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  1. from where can i get this granth 'chanaka rajneeti '? Does anybdy has its pdf ?
  2. wahgrrru


    Ive tried going to gurudwara saahib and find real saadhsangat but I dont knw y i cant find the type of people i want ... May be my frequencies are low thats y i cant find people with positive energies
  3. wahgrrru


    Actually what I want is some elder who stays with me .. With whom I can share nd ask queries about this path Who asks me " Putt nitnem kidda ??? sb chardi kala ????" ANd teaches me t every stge .. and I can share all other problems( studies , career , family problems) I face so that I dont need my other friends to help me out with !! I know guru sahib himself guides us but........ I dont know Its my laziness or what but it is and has become a part of me and resists me to progress in sikhi ..
  4. wahgrrru


    Many people are like me with no family connection to sikhism....there are many reasons for someone to become amritdhaari and the only important reason is luv for guru ssahib and liberation from all evils . Dhanvaad g for the concerns ... Hope I get back on track soon :blush2:
  5. Sangat jio , From where can i download audio of kuchji paath ?
  6. Sangat jio , From where can i download audio of kuchji paath ?
  7. waheguru g ka khalsa , waheguru g ki fateh g , , sangat jio , from where can i download the background music played while gatka is done ?????
  8. Waheguru jio Os waqt di jo v gaal hove ... sanu kujh v ni pta .,,parantu eh gaal nu koi v jhutla ni sakda k giani thakur singh g di katha ch kinna bharpur gIan hunda h .... baki hor sari fijul dia galla kr k bas sangat tutdi h hor kujh v labh ni hunda .. so sanu kisi v tareh di controvrsy ch n pd k keval akal purakh da dhayan krna chai h te sbi loka di changi baatan nu apne andr vasana chahiye .., ye sab baateh kr te ta asi panth ich darare hi paida kr skde h hor kujh ni ....., Bhul chuk maaf
  9. Does karma defines this too ??? A person who realy longs for sadhsangat and cries and always does ardas . But aftrall no result comes out . Al of his family n friends are non-amritdhari except him . In lack of right path and guidance he commits mistakes . N then repents for that . . Now also he wants to go to sangat but is not able to , just because of karma . . Going to sadhsangat changes karma bt here ....
  10. Sangat jio , just want to ask that what actualy ninda is about . . ??? Sometimes we are totally unaware that we are doing ninda !!! :o
  11. Ive to buy damdami taksal nitnem sunder gutkA..... cntainig nitnem banis , kabeer g saloks , akal ustat n other dasam banis etc ,,,,,,frm where can I get it .?...
  12. My sister was never in the favour of amrit chakhna and when she came from Hazoor Sahib she herself went to get baptized... :respect: Dhan Dhan !!!!
  13. Could not upload the picture ...????? How to upload :blush2:
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