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  1. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh Following the tragic murder of Jo Cox MP yesterday, a vigil is going to be held outside the Council House in Birmingham at 7pm tonight (17 June) in her memory. Please attend if you can and spread the word to others who can attend. Irrespective of political allegiances or IN/OUT EU viewpoint, we need to show support to her two little kids and husband. I consider her a shaheed as she worked and spoke tirelessly for the poor and those whose lives were ruined by war across the world in spite of the threats she received. She was a very kind and specia
  2. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh At the start of part one last week, I was pleased to see an amritdhari sister was going to be part of the programme as she would bring Sikh ethics to the debate and put the bigots straight. But even though she did not feature much last week, the small clips made it clear she was part of the 'anti-immigration' group that needed convincing by the 'immigrant' group, which came as a surprise as her elders like almost all UK Sikhs would be immigrants. In this week's part I was shocked when Bhein Ji said 1. She had moved to another area because the area
  3. Evidence also emerging of SAS involvement in Sri Lanka during same period + British trade interests in the sub-continent: Britain allowed ex-SAS officers to train Sri Lankans as Tamil Tigers rebelled British former soldiers assisted country's security forces soon after Golden Temple massacre in India, documents reveal Phil Miller and Rajeev Syal The Guardian, Thursday 16 January 2014 20.10 GMT Former SAS officers were allowed by the British government to train security forces in Sri Lanka around the time of the 1980s Golden Temple massacre, recently released government documents show. The
  4. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh Full text of letter referred to in post #81 above (Guardian article) - then British PM Margaret Thatcher pledging support to Indira Gandhi following Operation Bluestar, especially dealing with UK Sikhs making statements to the independent UK press: source: http://www.theguardian.com/world/interactive/2014/jan/15/margaret-thatcher-letter-indira-gandhi-golden-temple-full-document?INTCMP=ILCNETTXT3487
  5. Pyare Sadh Sangat Ji, Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh Oxford MP Nicola Blackwood has started a petition with the support of the NSPCC, Barnardo’s, The Children’s Society, Pace, ECPAT, Save the Children, OXCAT and others, to call on the Prime Minister to implement a 6-point action plan to stop child sexual exploitation in the UK. The petition has gathered almost 100,000 signatures and is looking for a total of 150,000. Please support. Further information on the 6-point action plan and a plea for support by a victim's mother is given below. Link to petition: https://www.change.o
  6. Abuse of muslim girls by pakistani grooming gangs: Report released today by the Muslim Women's Network (Birmingham) UK after research into the hidden experiences of Asian / Muslim girls and young women so that everyone can better understand how to support and protect them. A total of 35 case studies were collected. The report, UNHEARD VOICES - Sexual Exploitation of Asian Girls and Young Women, highlights: Profile of Victims - all case studies are proved within the 100+ page report Profile of Offenders Nature of the Exploitation Barriers to Disclosure and Reporting Factors Driving Sexually
  7. The peace, prosperity, democracy and religious freedom we enjoy and usually take for granted in the UK is for a large part built on the kurbani of the armed services. We owe all past and current soldiers a debt of gratitude. They get paid little, have no support on discharge and are expected to make the ultimate sacrifice without question for a cause of another's choosing. Hope Vaheguru blesses the family of the soldier with the strength to endure such a loss in such circumstances. One can only imagine the pain of learning the soldier killed in such a horrific manner, with video of the murder
  8. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh The ITV news website carries the news report of the Gursikh family mentioned in an earlier post that was denied entry to the Ricoh arena for the Olympics football because of their kirpans. It also displays the response from LOCOG as: "London 2012’s policy is to allow the Kirpan into all of our competition venues as long as the length of the sheath (not including the hilt) is no longer than 6 inches and is present with the other Articles of Faith. At the time of making this policy, we were not fully aware of the existing restrictions on Kirpans in
  9. BBC News website, 4th April 2012: Indian families say Punjab compensation inadequate Families of victims killed by police in the Indian state of Punjab during a separatist insurgency say compensation just awarded is "too little, too late". The National Human Rights Commission has announced that 279.4m rupees ($5.5m; £3.4m) be paid to the families of 1,513 victims killed from 1984-96. (comes to just 1.8 lakh rupees each) The extra-judicial killings took place at the peak of Sikh militancy for a separate homeland of Khalistan. The commission investigated 2,097 cases but many bodies were un
  10. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) provides a £85,000 deposit compensation limit which is the British equivalent of the €100,000 limit that came into force in all European Economic Area (EEA) member states from Jan 2011 (previous UK limit was £50,000). However: The bank and type of deposit has to be covered by the scheme. Your bank should be able to provide you with a leaflet stating what is covered. Definitely check (never assume) if you have large deposits – especially for non-EU (e.g. Indian) banks. Don't just take their wor
  11. Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji ke Fateh On Friday 23rd Sept 2011, the UN proposes to vote on the official recognition of an independent Palestinian state following a formal request by the Palestinian Authority. Although the US Government has stated it will use its veto if need be to prevent any such recognition, the vote - should it go ahead (promise of peace talks may lead Palestinians to withdraw request) – is threatening to leave Israel and its closest ally the US isolated from many nations on the issue. It seems to be a win win for the Palestinians - unconditional peace talks a possib
  12. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh The text below is from an article on the BBC News website about a recent estimated species count of 8.7 million, which is very close to the 84 lakh (8.4 million) joon stated in Gurbani, which you may find interesting: Species count put at 8.7 million By Richard Black, Environment correspondent, BBC News The natural world contains about 8.7 million species, according to a new estimate described by scientists as the most accurate ever. But the vast majority have not been identified - and cataloguing them all could take more than 1,000 year
  13. Behind 'Rising India' lies the surrender of national dignity From India's prime minister down, the rotten state of the world's largest democracy has been exposed for all to see Pankaj Mishra The Guardian, Tuesday 5 April 2011 Food prices become intolerable for the poor. Protests against corruption paralyse the national parliament for weeks on end. Then a series of American diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks exposes a brazenly mendacious and venal ruling class; the head of government adored by foreign business people and journalists loses his moral authority, turning into a lame duck.
  14. Vaheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji ke Fateh Pyare Sadh Sangat Ji, Pasted below is a news story in The Guardian today, stating Indian authorities are considering arresting renowned human rights activist and Booker prize-winning novelist Arundhati Roy for 'claiming that the disputed territory of Kashmir is not an integral part of India'. This may open a few more eyes in the West to the true 'democratic values' of the Indian state, which routinely uses such laws to silence minorities and the poor who dare to speak out against their oppression and/or exploitation. The following link is to a le
  15. Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Vaheguru Ji Ke Fateh As we all know, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji at young age refused to wear the Hindu sacred thread. Later, Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji attained martyrdom without hesitation to defend the right of Hindus to wear their sacred thread. Freedom of religion is a basic human right and our Guru requires us to uphold this right for all. This is part of our religion - Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur's shaheedi, the teachings of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and our Kirpan all remind us of this duty. Hence, even though the veiling of the face is against Sikh teaching, if Muslim wo
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