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  1. May Waheguru keep you in Chardi Kala. I'm taking leave for a bit too, happy holidays all. If I don't come back after Easter, then let's see, but I need some rest. I'll probably read posts sometimes, but won't be posting or replying, need to do some time management. Thank you ji all for your help, Im very grateful for talking to such good people and the matlabi too on here. Be happy everybody, Waheguru
  2. Potato is coming next probably.
  3. Yep I get what you mean. It’s been commercialized, is that it?
  4. I've not seen this either. Over-sanitised, does this mean cleaner? I guess they're trying to make it more appealing to tourists, which is good, as it should be, but maybe not doing away with the history of it or making it more modern.
  5. Yes they should see her as a person, not which city she studied. It’s 2018, and if people aren’t going to venture out to study and work, then it’s like living in 1980’s, where it was strict and there was more resentment and restrictions, which affects one.
  6. Have you talked to your parents about this ? What do they suggest?
  7. They all have the same colour as Colgate, apart from Dabur.
  8. It’s all about self control and being with the right sangat. If you have friends that don’t drink or do drugs clubs and all that, then you’ll be ok. If your own town does it, then do it at home, then you get the benefits of no bills expenses etc and you may feel safer. London is a busy city and it depends on where you live now. Will you be able to cope with the shift?
  9. Oh I'm sorry, it works for me sometimes.
  10. There’s a few on YouTube. If you view a video of one, then more will show in the suggestions.
  11. Sorry ji, rakhlo fees. Sharam kar, maade bol na bol manu. Sorry keh, main band bajaa book kardi c tere entrance, bhulgeya? meooowww
  12. Sorry ji penji Sitokaur. Back to normal.
  13. Sorry brothers, couldn’t resist that. Hanji Babaji, eh tha ho nai sakda ke twanu bhuljaiye. You still owe me Rs3500 for the nakli kundli you did .
  14. MrDoaba: menu tenu, tenu menu, koi menu nai janda Now I’m going to get a lecture scared for doing the sang.
  15. I don’t know any of you, but I know that this thread is going to carry on like this: MonatoSingh: Tu menu janda a. Singh123456777: Menu nai janda tu, par main tanu janda a. MonatoSingh: Main tanu janda, tu menu janda a. Singh123456777: Evi janda tu menu. MonatoSingh: Janda tha hai. Singh123456777: Main tanu nai janda tu menu nai janda. MonatoSingh: Main tenu prove kar sakda a main tanu janda. Singh123456777: Nai janda menu, main v prove kar sakda. MonatoSingh: Proof main a. Singh12345677: Proof v tu nai, main v prove kar sakda manu nai janda.
  16. I’ve seen that wallpaper somewhere . Only joking
  17. Have you asked your doctor about any side effects of the medication and how it will affect your mood? Also, are you able to work whilst on this medication ?
  18. Are there any courses you can do to get back into work? Like confidence building classes. It’s because your mind has been used to not doing something, so it needs training again. Have you had counselling from your illness? If not, then I suggest you do and ask how to deal with the lack of motivation. Carry on with your Nitnem, and are you also doing Simran?
  19. That’s great paji, I’m trying to find a YouTube video on it, but doesn’t seem to be one. Although they do have a fb Page.
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