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  1. Sikhi is an amazing religion no other religion has scriptures that emphasis pure love and focus on our creator and how we take his love for granted everyday we are alive is a gift from him even bad things that happen are gifts that make us realise we are not on this earth for long in this human form. Alot of people and alot of Sikhs forget this only ones who read and reflect upon the scriptures actually know this and live their life in the knowledge the very next day could be their last so living life set out by the Guru's is the path to salvation.
  2. Something not right about this story how can "personal benefits" allegations from these cases want him to withdraw.
  3. As most intelligent and informed people know, most governments of western nations like the UK and Canada would sell their mothers to have good economic relationship with a nation whose human rights record is very poor but has more economic power like China and India (two emerging superpowers). So as David Cameron seeks to have closer economic ties with the Indian government. How will it effect those seeking independence from the Indian Union? Especially relevant and important for British Sikhs as United Kingdom's past government's are directly responsible for the illegal wars and annexation of the Sikh empire/kingdoms via east india company and betrayal in 1947 not granting the Sikhs their own state after they had sacrificed 100,000 Sikh soldiers in two world wars for the freedom of the west, who could have used their manpower to defeat the British in Punjab and regained their lost sovereignty.
  4. Thats an interesting observation, similar to how some white/black/hispanic western converts to Sikhism see how Punjabi Sikhs take Sikhism (the faith they was born into) for granted. They are amazed and awed by Sikh scriptures and observe it more to the core messages than your average desi/punjabi Sikhs.
  5. How do we make it relevant, and reconnect them back into the community. The way I see it the majority of the Sikh population of the west and even in India only go gurdwara on Vaisakhi, weddings or Guru Nanak Ji's birthday. Other times they have no interest to par take in community functions or live up to Sikh moral ideals. What argument would you use for them to have an interest in the Sikh faith they were born into or have family history of.
  6. People just haven't been living within their means, and now people will have to come back down to reality and learn to save and survive as previous generations have. It will wake up alot of people who have been living and sleep walking into a carefree hedonistic existence where religion means nothing because it has no relevance to their everyday lives. When people are not in their comfort zone they wake up to the harsh reality and then faith returns because everything else has vanished like an illusion.
  7. A generation of weak Sikhs has created a generation of weaker Sikhs. This is a problem that begins at home and our institutions where people think dresses and behaving in such a way is ok because everyone else is doing it in society. The girls copy their older sisters/aunts/mothers who might dress like common drunk whores when going out clubbing or simpley going out and so the younger generation see it as a norm and copy and follow. Empowering non-Amritdhari females to look into their faith and history from early age and letting them take leadership roles to bring in strong moral code of conduct for themselves is the solution but our community has built such a cult and fixation on being Amritdhari to be seen as a Sikh that 80% of the sikh population are outside any educational programs, there are no groups for non-keshdhari males and females to have a say in anything when it comes to making decisions that affects the community. Someone needs to bring them in and over time let them feel they have a sense of responsibility, pride and accountability to behave in a manor that is of a Sikh and not of a non-Sikh hedonistic carefree athiest.
  8. My friend is a programmer and is wondering if its a viable idea, software that's aimed teaching kids about Sikhism and Sikh history? Or will people not really buy these kind of software as I presume.
  9. Indian woman gives birth on plane - then 'tries to flush her baby down the toilet' By Mail Foreign Service Last updated at 12:02 AM on 9th July 2010 An unmarried Indian woman gave birth while on board an international flight - then allegedly tried to flush her baby down the airplane toilet. Horrified cabin crew on board the Turkmenistan Airlines flight discovered the baby in the toilet as they were going through the cabin after passengers had disembarked in Amritsar, India. They prised the toilet from the plane with the baby still inside and rushed it to hospital. The woman allegedly abandoned her baby in the toilet of a Turkmenistan Airlines flight, above There surgeons had to cut the toilet away with a saw to get the newborn out, Dr HP Singh said, according to reports. The baby remains in critical condition at Amritsar's Fortis Escorts hospital, Dr Singh said. The mother, believed to be aged 25, was arrested in the airport. She was admitted to the same hospital. He said she was in stable condition. 'She was unmarried. It looks like she wanted to get rid of the baby,' Dr Singh told CNN. Police confirmed she was single and plan to question her once she was declared medically fit. The mother's flight originated in Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, police said. She originally comes from Punjab's Hoshiarpur district.
  10. I'm sure there are masjids that are in a state of disrepair or destroyed since 1947 in Indian punjab but that is not our concern our concern should be consolidating and organising and strengthening the future survival of our religion and community, muslims are 1.5 billion in number and 32 countries they are majority in. We are facing demographic cleasening of our people. And history tells us if we dont secure our places of worship and other interests via political or military pressure then we wont have community no more paving the way for more human rights abuses against us its not victim mentality to create awareness of our places of worship being disrespected or misused. NWFP Pakistan has many tribal Sikhs mainly in peshawar how isnt there a community there for the gurdwara to function?. When Sikhs ruled that area they ruled with welfare in mind for all in mind, as our scriptures tell us to whereas the islamic ideology only serves to spread islam and welfare for muslims. And we equally should ensure we do not retreat ideologically but stand our ground increase our number and strength. We have weak religious and political leadership with no virtually guidance from the top so we have to become leaders ourselves and ensure Sikhs and their places of worship are treated with respect. We can all draw attention to the sufferings our community in muslim countries face because it helps draw intentional media spotlight which in turn creates political pressure to see the wrongs are put right.
  11. While the generous hearted Sikhs are busy rebuilding and handing back masjids to the small muslim community in Indian Punjab. http://www.thenational.ae/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100706/FOREIGN/707059834/1002/foreign The Muslims of Pakistan are either ignorantly or deliberately disrespecting and taking over our places of worship because our people have been demographically cleansed from their homes. The least they can do for that gurdwara is cover their heads and take shoes off while using the premises. There is a lesson to be learned here and if we dont learn it soon, there will be virtually no Sikhs left in that part of the world. Again can we turn a blind eye to those who want to see Sikhism wiped of this earth? How many sacrifices our people made in the past all for nothing? it is our shame if we cant do something collectively, even small step like creating awareness to the masses will result in some positive outcome surely. Muslims are very quick to highlight the persecution of their folk places like chechnya, kashmir, iraq, afghanistan,etc why are we Sikhs so heartless to not help our own community where ever they maybe.
  12. Disrespect and insult to Sikhs, imagine a masjid taken over in India and used in this manor would muslims stand for it?
  13. Read http://www.srigranth.org/servlet/gurbani.gurbani?Action=Page&Param=1
  14. Again Internationally Sikh community are failing other Sikhs in need. Haiti earthquake happens and canadian Sikhs raise $2 million to help them, Haitians dont care about Sikhs or Sikhism and have no intention to embrace it. Our Afghan Sikh brothers and sisters living in fear and persecution those who hate all non-muslims and what do we do? nothing!! Our beautiful Gurdwara's in kabul bombed and attacked by the vile evil islamic mujihadeen in 1992, our holybook torn and burnt, our people raped and murdered because they thought our people were hindu's as hindu's had torn down babri masjid in india 1992. And ironically under the taliban's dark oppressive 7th century Shariah rule Sikhs were living in peace, however now what are the nato forces doing if they cant bring safety and security to even kabul? Several afghan sikh refugee's who came to this country to seek sanction and safe haven from that persecution from the taliban prior to 2001 and after have been forcibly returned by the labour govt and their unjust immigration policy against genuine refugee's. Who knows if those brothers and sisters are alive now or not. We have failed to help them in the past, we cant continue to turn a blind eye to the plight of our persecuted people in certain parts of the islamic ruled world.
  15. We need to knock on the heads of bodies that so called represent us. Where is the sikh human rights organisation? the British sikh federation? the numerous other gurdwara committe's all slient enjoying their barbecues. If we dont make a fuss about these attacks on the british govt and media then expect more and more. An attack on a Jewish or muslim place of worship and you get govt ministers or MP's on the case why isnt that happening when Sikhs place of worship is attack? We need to have a strong lobbying and pressure group in this country.
  16. Afghan Hindus and Sikhs grapple with uncertain future Thu Jul 1, 2010 9:40pm EDT Print This Article By Sayed Salahuddin KABUL (Reuters) - They thrived long before the arrival of Islam in the seventh century and for a long time dominated the country's economy, but Sikh and Hindu Afghans now find themselves struggling for survival. "We have no shelter, no land and no authority," says Awtar Singh, a senator and the only non-Muslim voice in Afghanistan's parliament. "No one in the government listens to us, but we have to be patient, because we have no other options," says Singh, 47. In a brief idyll in 1992, after the fall of the Moscow backed-government but before civil war erupted, there were around 200,000 Hindus and Sikhs in Afghanistan compared with around just a few thousand today. When warring factions fought over Kabul, razing entire neighborhoods in deadly rocket barrages, the two communities became targets partly because of their religion, but also because they didn't have a militia of their own for protection. Armed men stormed a temple in Kabul and tore a religious book to avenge the destruction of a mosque by fanatic Hindus in India. After complaining of extortion, intimidation, kidnappings, theft and even rape, those with the means fled to India where they live as aliens and require visas, like other foreigners. Ironically the rise to power of the hard-line Islamist Taliban marked an improvement in the lives of those who remained -- and some emigres even started to return. "The Taliban did not suppress us -- they respected our religion and if we had any problem they would resolve it immediately, let alone delay it until the next day," says Singh. Some Afghan Hindus were baffled by Western outrage at one Taliban decree -- ordering them to wear a yellow tag to identify their religion -- saying in practical terms it spared their clean-shaven faces from the wrath of the Taliban religious police, who insisted Muslim Afghan men must grow beards. The Sikhs escaped scrutiny because they also grow their beards long. Since the Taliban's fall, Afghanistan's new constitution promises religious minorities greater freedoms than before, but it is harder to ensure in practical terms. Hindus and Sikhs had scores of properties stolen during the civil war and its aftermath and thousands of claims lie gathering dust in the arcane bureaucracy that makes up the government. "I have my family still in India because I have lost my house and other properties," says Awtam Singh, who was an important trader in the old days but is now reduced to selling herbal medicines in a tiny Kabul shop. "We feel ignored by this government," he laments. While tens of thousands of Muslim Afghans have the same problems, they at least have politicians or leaders fighting their corner. Some of the returning Hindus and Sikhs have brought their families and live mostly in secure areas such as Kabul and eastern city of Jalalabad, where they have temples and segregated schools. Even after death, problems continue. Part of the land that Sikhs and Hindus use for the funeral pyres for their dead has been taken over by urban sprawl in Kabul. "I can not see things getting better for us," said Awtam. "The Indians say you belong to Afghanistan, and here we are seen as Indians. No government cares for us, he said.
  17. Why hasnt this news story received wider coverage? this is a potential mass murder and terrorist act let alone arson. Sikhs place of worship deliberately targeted a minority community and a man engulfed in flames. Where are the Sikh federation and other Sikh bodies why arent they making noises and coming out in the press about these hate/terror related incidents?
  18. Registrant: c/o TOPIX.COM P.O. Box 821650 Vancouver, WA 98682 US Registrar: DOTSTER Domain Name: TOPIX.COM Created on: 02-MAR-95 Expires on: 03-MAR-15 Last Updated on: 24-MAY-10 Administrative Contact: c/o TOPIX.COM P.O. Box 821650 Vancouver, WA 98682 US +1.360-449-5933 Technical Contact: c/o TOPIX.COM P.O. Box 821650 Vancouver, WA 98682 US +1.360-449-5933 Domain servers in listed order: R-NS.TOPIX.COM K-NS.TOPIX.COM NS0.SVCOLO.COM NS2.SVCOLO.COM NST.SVCOLO.COM --------------------------------------------------------------------- This webhosting company is SVCOLO their details below Website url: svcolo.com Email: support@svcolo.com USA Phone No: 408-400-0550 ===========================================
  19. 40,000 Sikhs in 1982 took part in a march to demand that Sikhs are recognised as a race (under almost exclusively punjabi ethnic grounds I believe) and to discriminate against Sikhs and the wearing of their turban would be grounds of racial discrimination. Jews and Sikhs are the only religious communities that are seen as separate racial communities in UK law. If you want policy change you need a strong lobby and pressure groups, I believe we don't have this at the moment. Jews however small in number have relative enormous power compared to their demographics, Sikhs should learn from this.
  20. Best course of action is to contact the isp of the web host and register complaints, the guys at topix are deliberately leaving their forums unmoderated to gain popularity. All religions all races all sorts of subjects are abused, this is not just a Sikh issue.
  21. Failure of the Sikh clergy at highest level to define what a Sikh is this is why many Sikhs feel alienated from the faith in their hearts they belong to. Since SGPC was formed it has sort to only accept Khalsa's as Sikhs. Leaving 80% of the Sikh population who are sajhejdhari's without any guidence or motivation to be active in religious activities. This is why the youth now across the globe perfer going clubbing than attending gurdwara because no one is catering for those who are non-khalsa's or keshdhari's. Remove SGPC from the reins of power, redefine who is a Sikh and you wont have a problem with the Sikh population and changing demographics, because Sikhism is common sense.
  22. If it wasnt so serious it would be funny, these people run gurdwara's like businesses forget opening a textile or cash and carry open a gurdwara and see the maya rolling in. Shameless people are they any different from masands who took over darbar sahib back in the 19th century and before that had corrupted the system created by guru ram das to serve the community. For a long time now some gurdwara committee's have now in effect become the neo-masands and its time corruption was rooted out (clear accountable management and finances should be implemented) by listening to the specific hukamnamahs of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji on this issue. "In the hukamnamahs of 1698, Guru Gobind Singh advised the Sikhs not to recognize or befriend the Masands, and their deputies. Whatever offerings they wanted to make, they could either send through bankers' drafts, or hold and bring those along, at the time of the Baisakhi, harvest festival, in the following year –1699. Sikhs were joyful, at the good riddance of the Masands. Now they could visit the Guru, without escort of the detested Masands." -sikhiwiki
  23. Both sides of Punjab are chucking huge amounts of toxins into the water from manufacturing factories and these pollutants are getting into the water supply and in turn get into crops and also the natural water which is stored underground. And in turn is effecting the people who drink from the contaminated water, this matter should be taken seriously on government level as fewer generations of Punjabi Sikhs and other punjabi's would be left with disabilities and incurable diseases not of their making.
  24. Generations of people across Punjab's Malwa region are under a serious health threat because of heavy metal poisoning from tanneries in Pakistan. The poisoning is happening because of contamination of the Sutlej river flowing through the region from effluents released by the tanneries in Pakistan's Kasur region. The concentration of toxics has gone beyond safe limits and left the soil, water and food chain affected. The worst hit areas are Ferozpur, Muktsar, Bhatinda and Jalalabad. The effects have to be seen to be believed. Newborns across villages and towns are being afflicted with incurable diseases, genetic defects and mental retardation. Adults are suffering from skin diseases and other ailments. Many are crippled and confined to homes or living on wheelchairs. Govt wakes up After Headlines Today reported the story, the Indian government is promising action. Minister of State for External Affairs Praneet Kaur told Headlines Today that her ministry will take up the matter with its counterparts in Pakistan. The poisoning The discharge from the 170 tanneries in Kasur, just a few kilometres across the border, enters the Sutlej's tributary in India and further contaminates the groundwater. This has been continuing for the past 16 years. "It's true the waste from tanneries in Kasur area of Pakistan comes into the Sutlej," says Ferozpur Deputy Commissioner K.K. Yadav. Vijay Sood, the SDM of Fazilka area in Ferozpur, says: "There is dirty water coming in from Pakistan's side. An order has been given for samples of the water to be collected." The lethal effluents from the tanneries include mercury, lead and chromium. It has left the groundwater not just unfit for drinking but also irrigation. "Polluted water from the factories comes into this river. Our animals die. Water from the borewells too is bad. Whoever drinks it falls sick," says a resident. Another resident complains that the fish too are dying because of the contamination. - Reporting by Siddharth Tiwari, Mandeep Kumar and Manaman Singh Chhina
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