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  1. This is NOT true information and has been verified with the Sevadars at the school. They have never allowed any interfaith marriage at the school, and have no such wedding booked for this weekend. If you have any doubt come down and see for yourself. Clearly your WikiLeaks aren't working correctly..
  2. humgareeb


    Both methods are parvaan. Doing loudly first and listening to it will increase your concentration, otherwise there is danger of you start doing it with repetation, but because you know it, you won't necessarily listen to it, but just complete it for the sake of doing it in auto-mode. With regards to the granthi, you should have asked him, whats the need for eating food everyday? Once you have eaten it once, you know what it tastes like. In the same way gurbani is the food for our soul. Doing nitnem everyday is required to constantly remind our forgetfull mind of gurus message and feeds the soul. prabh baanee sabadh subhaakhiaa || The Word of God's Bani, and His Shabad, are the best utterances. gaavahu sunahu parrahu nith bhaaee gur poorai thoo raakhiaa || rehaao || So constantly sing them, listen to them, and read them, O Siblings of Destiny, and the Perfect Guru shall save you. ||Pause||
  3. To celebrate Vaisakhi and commemorate the Amritsar Massacre that set alight the flames of justice in the panth and gave birth to the dharam yudh morcha. Akhand Kirtani Jatha UK invites you to join sangat from all over the world for the 19th Annual International Akhand Kirtan Smagam. Many Kirtani Jathas and sevadaars from around the world will be taking part in kirtan seva. Giani Pinderpal Singh (Kathakaar) will also be attending the smagam. All programs at: Sri Guru Singh Sahba Gurdwara, Princess Street, Derby, DE23 8NT Monday 14th April - Wednesday 16th April 2014: Sri Akhand Patth Sahib: 10am Arambh - 5.30pm Bhog followed by: Rehras Sahib followed by Akhand Kirtan: 5.30pm-9pm Thursday 17th April 2014: Asa Di Vaar Kirtan: 6-10am Rehras Sahib & Akhand Kirtan: 5.30PM-9pm Friday 18th April 2014: Asa Di Vaar Kirtan: 6-10am Rehras Sahib & Akhand Kirtan: 5.30PM-9pm Saturday 19th April 2014: Asa Di Vaar Kirtan: 6-10am Akhand Kirtan: 7.30pm-12am Sunday 20th April 2014: Akhand Kirtan: 8am-11am followed by Mahan Panthic Conference Reansabai Keertan: 6:00pm-5:00am Other Information Please note Amrit Sanchar on Saturday 19th April 5PM 
 Accommodation has been arranged for the whole Smagam. Bibian accommodation has been specially arranged. For further details, contact Bhai Bhupinder Singh on 07719225401 Bibiaa and family accommodation will be catered for contact Bh. Bhupinder Singh Special exhibitions will be on display in National Sikh Museum covering history from the Guru Khalsa Panths, the 1978 Shaheedi Saka, Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh and the ghadar movement - Amrit Sanchar Information - - Saturday 19th April 5PM - Wear 5 Kakaars, including Keski and Dastaar. The colours for Keski and Dastaar are Blue, Black, Basanti/Orange and White. Wear Gurmukhi Baana. Males should not wear Pajaami while females should wear Pajaami. Bibiyaan who wear a suit, must ensure that the suit is plain and loose. Kirpan must be made of Sarbloh and held in Gaatra. Kachhera must be White only 
 Karra must be made of Sarbloh All Abhilaakhis must come after Body & Kesh Ishnaan, please ensure Dastar and Bana are 'sucha'. 5 Kakaars Will be provided as free Seva if needed Note – It is strongly advised all New Abhilaakhis should do 2 hours Mool Mantra Jaap & 7 Baniaa in preparation for Amrit. (Ideally starting months before) All Abhilaakhis should sit and listen to the Akhand Paath Sahib & attend the Keertan Divans
  4. Baba Ji was in Singh Sabha Derby on Sunday. He did katha and veechar Live on Sangat TV from there and was then present in the Q&A session which they have from 4-5.30pm. I suppose people might start saying now that he has gone all "missionary" because he was meeting with AKJ UK reps there.. lol
  5. Veerji, if there are concerns let's debate, question in a suitable civilised manner. There is no need to jump on the bandwagon on jatha bashing or slating others. I personally have not read all of DG except those bania which are in ones nitnem (I am still trying to get through Dhan SGGS) or done enough research into history of DG therefore I won't get embroiled in any arguments of the same, and abide by the hukam of Sri akal takht. I don't know who panthpreet Singh is, but if you can provide me with evidence of his anti - Gurmat behaviour I shall endeavour to try and ask someone at AKJ uk. I do however remember seeing a video of ghagga on Harpreet Singhs fb wall which was saying people who read jaap sahib are worshipers of Krishna. Harpreet Singh comments condemned that video and also condemned panthpreet Singh if supported that.. I can't find it right now. But IMHO we are fighting amongst ourselves when the really missionaries are laughing at us..
  6. Can you be more specific as to what somkescreen you are on about? and who AKJ UK are supporting specifically. It's all good saying general statements. Yes I've read the post you shared, and they are valid concerns!
  7. let me ask again - How does believing in Nanakshahi calender = supporting missionaries? It's 2 different things. it's like saying for example - id I dont believe in raagmala, but you do, we both read SGGS ji, but you must also not belive in raag mala because you believe in the the same thing i do i.e. gurus bani.. DOESNT make sense my friend
  8. These are 2 separate issues. You haven't answered my questions, but instead decide to ignore and bring up new ones. This thread started off on nanakshai calender, how that equates to supporting missionaries (who dont believe in ANY of DG) I dont know. this is y problems never get resolved. you lot can never stay on one topic.
  9. Is there anyone (in AKJ UK or not) that supporting his actions? Are you bigger than guru sahib himself? The induvidual you are talking about has been pesh at akal takht in front of the panj and serving hi tankaah. If as a result, he does his tankah, reports back to thepanj, they forgive him and he truly has seeked forgiveness, people like you will still keep doing nindia of him. Who is the gur-nindak then? guru sahib is also bakhshanhaar so as long the devotee is truly sorry and doesn't engage in simialr activities again. Also, yes he may have been an AKJ singh, but he also was a sikh so if you want to put AKJ also put the sikh panth down coz he was also part of that.
  10. Then the maryada should be changed to say jhatka is allowed, because at the moment it only says kuttha, which is defined as killing in SGGS which the jot of 10 gurus. Plus other quotes I have shown you also lead one to believe that one shouldn't kill for pleasure of your rasna.. Unless u think SGGS is different from guru Gobind Singh?
  11. Then why can you not accept their belief that they don't accept parallel parkash. I'm not saying Bhai sahib did or did not believe in entirety of DG, but no one can claim that he did just like that.. Yes he has referenced banis from DG in his books, does that mean he believed in the entirety? He also quoted from SGGS ji, but didn't believe in Raag mala? Same analogy?
  12. How many maryadas did guru Gobind Singh administer? More than one? Where has guru sahib said this? I've shown you where SGGS talks against
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