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  1. Hmm What i feel incomplete about Sikhism is the belief in the god. Saying god is almighty and such. I am not letting my ego come in the way and say i am better than god in any way shape or form. I want to feel the god, i have somehow not felt this supreme being yet. I do meditate and i am in a blissful state when i do. I love the feeling and love all the teaching both Buddhism and Sikhism has. But i haven't felt that god yet.
  2. TejiKaur sure i would love to have people who think alike do you have MSn/Aim or facebook?
  3. i am 15 year SIkh boy. So i am still one of those fools who runs after materialistic life and all. But i want to change i want to be on the real SIkhi path now the place where i live in which is Hicksville, New York. There are many Punjabi Sikhs. Its so hard to see any real Sikh around I am pretty sure more then 90% of the Sikhs here just claim to be a Sikh and do it for a formality. I am also like that But i want to change that in me, But its very discouraging i see no one around me that is willing to help me or is on the same path as me. I also get worried because i see these Sikh girls in
  4. So tell me. how old are you? are you happy with your life?
  5. whoops sorry i put it in a bad wording. i meant you have to get rid of kaam and krodh. and scientists have proved sex is good for you. it reduces stress boosts immunity improves cardiovascular health and more.
  6. Okay so since in SIkhi, you have to get rid of Kaam and Krodh. Since you give up so much stuff. how do you stay happy? My parents have taken amrit Rehat and they are a bad example to me. There always cocky, most of the time mad at me. Always have headaches. There both 40. They do paath and for the time they do paath they are the least annoying at that time. All they do is go to work come home and sleep and repeat. They have no friends They dont go to any parties or anything fun. the only place they go is Gurdwara, This is really effecting me badly like making me feel socially awkward a
  7. wow that was fast and thanks. So which way would be the best for me to understand it. Should i read all of it? which can take me upto couple of months or are there any specific pages that i should read
  8. Is there a website that has the whole guru granth sahib in English. I am very bored when i come from school so reading it woudnt hurt. Is there one on the internet i can read in english?
  9. okay. and its never too late to take rehat and get back to your path to god right?
  10. hmm but back to my question. Even though those people are great people in generel have great karma, have helped a lot of people and such. They still dont go to waheguru after death?
  11. ooh my stupidity sorry i didn't even know this...wow how lost was i
  12. So we have to take amrit in order to go to waheguru/god?
  13. Wow thanks that was a such a touching sakhi. But yea your right. its easier if we keep our hair so we dont fall in life traps. I will definitely have to show those who are leading the wrong way. Thanks a lot for this
  14. So i wanted to ask you guys this. I have many relatives and many friends, that are great people. But they have cut their facial hair is not cut completely but partially cut but they do have hair on there head and wear a turban. Although i will admit some of them aren't completely religious at all. But some are great people like they follow all the paths for sikhi.like they are vegetarian, do path frequently, Never tried to hurt anyone, always protect people and great people overall. So my question is: Even though they have cut some of there facial hair but are great people. Will they
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