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  1. Satnaam Sri Vaheguru Akhan vich paani aagya vaheguru. Dhan Guru Arjan Dev Ji
  2. Just throw them in the washer on quick wash, cold and minimum detergent and tumble dry on low. Do it just one at a time if you're worried about them tangling
  3. Modernity sucks bro, how are we ever going to recreate Singhs of such high calibre? Think it's an impossible task to recreate the scenario that made Singhs in that specific context of that time, but what would the modern translation and equivalent be?
  4. Poor nutrition diet. You can be physically fit being vegetarian, but it takes a lot more discipline so you don't get fat (even when lifting). Most vegetarians eat super unhealthy food and don't exercise so it's a bad combination. I make all my food usually (not for bibek reasons), but because it's easier to be healthy and vegetarian that way.
  5. Yeah you have to pick them up and clean them. I haven't done it personally but from what my friends tell me it's not too hard at all. Just one weekend day in the garage and you're good for some time! Pretty therapeutic I would guess lol
  6. Yes brass can be recommissioned for a certain amount of uses and then recycled. Overall just much cheaper while doing the labor on your own. I personally don't but my uncle does as he's really invested a lot.
  7. For all practical purposes it's not expensive at all. Pistol ammo can be very affordable if you buy a 9mm which is plenty. For rifles, it depends on what you're using. There's surplus ammo that you can find good deals on, but if you're really serious then you can take the initial plunge and buy setup where you can reload your own bullets. Will end up being cheaper in long term and you can customize the weight and everything. I sincerely think the most important thing to learn is a pistol > rifle > shotgun in that order. If I were to only own one firearm, it'd be a pistol for self defense purposes. Go read some Dasam Bani or even Bhai Vir Singh's books that has a table about how vast majority of castes mentioned in Bhai Gurdas Ji Diyaan Vaaran are khatri. Mentioning caste and trends doesn't equate casteism. To understand and deconstruct things you have to first talk about it. Just because an individual puts on earplugs and gouges their own eyes out, it doesn't change reality. Not talking about something will only supress things and make it worse.
  8. All the Singhs I know are strapped bro. Regularly go to the range and all that. It's the Khatri dominated Sikh Coalition that has pretty much spewed this victim mentality that we're a bunch of bullied individuals so please feel sorry for us. Their politics manifest that way too because they care mostly about their kids not cutting their hair and thus will go to extremes to ensure that doesn't happen. Jatts have arguably more negatives with trends imo, but in this specific case I do think Sikh Coalition has done a lot of harm.
  9. Good on them for standing up, BUT they should be smarter than to post some of the things you can't really blame the police for doing stuff like this when a lot of people are posting things completely non-anonymously. Keep things gupt.
  10. They're not Buddhists or Hindus in any meaningful sense of the definition. It's just a hip way of poorly appropriating an aesthetic to seem "hella spiritual". Main weakpoints of Hinduism and Buddhism that Sikhi doesn't have is the conscious formalization of SIkhi as a religious Panth. That's why they are falling apart in the diaspora. The problem with Sikhs right now is losing our numbers due to accelerated modernization with an already stunted Sikh population. The big religions are already huge, but they can "afford" to lose the masses that they are. If we lose what we have, it will be tough to recover in the future due to the trend of getting absorbed into westernism.
  11. Clearly wasn't goreh, but it's interesting they're still calling it racially motivated. Something's off here. https://www.west-midlands.police.uk/news/7027/cctv-images-released-smethwick-graffiti-investigation
  12. You guys are severely disconnected from news if you don't know who did this and should likely start sincerely trying to figure out politics in the UK, especially if you're in the UK and still don't know who did this. We shouldn't be trying so hard to be patriotic in the west, but simply honor the Sikhs for being Sikhs. The extreme is to call every Sikh who served in WW1/WW2 as an evil blah blah of Empire which imo is bs. The same Faujis who served utilized their expertise to combat against a Muslim larger opponent when partition rolled around. Some things aren't black and white, but I do agree we shouldn't try hard to be patriotic, especially since the UK always back stabs Sikhs and yet kisses up to Mussulleh
  13. So instead of getting competent people in Sikh Saroop, get people not in Sikh Saroop who don't follow the Hukam of Maharaj to run things? LOOL What makes you think the corrupt pagh wale will allow moneh to do something if the corrupt pagh wale won't let the competent pagh wale do something?
  14. It's natural that we will have people who are not kesh-dhari, but if we look at the political climate of the 1980s - it was a religious movement and not a socio-political one which is why people started to give up drinking, returned to work and started to take Khande Di Pahul en-masse. Sant Ji knew the way to reverse the currents of time and effects of modernity, Guru Sahib's vision of a Khalsa society must be created. Every mona shaheed Singh all respected kesh and eventually would have kept it, as many Singhs did. I definitely don't condone non-keshadhari hate, nor do I condone saying non-keshadharis are not Sikhs. My point, which I forgot to iterate is that I believe the normalization of non-keshdhari identity shouldn't be promoted. The promoting of non-keshdhari individuals in Sikh seats of power is a de-facto condonation of normalizing non-keshdhari identity which is antithesis to Guru Gobind Singh's hukam.
  15. Unfortunately many Kathavachiks may have missold some aspects of our history. Dhadi vaaran are usually more historically accurate because they require the dhadis to actually read some sort of history. Have heard some outlandish things in katha that are antithesis to many old Sikh Granths in terms of history, but many people still prescribe to such individual(s). In a way, I guess, the most stringent of testing could be willingness to give up their life to Guru. Seems simple, but when you think about it, it definitely is very stringent. Of course there were some more non-politically correct means of vetting some converts as well, but that's a tangent. Same way a person could be Gyaani Dhiaani with a lot of knowledge, but might not be able to control their Mann/Mind and focus on Naam for their entire life whereas an uneducated mute may be blessed with Kirpa of Naam instantly. All is about kirpa, but commonality is bare minimum Rahit.
  16. A person who has taken Khande Di Pahul under Guru Gobind Singh was simply required to pledge his allegiance to the Khalsa Army to fight against Adharm. They simply gave their pind name and identifying things just so they wouldn't dessert. The making of a Giani takes a lifetime and like Gurbani says, "Virle keyi ke" only the virla individual will be able to commit to such a Path. Guru Sahib made being Khalsa in of itself a Dharm and with kirpa and Rehit, maybe one day, the mind will be steady enough to benefit off Naam. The expectations were always realistic and reasonable, not everyone had to be a Gyani dhiaani banda to lead the Khalsa nor is that indicative of character and their sacrifice for the Kaum.
  17. Simple answer is no. If you reading history or even read Panth Parkash you'll see that kesh was the bare minimum to be considered a mimic Sikh. A Khalsa was always referred to a true Sikh by all our forefathers in their texts whether it is Gurpartap Suraj Granth or Panth Parkash. The sahajdhari Rahitnama by Guru Gobind Singh allows converts from non-Sikh background to trim their hair, but their kids were required to be Khalsa and initiated. This made a transitionary period for people to fully commit their lineages to the Khalsa and become Sikhs. The puratan hipster gang that is infesting the youth haven't read basic history that talks about Udassis being fringe groups that did have relations with the Khalsa, but they were not seen as Sikhs nor did they have any special favor. The penultimate goal of Guru Gobind Singh Sahib with the Khalsa was to create a Khalsa society that stretched all across the region that stretched well across Punjab and well beyond. The rigidity of religious beliefs was required to push forward the syncretic and Truly Universal Message from Vaheguru of Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Guru Sahib knew this. There's a reason why diaspora Hindus have no unity and why weak religious structured people fall apart and lose the test of time. When I was a mona I still considered myself a Sikh in a sense that I saw my own shortcoming and non-Sikh activity of being a mona despite being born into it. Always wanted to eventually keep kesh and acknowledged my own shortcomings. Even now, after keeping kesh, that doesn't mean I've achieved anything. The common denominator is looking at Sikhi from a lower place as something that despite being flawed, we can acknwoeldge a sort of a standard for. ਨਾ ਸਸਤ੍ਰ ਕੇਸੰ ਨਰੰ ਭੇਡ ਜਾਨੋ | ਗਹੇ ਕਾਨ ਤਾਕੋ ਕਿਤੈ ਲੈ ਸਿਧਾਨੋ |੯੮| ਇਹੈ ਮੋਰ ਆਗਿਆ ਸੁਨੋ ਲੈ ਪਿਆਰੇ | ਬਿਨਾ ਤੇਗ ਕੇਸੰ ਦਿਵੋ ਨ ਦਿਦਾਰੇ | Without weapons and uncut hair, you are but sheep, who can be led anywhere by the ear. 1Guru Gobind Singh orders, without kesh and weapons, don't come before me.
  18. Unpopular opinion but I think most of sangat's hard earned money being sent to Syria and ME is a waste. 100% should go towards Sikh related aid for it to be considered dasvandh imo. Has to be tied to the chardikala of the Panth.
  19. Just wanted to interject and say in my honest opinion I don't think mahandulai paji is trolling or malicious, but I do think he's been infected by the dil saaf bug which is infecting most of our sahajdhari youth today so benti to everyone to just have patience with the guy and try to explain things to him with that in context. Great thing about forums is we can have proper discourse and have faith that the truth will prevail
  20. I supported him up until the attack by Baba Dhumma. Not now, he is too far gone now.
  21. Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji is the best imo. He's spoken so fiercely against Badal and SGPC corruption plus has the reputation to back up the position. Took badla against Narakdhari. He's also not in jail and thus won't be a puppet jathedar.
  22. I can confirm he's posted some very perverted things on his instagram story in posts. Very awkward situation.
  23. 100%. The trend now a days is only doing bhagti without training and keeping the gyaan kharagh sharp to both physically and intellectually destroy such people who abuse people. Really hope some Singhs beat up this guy. What's likely going to happen is he's now kept his kesh, will go to jail and get popular as a keshdhari and when he gets out of jail he'll be a mona again and people won't recognize him. I searched early from March 2017 on SikhSangat and S4ngh made the point that Amere Dhaliwal used his rental property address instead of his main address and used his short name instead of full name. I think we should find every single information on this man and make sure he's made very, very popular so when he gets out (or even now) that he remains very scared.
  24. Completely agree there. I commend SAS Bhai Mohan Singh who takes such a harsh stance even when the perp wears the look of a lion. I just want to be a bit critical here, in case, the small chance that Dhaliwal was actually a convert from Islam. If that were true, then it would change *a lot*. I personally don't think that is the case and I do think he's just a mona from a Sikh family who kept his kesh to take away heat from himself.
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