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  1. Daas recently also broke two gursikhs bharosa in her recently and their confidence and when I realised what I had done it was too late In my situation, I myself felt, and still feel extremely guilty and regret it; because when I broke that bharosa I didn't see it as gossip or breaking of confidence, it was just me needing to vent and moan about something I went to see sant baba jaswant Singh jee recently a day after this had happened and they saw that something was bothering me, and asked me what was wrong; and I told them what I had done, hurting another gursikh and he asked me if intentions were bad, if I had talked about that person to malign them or because I genuinely was upset about the situation, which I was and they told me to ask for maaphee, and show pyaar to that person even if that person couldn't to me.' They told me to be careful in future in what I say and they also said that I shouldn't punish myself like I was and that I needed to get over it but so did the other person-because gursikhs are meant to be forgiving and and loving/compassionate Chances are that this is probably affecting that persons jeevan because they feel guilty like I did, and baba jee also said to me that I should be verparvah, and if that person is unable to forgive or trust me again then that is the consequence of my deed but also the avgun of that persons inability to forgive and be compassionate
  2. LOL could you make it any more obvious who you are lol

  3. Vahiguroo Jee Ka Khalsa, Vahiguroo Jee Kee Phatehi! Daas was just wondering when Sant Gurbachan Singh Jees barsi is being held in uk, and if there is an amrit sanchaar being held on the last day of the akhand paat (which is what usually happens) please answer asap so daas can book her holidays!
  4. The new AmritBani Tv channel will also support Sant Jarnail Singh Jee....I suggest you read books by Cynthia Mahmood-Fighting for faith and Nation and the book released by Joyce Pettigrew which were written by Westerners who have no ulterior motives and see what they have to say about Sant Jee
  5. Gurphatehi Jee! Dear bhajee/ bhenjee, amrit is just the first step, just the initiation...Just because someone has been blessed with amrit dee daat, doesn't mean they are perfect, even though they are very blessed! Don't let it put you off Sikhee...Daas is sure that even I have been bitchy and rude to other Gursikhs, but the best way to be is just to focus on your own Sikhee, and reading Baanee...Ask Maaphi from Maharaj and those Gursikhs if you have been yourself; and sorry to say; if they don't want to hear apologies then that's their own egos; do your own thing...keep your head down, just say Phatehi.... Recently daas went through a really rough time, family and personal stuff and it just happens that Maharaj wanted to show me that this thinking I have, that there is no difference between blood brothers and sisters, and sangat of Gurbhaaees and Gurbhens, my thinking that there should be support and pyaar there for each other, Maharaj made that disappear all together...Cos no one is yours....and people can say to you that they will be there for you through thick and thin, and whilst I am sure that people are being sincere, Maharaj always proves this statement to be false....That we come into this world alone and we leave this world alone....Maharaj kirpa kare that He blesses us all (especially daas) with satkaar and pyaar for each other and nimrita Take Care Gurphatehi Jee
  6. You alone know my inner pain, O King; what can anyone else know?

  7. MOD EDIT: Please refrain from personal attacks and posting up peoples names...You have been warned...This thread is being monitered and if it shows signs of the regular jatha bashing. It will be locked.
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