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  1. In previous yugs she manifestated herself into her most common form...but in kalyug chandi has manifested herself into the sword as her sargun saroop..
  2. the modern khanda is not the standard of the guru or khalsa..traditional standard of the khalsa was sword, shield and kataar
  3. good thing for you, not for me....stopped prkash of aad guru, dasam guru and sarbloh guru , sidelining the importance of jhatka which lead to some groups even discarding it, rejecting the use of shaheei degh and a less potent variation for meditation, a total reform of previously held beliefs held by sikhs, renouncing all scholarly work preceeding the singh sabha movement which it disagreed with, and the eventual removal of shiromani akaali budha dal as supreme authority seated at akaal takht, the throne of the guru khalsa...these are just a few reasons why i dont see singh sabha and the group
  4. what about protecting the youngsters from falling for the reformist christianized influenced sikh'ism'....no one protected me from that...i had to wake up from it myself thats your version of the truth...one mans truth is another mans falsehood
  5. lol smells of insecurity when you have to make a website to counter another website...
  6. i dont accept SGPC or their maryada...so that is a silly statement mehtaab veer
  7. you cant just blame it all on waheguru...i saw tht the bibi was wearing glasses...waheguru gave her bad eye sight..but that didnt stop her from getting glasses and rejecting nature... and we dont keep kes because its natural...we keep it because it was the maryada of puraatan munis, rishis and sadhus...to wander away from the world into mountains and forests to do bhagti...they detached themselves from the world and to symbolise this they kept kes uncut....likewise khalsa keep the sme maryada to live detached spiritually but attached physically to the world... secondly bibia should be allowe
  8. im not gnna shoot anyone ..when did i mention violence...i explained my reasons before why i believe this is wrong...i respect your views..but this to me is just unacceptable
  9. i dont think there is a conspiracy...i think everyone is over analyzing it..most likely case is four random singhs saw brar...pulled out their blunt kirpans..thought they have a go...then realized their blunt shastar couldnt do the job...then nerves over came them and they retreated before the mameh came...
  10. only abrahamic faiths think they have a one way ticket to heaven and everyone else is hellbound...your no better then them...what happened to bhagti and good deeds?.. sounds more like Wahhabism than sikhi
  11. OK fair enough, but mehtab singh do you accept that some bibia have a condition...and that they have a right to treat it if they feel too uncomfortable about it...i just cant see how a bibi can be content having a beard that some men can't even grow to that size...it seems shes struggled and had a harrd time...i dont think she needs to put herself through all that...i think maharaj will love her just as much if she tried to get it treated
  12. good for her...im glad she has the strength and wish her all the best...but my opinion is based on the fact a line between two genders is being broken...men being more feminine and women being more masculine... the problem arises when these singhnis having a holier than thou attitude..treating all those who choose not to keep their kes are not at their level...and you cant deny it doesnt happen...
  13. question them to why they are abusing the maryada...explain to him why it is wrong...and why he shouldnt do it...then he should go infront of punj pyaare...and be given punishment..to do bhagti and seva of the khalsa..if he is addicted to narcotics..then take him away and keep him under surveillance for certain period of time..till his body no longer yearns for the nasha... but it seems singhs would rather thrash old impoverished men..well done that video is plastered all over youtube now...made us look like taliban who practice sharia law...the fact is the guy giving the thrashing was hiims
  14. im not ahead of anyone singh...i just dont buy that most singhs wouldnt want a bibi who is in touch with her femininity
  15. the imbecile doing the thrashing should be caught and dealt with himself...maybe the police can stick him in a cell and teach him how real thrashings are done
  16. mehtaab singh continue ducking your head in the sand thats good for her singh...i admire her strength..but not all share her strength or her views for tht matter
  17. just a question why did you leave your ancestral cherokee traditions for islam?...native american spiritual beliefs are my miles ahead of islam in my opinion..no offence
  18. Are you suggesting the only way to waheguru is to be sikh?...you sound like more of a christian/muslim
  19. at least hes being honest.....pure hypocrisy amongst singhs supporting her why dont you marry a bibi with excessive facial hair then?...live by example brother
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