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  1. Bump! Waterloo Camp.......Can't WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Auguniaar, Instead of criticizing on this board, you should instead contact the various Sevadaars where you have seen this and talk to them personally. There's no point in doing nindiya on here. Come to Keertans, listen to Gurbani, take it in, don't look at who's doing keertan or which 'jatha' mostly comes, but if it really does affect your Sikhi in some way, then talk to the Sevadaars about this.
  3. If we have Singhs/Kaurs that can read Larivaar and will be there at the beginning AND the end then yes!
  4. It really is fun, but ya...veryyy confusing... i guess there is a certain way to start off with it, i jus start off with the 1's...and ummm randomly put them anywhere :$ (but obviously...by following the rules...i.e. no same numbers in horizontal/vertical rows and in the 3x3 squares) then wen i do that...i see which other number can fill all the squares....then i end up confusing myself and give up!
  5. Hehe, my parents did the same thing sorta. We got the letters "A" and "M" I guess they wanted us to have similar names, so I'm Manpreet and she's Mandeep!! :s (I couldve been an Amanpreet )
  6. Yes you guys should!! I'm finished my exams for this month! <_<
  7. Thanks you two for replying <_< !! and Babbar_Shere, if i had more time i would have gotten you to write it too! lol thanks again!
  8. hehe, amazing! I remember seeing him taking pictures, i wonder if the other pictures he took are up anywhere
  9. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ki Fatehhh! Hey guys, I'm taking a Sikhism history course at my university and I have one essay left (was an amazing course, loved it!!) Anyway, we have to pick one essay question/topic out of the four and I really like this essay question/topic. The discipline of Nam Simran is an important concept in Sikh doctrine. Is coming into accord with the Nam a way to achieve liberation? Does anyone know of any good websites or articles that can help me with this topic? Or any shabad tukhs that I can use in my essay <_< Thanks!!
  10. Just had to say....this sakhi reminded me of Bhai Sukha Singh Ji's katha at the waterlooykd :lol:
  11. The Samagam was AMAZING!!!! Keertan, Katha, everything.. Love the Pictures and Recordings!! CAN'T wait til the next keertan :lol:
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