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  1. Ok Veerji I knew that I just wanted to know in which context the original poster was writing this sakhi in
  2. Beautiful :waheguru: But I have a really trivial question, were there Singhs in the time of Guru Hargobind Ji Maharaj?
  3. Japji Sahib is written from the rasna of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj and this bani can be found in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj. Jaap Sahib is written from the rasna of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj and can be found in Sri Dasam Granth.
  4. Waheguru :waheguru: :waheguru: :waheguru: :waheguru: :waheguru:
  5. hkaurP

    Help Please

    A Sikh is a learner, someone who believes in the teachings of the Guru's. I know a lot of members may bash on me for saying this, but you can become a Sikh internally. No one has the right to tell you that you aren't a Sikh if you haven't taken Amrit. Your Sikhism is a direct connection between you and Guru Sahib and no one from the Sangat (congregation) can tell you otherwise. Only you know how much you strive to become a true Sikh. Therefore, you have to decide how you want to become a Sikh. Bhai Gurdas Ji writes: "He is true Sikh who surrenders before the Guru and bows his head; Who puts his mind and forehead on the feet of Guru; Who holding dear to his heart the teachings of the Guru expels ego from his self; Who loves the will of Lord and has attained equipoise by becoming Guru-oriented, gurmukh; Who by merging his consciousness in the Word has acted according to the divine Will (hukam). He (the true Sikh) as the result of his love and fear of holy congregation attains his own self (atma). He remains stuck to the lotus feet of the Guru like the black bee. Getting enveloped in this delight he goes on quaffing the nectar. Blessed is the mother of such a person. Only his coming to this world is fruitful." Vaar 3, Pauri 20 God Bless, Brother Bhul Chuk Maaf
  6. Just because soo many people look up to Sant Ji doesn't mean that we consider Sant Ji our prophet. We also look up to Baba Deep Singh Ji right? And we also look up to soo many mahan shaheeds as Bhai Taru Singh Ji... But no one accuses us of considering them our 11th Guru. Then why are we accused of considering Sant Ji our 11th Guru? Its all politics to malign Sant Ji's name. so gurmuiK nwmu jipAw vfBwgI iqn inMdk dust siB pYrI pwey ] so guramukh naam japiaa vaddabhaagee thin ni(n)dhak dhusatt sabh pairee paaeae || Very fortunate and blessed is that Gurmukh who chants the Naam; it shall bring all slanderers and wicked enemies to fall at his feet. Ang 89 iqau sMq jnw kI nr inMdw krih hir rwKY pYj jn kyrI ]3] thio sa(n)th janaa kee nar ni(n)dhaa karehi har raakhai paij jan kaeree ||3|| In just the same way, when someone slanders the Saint, the Lord preserves the honor of His servant. ||3|| Ang 168
  7. Waheguroo Waheguroo!!! Sant Ji was a great Gursikh who not only attracted youth in 84, but even now. Youth look up to Sant Ji years after 84. Now that speaks for itself on Sant Ji's character. :waheguru: :waheguru: :waheguru: :waheguru:
  8. They just totally contradicted themselves. Even if Sikhs aren't facing persecution then what is the soo called Indian Government doing against farmer suicide? Sikhs are coming here for better economic opportunities, then who's fault is it? Sikhs cannot enjoy the right every human has. Their economy sucks, their government sucks, and their law enforcement sucks, what do you expect from them then? India claims to be the next superpower then why is their economy going down the drain? Why is Punjab full of illegal drugs and illict activities? Its easy to blame the Sikhs who are 'illegal immigrants' but they cannot deny the fact that India is doing nothing for us and thats why we want to come to America.
  9. The only reason it would be wrong is because then the couple do not practice the same religion. It will be hard on their end and their children. How will they raise their children? But then again this all depends on the couple. My great mamaji married a Muslim girl around the partition and he was a great Gursikh and she supported his views. Bakki Bhul Chuk Maaf... I dont know a lot about this but just stating an example I know of.
  10. Veerji I totally understand what your saying. When I was watching the video and listening to the lyrics I didnt find anything wrong with it. The only thing that made me and many other's irritated was the one Bibi who was wearing revealing clothes and dancing. The song in itself is alright because Waheguru isn't just for Sikhs, jaisi karni vaisi bharni, who are we to judge but the video sends a wrong vibe to youth.
  11. Man how I miss the Kharkoo Zamanas where this type of music was DEFINITELY NOT allowed. And yeah this song isn't that bad compared to the one by Tigerstyle. But this guy should have at least had a clean video. The song itself wasn't so bad. But Kaljugi Veerji made a good point, it wouldnt be good if this track was played in Clubs or Parties.
  12. Ask Guru Ji. Take a Hukumnama and see what Guru Sahib tells you to do.
  13. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh... Welcome jeo :D
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