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  1. I used to share your views. But then I saw first hand what these guys do and met them personally to address these issues. And i can say these guys are doing frickin brilliant seva. I used to think they just a bunch of kids out to cause trouble. But these guys are what organisations like BOSS have failed to be and I hope they continue to flourish around educational institutions in particular around the UK and beyond. Oh and BSSF, you need to create much more professional looking posters man. Looks like u get someone from India to do them! Sort out your branding. Just a suggestion.
  2. Sikh Federation needs to do more to get the word out that these conferences are more than just about raising money especially amongst the elder community. People wanna see variation as well. Not just the same old people, same old speeches, same old imagery, same old set up as every single other year. I think all your focus seems to be on targetting the youth which is fine. But I tell you, biggest influence - directly or indirectly - for a lot of youth, are their parents. Just a suggestion. Oh and get off Sikh Channel as well coz its getting way too boring. A lot of youth around here - me in
  3. Hmmm I personally have a lot of respect for Swami Parmanand Ji who is in the video - not in a "let me bow to u and kiss ure feet" kinda way, but he has done katha at various asthaans and is revered by people like Gianni Thakur Singh and Harkowale Sant. But it p*sses me off seeing that Singh full on matha tekking to that **** and getting involved in such blatent manmatt activities. Time for me to go buy some new juthiyaa anyway...
  4. Yeah the question is : is any of the staff at Sikh Channel actually Sikh?! In addition, DS Bal also allows his staff and interns to have booze sessions and stuff at the same Sikh Channel studio where they do paath every day, and baniyaa are brought in to recite Sukhmani Sahib paath etc. Not only that, but he has said to Singhs in the past that it's ok to "do stuff" with the interns, but not with any of the guests! Anyway, yeah, people are all finally waking up as to what Sikh Channel is about and anyone who hasn't woke up will get a very rude awakening when Sikh Channel shuts down and runs
  5. I did hear something a couple of weeks ago that he was here for a VERY brief visit.
  6. I was having a discussion with someone and a thought came to my head. Is it good to be in a place where there are many like-minded Sikhs or not? I know the obvious answer is yes, but I then thought hold on... there was a time where Guru Nanak Dev Jee encouraged people who have lots of good to offer others to go far and wide and spread their teachings and love to inspire others. I feel a lot of Sikhs try n stick to their own. Jathas stick to their own. local sangat stick to their own. But shouldnt we go to places where there arent many Sikhs and do parchaar and live life out there to encourage
  7. Audio corresponds with the video. Nothing in the video sounds doctored. Simple things like a tap on the table or sliding of papers etc is spot on. The timing of when he speaks and stops is flawless. The clarity of the sound when he moves his head away from camera is also spot on. Cant spot anything thats flawed to be honest. I think people on here find it SO hard to believe that this has been said and that by a "raagi" as well, that we need more proof. But i think the video proof is there. It can probably be proven more by getting the original video from the persons phone. I think Edmonton
  8. Admin Note: You don't need to bash an entire jathebandi because you know something about one person who might be a part of it. Also, we cannot allow names on a public forum unless you back up your allegations with evidence. You are expected to start a new thread on this only if you have authentic evidence that can be posted online, or if you are ready to come out openly in public to testify with proper proof against the person in question. Not a very brave thing to use sweet names online and throw allegations unless you are willing to come forward and speak out for real with your genuine ident
  9. Apparently, the Southampton Gurdwara cancelled Panth Paneeri recording for some unknown reason...
  10. Ps. those who said Sikh Channel guy Davinder Bal never owned an adult channel, it was very borderline. Called Red TV. Heres a sample : To conclude, as said before, MANY Sikh brothers and sisters have been into Sikh Channel a number of times to raise their concerns and help out, but were kicked out or treated badly by the owner of the channel. He has a few mental issues he needs to work on but he won't - and thats what is failing the channel. Nowadays, only 3-4 Sikhs work at the Sikh Channel - the rest are non-Sikhs. At least Sikh TV look like they are employing Sikhs first and foremost and
  11. They were told. Sikh Channel were approached and they said it wasn't their responsibility actually. They were also approached after the divaan but no response hence why the post on this forum - seems Sikh Channel only respond when they are publicly shamed. Then its a case of "panic panic, damage control". And you disgust me by sticking by these Sikh Channel "goriaa"... these are the ones who were asking for directions to central london after Parkash 2010 program on the Saturday night. It's been over a year yet Sikh Channel can't even get the basic dress code right?! Its people like you mak
  12. Sikh Channel will find it difficult taking a stance on this issue. Bal will not want to lose the support of a rich Bhatra community...
  13. Press Stop Can I just get this straight for a second, Southampton Gurdwara are serving meat blatently in Gurus langar and organisations such as Sikh Federation etc have not taken this up? Are there any media organisations that have taken this up? I can help get the word out if there is anyone already working on this case...?
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