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  1. mohammed loved cows more, he called the biggest chapter in the koran, the cow
  2. if punjabi celebrities dont speak out for punjabi/ sikhi, they are sell outs.When they do like Sonia mann/Deep sidhu, they are not sikh enough
  3. Bjp party activist killed three uk nationals, saeed , shakil dawwod and Mohammed aswat during the gujrats 2002.Priti patel is a big supporter of this hindutva party.
  4. Her secret plan is out. MPs hate bad Publicity. Sikhs have a big influence in these marginals, where the majority is less 2000 votes; Leamington and warwick , wolverhampton 2west bromwich seats and birmingham Northfield.Boris has to be told, he can lose these seats if he does not reign in Priti patel with her anti sikh Rhetoric and activities.Sikhs should form a pressure group with kashmiri sympathisers
  5. Mr punjab wolves, watch baba deep singh society video on youtube, where baba ji is trying to rescue a dalit hindu girl kidnapped.But she was raped and killed.He argues for arrest on the behalf of the poor parents.The police are trying to write it off as suicide.Sikhs are still defending the izzat of hindu girls.while they the punjabi wolves type try to protect and defend the rapist.Plus they question motive of the nihangs, who have gone to delhi to provide reassurance and protection for the victims family.Who cares about the motives, they are showing the rapists and the lynch mob, the victim h
  6. if punjab sikhs make demands for punjabi language, better water supply and anti alcohol drugs rape programmes, then punjabi wolves type dont need water, mother tongue is hindi, are pro alcohol/drug abuse and blind to rape
  7. questions need to be asked in parliament, how sikh separatist are effecting the sovereignity of the uk.Or is this a tactical slur to deport sikh activist to India.Is Priti Patel the home secretary of India.
  8. play with words use islam instead of muslim, hindutva instead of hindu.Then the liberals are happy.If an edl member attacked a mosque ,and was killed during the process the liberals would turn a blind eye
  9. How to destroy your musical career, just poo on your fanbase.. How can any sikh join a party that carried out a systematic genocide against their people.Is moosewalia short of money or just brain cells
  10. why do sikhs become apologists for christianity.Christianity missioneries are preaching against sikhism ,fight fire with fire.Christianity is not all loving.old testaments/torah are fundamental to christianity.These books are full of violence and moral depravity.Only justification, it was gods will
  11. jesus is god in christianity, the trinity.So jesus the god made the commands of old testament to kill rape and steal land of the natives
  12. baby killing god is not for me . Psalm 137,verse 9;Blessed shall he be who takes your little ones and dashes them against the rock!.So jesus loves
  13. BBC and british intelligence have done culture bashing for decades for decades, embarasse the next generation to assimilate.Remember the constant anti arrange marriage topics on tv during the 80s and 90s.Bible bashing and anti religious comments.Thankfully they have stopped due the strength of islamic community.But sikh religion is still an target,Nri sikhs helped defeat the farming laws in india preventing western companies controling the indian food chain. So the religions roots have to be cut. Dont think this is a conspiracy theory, read up on the cold war tactics against soviet union
  14. grass is always greener. Ask the apnay in italy/spain, how easy is it to find employment.I dont see many uk apnays moving to spain/italy but the road other way is congested.As a rule white/black will never befriend asians unless there is a matlab
  15. lack of strenuous exercise, how many feable sikh farmers do you get.Its not the vegatarian diet, most body builders supplement their protein intake by whey powder, not meat supplements.
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