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  1. Gurfateh Jee, Thank you for the advice! interesting image you attached Methab Singh! Would be really good if Amrithdari Sikhs in the UK (and everywhere else) could get an official government related card aswell.
  2. Gurfateh Jee, A few UK Singhs are going to Dubai for a week or 2 and was wondering what the law is in Dubai regarding wearing the Kirpaan? Can you wear a 9inch Kirpaan (which is visible)? or does it have to be hidden?
  3. Gurfateh Jee, Brilliant Fight, Commentary & Support!! Akaaaaaluhh!!! Start of brilliance for Dr Demolition!
  4. Gurfateh Jee, A iPad wifi version will work in the UK. If you want wifi and 3G then Verizon iPad will not work in the UK, but a unlocked wifi 3G (AT&T) will work just buy a UK adapter http://www.apple.com/retail/storelist/ If your store is taking reservations, then its recommended you reserve your ipad before you go.
  5. Gurfateh Jee, Good media coverage on the internet aswell! Article on G5 Sikh Media called 'Dastar Removal Issue - Mohali' Recommended Twitter accounts follow: @thesikhtv @sikhchannel @g5sikhmedia @singhlion @kulpreetsingh
  6. Gurfateh Jee. Well done!! Maharaj Kirpa!
  7. Gurfateh Jee, Click here to view this cool article: 2011 Census & the Sikhs http://bit.ly/e1EtyP (ps, has anyone noticed the 'blank' question?)
  8. Dead man in boot of burnt car named as Gagandip Singh Gagandip Singh's body was found in the early hours of Saturday Continue reading the main story Related Stories Man's body found in burnt out car A man found dead in the boot of a burnt out car in south-east London has been identified by police. Gagandip Singh, 21, from Bexleyheath, was discovered at 0200 GMT on Saturday in Angerstein Lane, Blackheath. Detectives have now begun a murder inquiry and a post-mortem examination is due to be car
  9. Gurfateh Jee, its Rootsgear
  10. Gurfateh Jee, If you already have a laptop with a good amount of processor power and hard drive then go for the macbook air, if not then def macbook pro hands down. Reason because, you get more for your money with the macbook pro, more hard drive space, ghz, superdrive, firewire 800, ethernet, glass led screen etc Hope this helps
  11. Gurfateh Jee, I heard that the 'Panth time' at the hall was a wasn't true, that there was a fake text going around. Nothing happened, there was no panth time there. Is this true??
  12. Gurfateh Jee, message from Sikh Media Sevadaar "High quality audio from the beautiful Raag Darbar which took place at Guru Har Rai Gurudwara, West Bromwich have been uploaded! http://g5sikhmedia.co.uk/audio/19-live-recorded-kirtan-katha-a-simran/237-raag-darbar-271110.html "
  13. Gurfateh Jee, This tom anderson (although i think its a sikh posting as a tom anderson) has been emailing alot of people esp non-sikhs about this video he made. Have a look at the vid, what do u guys think? If this is real, it is a real shame and im not suprised (from a non-sikh point of view), they were shocked. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cTSPrawXA0
  14. Very good on getting another Sikh channel up and running but 1 question, is it right that the guy behind sikh tv was also the manager at sikh channel? gursevak singh (who was in charge of production, tv shows etc)? I have noticed the same aswell, very similar to sikh channel, even when i see you at events with your stall. but anyway, Maharaj kirpa naal this will be a success
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