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  1. @innergear why did i try jio ?? virji i need help in that how to make or to start a new site,so what did i do with try that one jio ??
  2. @singher23 yeah there are many more sites like this .. but we have to make it bcz we need to share a kirtan which we record from the samagam of akj n others althought we just upload all the samagams in youtube n share it on facebook n other socail networking sites but we think now wee need to forword to site where we can share n do this sewa by more good way .. plz someone plz help that how to start it .. @singh559 well for the streaming live programs we need more knowladge n other things.. but yeah we do have a download option if wee make our site .. :)
  3. vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh ji we want start a new website for sharing kirtan .. any sugestion that how we can start it or make it ??
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