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  1. I'm assuming not although he will be very pious and sent by the one Lord to spread Satyug so we should probably listen to his initial teachings. I would imagine his teachings will be be similar to those of our Gurus and would root out any rituals that mainstream sikhs have incorporated into sikhi. If god sent him down I'm sure he'll want us to listen to him at least initially until his ego expands. When his ego expands I'm sure Gurmukhs will realise. I think we just need to make sure we serve god, not ego. Even with our gurus, we served the jyot within them as with the sants in Gurbani. Bef
  2. Lol well Guru Gobind Singh Ji says Kalki avtar will eventually become corrupt so although he will usher in Satyug on earth, we need to keep following Gurbani and the Guru, remember Kalki avtar wil be an incarnation of Vishnu and not god himself or a Satguru.
  3. I agree and Kalyug is most certainly almost at it's end, all the signs are there. Satnam Sri Waheguru.
  4. Kalki Avtar is coming and will bring on the age of Satyug. Believe in the words of Siri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He has cleared up Hindu history for us and this prophecy is imminent. If you don't believe Satyug is coming, lady Maya has fooled you badly. Don't worry what others say, read Sri Dasam Granth.
  5. Lol that's hilarious! I would find it hilarious if someone acted that way around me, i'd poke them on purpose!:lol:
  6. Whoever said a play including a rape in a gurdwarra is right doesn't have a grasp on the concept of right and wrong. Has it happened? Yes. Should a play be performed with it happening in a Gudwarra, the place in which Guru Granth Sahib Ji resides? No. Has kaljug turned most of the world crazy? Yes. So it is not suprising the play was performed and people turned up to watch it. Sorry to sound harsh
  7. I have still not mastered the art of always telling the truth, although some may say my lies are white lies, a lie is a lie and a lie is dark. There is no such thing as a white lie, always tell the truth, it is very liberating and god accepts only truth in His court, in fact gods name is TRUTH (SATNAM, meaning TRUTH IS HIS NAME). We're given this divine knowledge in the very first few lines of Gurbani. About the crying yourself to sleep, this became a very regular activity of mine a few years back. I cried because of worldly problems and also lonliness. The feeling of being alone is truly on
  8. Yes please forgive me you are right and I am a hyprocrite because I have held back many times due to stress about people around me etc. But I have come to a point where I can do bhagti in the midst of people with my eyes open (at work etc). Perhaps this could be a beginning point for people. I know it's difficult to ignore peoples vibes etc, but we really are drops in an ocean, we're all gods children, god in different forms, we must all accept this fact and move forward or we'll never get over slander/ never stop judging others as bad etc when its really god teaching us a lesson/ wiping awa
  9. If you can't focus on god in a gurdwarra, I don't know where you can. How can people say they care what other people think of them in the one place they actually SHOULD NOT care? Who cares if you go into smadhi in a gurdwarra or even start moving about uncontrollably as a result of meditation on god. In a gurdwarra this should be applauded not laughed at. People who laugh do so in ego and fail to see the divinity in these things. Ignore everyone else and do your simran, god is everywhere so you can and should praise him anywhere.
  10. If they knew of the pagan significance of the christmas tree then I don't blame them. Either way it can only be a good thing, the Christmas tree tradition isn't christian, it's pagan. Perhaps Waheguru ordered this. How does anyone know anything. Only He knows.
  11. Yeh I recommed the third eye or heart. Kill all the people around you off and just make it you and god. You came alone and you'll die alone, these people mean nothing to your naam simran so ignore the what ifs and what are they thinking mentality. These are the tests put forward by guruji to see how much faith you have in him. By choosing to care what others may or may not think you're choosing them over the guru. Just think they are all a part of god so relax and ignore, act like your in a vast ocean alone.
  12. Lol I think it's quite funny when husbands and wives call each other 'oi' and 'hey' and even '<banned word filter activated>' lol. It's not like we should have an ego (sense of 'I') to hurt anyway according to sikhi. It prob keeps them humble.
  13. More or less everyone knows what a typical sikh looks like, we have the 'stereotypical Turban' image to many. So everyone has seen a sikh portrayal of a sikh as hindus etc don;t really wear turbans anymore, it's more a sikh practice. Not everyone has seen a jain or buddhist. (Although budhists are more common). If they delved deeper into the meaning of the image/ turban they'd understand more, it's their choice.
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