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  1. WJKWJF. There has recently been alot of discussion about sejh thari and Trimmed beards sikhs wanting to become pardhaan of our Gurdwara. Thankfully the majority of the sangaat agreed that the Pardhaan is the first point of representation of our Gurdwara and should be a representative of the sikh faith so as apperances are important he must be of full sikh apperance. NO CUT HAIR OR TRIMMED BEARD. What do other people of the Sikh Sangat think about this?. What does the Sri Akhal Thakhet Sandesh think about this?. We Should be promoting Sikhi. If a person who has no Sikhi values can become the forefront position of a Gurdwara than all sikhi values will be lost. I feel that all Gurwaras should stick together and only give principle positions within the paqrbandakh committe to members who can promote sikhi by portraying a Full Sikhi Saroop. If shej thari and beard trimmers feel they are being discriminated again than there is nothing stopping them growing their kesh and tying a dastar and becoming Pardhaan. Doing this is a minute scarafice compared to the Scarafices our Gurus made for OUR Sikh.
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