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  1. This is really nice post i found on gurmat bibek.. A guy called Gurjant Singh was in dire need for money. He wandered here and there, tried many different things but could not succeed in improving his financial situation. One day Gurjant Singh was sitting in a park trying to relax after a very hard day. His face showed all his pain. A very mysterious person approached him and started the conversation: “You look very distressed. Is everything okay?” Gurjant Singh looked up and saw this person who had very piercing eyes and said, “Never mind about my problems. No one can help me. God ha
  2. Sorry iv only just realised iv posted this in the wrong bit, was meant to post this in the gurbanni/veechar section. Ok kulyugi G. Im not saying that people dont have meaningful realtionships like you say. Im not saying this. Im sure iv made friends got to know people who defo wer not part of my past. but maybe if i come into a human form again then i will most prob meet these people from my current life. Look ji, im just asking what does sikhi say not asking what your personal opinion is. and yes maybe so, i do get you with the whole getting too involved and thinking too much so forth. but
  3. Generally speaking we meet the people in our lives according our written sanjog. Once my mate sed this to me. Sanjog vijog dueh kar chalaveh< from japji sahib. I dont really no what my question is. I just want to know, why certain people come into our lives? Bhai sahib was doing a veechar in gurdwara today, but he never explained how relationships come into play. Just at this moment in time, i feel really close to a person. Once i met someone and felt i new her from before. With the current person its the same thing when i met them the first ever time. straightway i felt i knew them from
  4. Some people are very stupid!! ... U dont even know what sikhi is.. Today someone told me i have dogmatic views.. but does that mean guru sahib has dogmatic instructions, ???!! I THINK NOT!!!!! and what your saying jgsingh is totally wrong and you know it too.. Flipping people.. dont no anything..
  5. oh me jeez. u all are getin bit hot headed.. just saying.. didnt mean fo peeps to argue about this. Guru sahibs says.... whats does guru sahib say? Guru ji tells us one thing and one thing only and that is to jaap naam 24/7. Like alias g said do 125,000 times but doesnt mean you stop. You keep going and going.. till you dont merge with akaal purakh. Gurfateh jee
  6. like if they have sharda, they shud do which ever 1. but you said if they say something wrong it will come on them, that will b the case with any shabad. everything is given by guru ji thou. dukh and sukh alike. i dont disagree disagree typa thing but disagree from the sharda aspect. i hope u get me veer g alias g
  7. no point marrying her. shes not worth it. y marry someone who doesnt accept you for who u are. kes is problem with alot with sikh community. esp singhs. they say kes isnt a prob, but it is! how disgusting. no point in marry such a pointless person. u wont get on, got to find someone who looks dont maatter to. ok
  8. Dastar shud be worn
  9. what is the true essence of doing kirtan sohila? and do we have to do it if we go to sleep during the day??
  10. Singhni19


    Haha! ive lost my passport n dont have a driving license- guess that explains alot ! i think u have put it beautifully... u ses our true home is with god, why? becus thas where we orginally came from n in order to get back we must jaap naam... and earn our true kaamai.. u ses also that if we, during our lifetym here on earth jaap naam then that will bring us closer to him> 'then I think we will be able to take another step closer to Him.' my question lies in 'being closer' how do u mean closer...? in what way ? do we merge with him? >> If you've still a lot to learn (to put i
  11. Singhni19


    What is our true home? why is it our 'true' home? where is it? and how do we get there?
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