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  1. Coming from a different perspective on this... There are virtually no resources (save online forums such as this) for Non sikhs who marry sikhs and DESIRE to raise their children sikh. If you live far away from your wives family, or her family is not particularly religious, you are kind of out of luck. Sangat at gurdwaras do not want to touch this issue, at least at the gurdwaras I have been to. You have basically no resources, no organized framework to catch the children of these intermarriages and help them. Other religions do have these systems in place. Someone gave the jews as an example. Jews actively seek to integrate and educate intermarried couples, hence you have fully 50% of jews marrying non jews, yet the culture is still strong and the religion is passed down. In MANY cases, the spouse ends up converting. Google jewish intermarriage, you will be amazed. This has been happening for a very long time. Intermarriage is going to happen in a multicultural society, it just will. No religion is immune from it. The religion can come out stronger because of it, or weaker, but it happens to every religious community and it will continue to happen to sikhs as well.
  2. Because I don't live in fantasy land. I know its really hip and cool to vote for this guy, but he is tanking our economy. Saving the whales and gay rights are great, but not when half the kids who graduate college these days can't get a good paying job. Put it this way, my buddy started an medical school prep education company 3 years ago... its done very well. Its all online, so it really does not matter where he lives. He told me his profits doubled last year, but his taxes tripled. Does that seem like a good strategy to help his company grow, and create more jobs? Should we punish people for taking risk to stimulate our economy?
  3. I like Obama's plan. Tax an ever shrinking # of wealthy people to pay for an ever growing # of poor people. Attacking those evil businessmen seems like a great way to get the economy to grow. Did anyone else notice that US futures dropped on election night as it became evident he was going to win? The US will never recover from two terms of this, but USA people tend to vote for candidates like they vote for american idol. Its all about who is hip and cool, not about who is best for the economy.
  4. Whats wrong with admitting the truth. Nobody knows why people are born disabled. Sometimes we can trace it back to medical causes, but not always. You don't know, I don't know, nobody knows, but IMHO I think saying that they deserved it because of their past life is incredibly cruel.
  5. Its not real. Landover Baptist Church is a fake church, used to make fun of fundamentalist.
  6. My prayers go out to the victims. This is just horrible.
  7. Thanks. Gonna download the books to my ipad. I have a kid now, figured it was time to make things happen.
  8. Continue to try to not believe in Sikhi, try very hard. It doesn't matter, this faith just has it. So how does one begin. How do you start becoming a sikh? I want a few practical goals that I can aim for. Good books? Videos? MP3? Learn punjabi?
  9. I can't believe I am the only person in love with Taxi Driver. Best. Movie. Ever.
  10. http://www.cnn.com/2012/03/08/world/asia/india-heroin/index.html?hpt=hp_bn2
  11. So take all your wealth and use it to start up some hospitals/charities/etc. in the punjab, and then the christians won't be able to convert others so easily. If all these rich sikhs donated money to opening orphanages etc. instead of buying fancy cars and big houses.... this would not be an issue. Its easy to preach about God, but if your brother is starving/sick and you do nothing... don't you think poor punjabis will think that your words ring hollow? I left the church many years ago, but I can honestly say that christians do more to help the poor/sick than any other religion I know and by a wide margin. Or you could just do like the taliban and kill everyone that opposes your religion ( and turn the punjab into a third world <banned word filter activated> hole like Afghanistan or Pakistan) Its easy to say I would burn this, or kill that , yada yada.... its a lot harder to spend the rest of your life serving the poor, the sick, and they needy and foregoing the flashy lifestyle that we all seem to want. Harsh truth.
  12. Pakistan is and always has been a bad bed partner... I think all foreign aid should be suspended to ALL countries, not just pakistan... but I don't think that they are clever for the way that they handled things. A few men got wealthy and a whole country lost any chance for a future. I feel bad for the pakistanis... they just dont stand a chance
  13. cant, you cant recieve new messages. I am 100% white, no experience speaking punjabi... this book still work for me? Very kind of you! Thanks!
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