, protestant or Catholic.And now, Muslims are getting that protection
  5. BBC is supposed to do so many Sikh articles under its licence agenda, A anti-Sikh articles pass as a Sikh article which Sikhs pay 150 quid for the privilege, why don't Sikh challenge the BBC they would not treat Islam this way. this article was the Sikh coverage for the 550 guru Nanak celebrations.
  6. if the British government can offer a muslim arrested in Iran protection of diplomatic immunity, why not give the same protection to juggy, a sikh arrested in india for 2 years and not charged
  7. This is Sikh bashing by the BBC. Substitute Sikh with Muslim, would the BBC printed that. It is common practice for divorced Sikhs to remarry. These type of articles are mainly written by Indian women to get brownie points from their white and Muslim bosses who love bashing Sikh culture. The truth is Sikh women have changed the demographics by marrying out in large numbers. It is the Sikh boys who are finding it difficult to find a partner
  8. living in a Pakistani area, these attacks on other minorities are common. A mob attack can be sparkled off by the slightest of things. Even if Nigel had sent a text, does his family warrant being beaten up by ten thugs. The police will do nothing to upset the Pakistani vote bank.
  9. criminal cases not false political imprisonment
  10. with healthy living, exercise and hard work , i predict you a good future
  11. A guy is rotting in a Punjab jail for his Sikh beliefs, a keyboard warrior says he is not Sikh enough because he can not read Singh in his name.
  12. My point was had juggy been white and called Mathew Hedges, there would have been a government and media frenzy, to get him released.
  13. if juggy johal was a white guy, would he be locked up for a year in India without a trial? And would the British establishment, government and media remain silent. White lives matter more
  14. why did you not try to convert her. turn the tables around.
  15. sikhs need to become active in conservative marginals, where 300 votes can change the colour of the parliamentary seat. hit them hard where it hurts
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